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1302 End Of This Testimonial
    Chinese Name: 九星毒奶  Author: 育(Yù)
    Original: | Translator:


     A whole year and 7 months, a whole 570 days, written dizzying, but also as sweet as syrup (idiom, from Book of Songs).

     Thank you so many people for loving this book, and thank you for your support to Xiao Po Milk.

     Let’s report the results too. All orders are 4W+, and Yu finally got his wish. After a long writing career of ten years, 6 books, more than ten millions words, finally signed the Great God Agreement.

     Old readers who have been following Yu can also see that Yu's previous works, such as "Evolution of Devouring" and "The Winter Soldier", are mostly great bitterness, deep hatred, and their style is relatively depressing.

     But I don't want to, this transformational work will improve a bit. It seems that my heartfelt skin is not suitable for writing dark text?

     To maintain the style in the future, continue the struggle.

     In fact, the little poisonous milk in this book is the same as the core of the protagonist of the previous books, only with a different shell.

     Loyalty, persistence, and commitment.

     I also hope that in the past year and a half, the little poisonous milk can bring some warmth and warmth to everyone.

     Laughing, loving, and being company is enough.

     This book is over, and Yu also has time to sort out the bib and prestige job number, the name is: Education who loves writing

     During this period of time during rest, when idle and bored, the Yuhui will write some short stories in the prestige job number.

     Ah...I'm relaxed, I don't need to sit in front of the computer tomorrow, my head can finally be empty.

     Wow...just think about it~

     Sometimes, I'm sure we'll meet again some day.

     You don't have to miss the little poisonous milk.Although for us, Jiang Xiao’s story comes to the end of a phase, but for him, his good life has just begun ( ̄▽ ̄)~*

     Finally, let me give you a sentence that runs through the entire text of this book:

     "I wish love will find a way, and may you obtain happiness in this world."

     Spread flowers~ bow~ step down~

     See you next.

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