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598 Brother Conscience, Online...
    Chinese Name: 我师兄实在太稳健了  Author: 言归正传(Yánguīzhèngzhuàn, Back to Business)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The atmosphere in the mountaintop array was inexplicably depressed.

     In the capital of Shang Dynasty, the grand celebration ceremony is still going on. Fortunately, Honghuang does not have the custom of "I just say a few words", mortals singing and dancing, by the way, solve the problem of young people's marriage.

     Young men and women look at each other, knock them unconscious, and carry a dragon away. The human race is an old tradition.

     If a heroic and dashing youth like Bian Zhuang does not have magical protection, it is easy to violent death on such occasions.

     But at this time, Bian Zhuang didn't have the leisure to look at these things. His Dao heart trembled a little, trembled to the point of forgetting to admire the beautiful figure wrapped in the light over there, but stared at his backer in astonishment.

     The God of Heaven and Power, Taibai Jinxing.

     What is flicker?

     This is Flicker!

     Can flick black into white, flick curved into straight, flick cry into laugh, flick devil into fairy!

     At this level, it is absolutely a prestigious name, distinguishing the past and saying that the present is nothing difficult!

     Bian Zhuang suddenly understood, the kind of achieved supreme enlightenment.

     In the face of Taibai Jinxing, why do Western religions frequently languish, and why are those ancient and ancient characters smashed? Why can Heavenly Court have such a great situation now?

     Isn’t it all from Taibai Jinxing’s mouth, Breath Swallows The Mountains and Rivers?


     This result is a bit unacceptable for a while.

     Outland Heavenly Demon, who was supposed to be the nemesis of the prehistoric creatures, was directly transformed into a kind-hearted female fairy recognized by the heavens when Taibai Jinxing spoke out, and instantly changed the form of the creature.

     Even at this moment, it seems that Taibai Jinxing shed tears of gratitude for guiding her out of the maze.This is slightly...some...

     too terrifying.

     This makes Bian Zhuang subconsciously recall that he has been following Master Xingjun over the years, whether he has been fooled by Master Xingjun with any magical powers, how can he be so heart is dead with no plans for anything new, and dare not defy Master Xingjun’s order .

     After thinking about it for a long time, Bian Zhuang was finally determined.

     He is really afraid of Taibai Jinxing in his heart, and has nothing to do with Taibai Jinxing's magical tricks.

     In short, he is not qualified.

     In the big formation, Bian Zhuang glanced at Jiujiu standing in another corner, silently hiding behind Ao Yi, waiting for the silent four big men over there to speak.

     At this moment, Li Changshou's paper Taoist, the incarnation of the Jade Emperor, the admirer Kong Xuan of the great mage, and the reincarnation of the seven emotions incarnation of Lady Earth Queen are standing beside the ‘mutant demon’.

     Quandong, Kong Xuan, and Seven Love Girls are checking the status of this devil girl one by one.

     Obviously, they all discovered the unusualness of this matter.

     The four of them exchanged glances, and each retreated to the side, their expressions are somewhat complicated, but Li Changshou was the most calm.

     After all, although the result of this matter was beyond his expectation, the process was all operated by him, and it was not complicated to understand.

     For example, in the prehistoric times, whether it is Xiantian Lifeform or Houtian Warrior in the process of practicing, or because of the influence of Seven Emotions Six Desires, or because of their own Taoism, or because of damage to the soul, Both are prone to demons.

     What is a heart demon?

     Li Changshou mentioned in his preaching to Ling'e that the emergence of the heart demon can understand is the self-doubt and self-denial of the Qi refiner.Li Changshou once asserted that a fairy with a character like Qin Xuanya would never have a relationship with the heart demon for a lifetime.

     Although she was beaten in the face later, it was indeed because of her emotional problems at the time that she had self-doubt, which led to the birth of the inner demon.

     What is a demon?

      Outland Heavenly Demon refers to all kinds of Chaos Creature that have evil plans and constantly try to invade the primordial land. Most of them are made by Innate Divine Demon who opened the sky a fish that escaped the net.

     Like the previous "Du Shuren" and today's "Meiwen paintings", they are all Chaos Creatures that can invade the hearts of immortals and induce and merge the hearts and spirits of prehistoric creatures.

     They themselves were born from the Venerable Heavenly Demon, and seem to be differentiated from the Venerable Demon.

     In the process of Li Changshou's research on Du Shuren's slices, a fact has been determined.

     ——A single demon is also composed of a single true spirit.

     It is known that the Chaos Sea Innate Divine Demon and Great God Pangu are the same kind of heel and foot. They are powerful creatures born by the aggregation of countless true spirits on the incomplete and disorderly avenue.

     On that day, the Demon Lord should have a magical power to split the true spirit that constitutes himself into these Outland Heavenly Demons of various shapes. With a high probability, he can draw the true spirit again in the Chaos Sea, thus a steady flow generates new Outland Heavenly Demon.

     Will the Outland Heavenly Demon's problem be completely solved by killing the Venerable Heavenly Demon?

     Li Changshou had such an idea, but the final conclusion reached is actually inconclusive.

     To solve Outland Heavenly Demon, the most fundamental move is to melt away the avenue of the demon, otherwise the next demon will still be born.On the basis of understanding these, then look at the ‘variation’ produced by Mei Wen’s paintings, which actually has a reasonable explanation.

     Primordial creatures are born from the resonate with Grand Dao between the true spirit and the prehistoric world. Life Essence is the same as the gods. Most of the demons of the prehistoric creatures are born in the depths of the primordial spirit, which can affect the disposition of the creatures and magnify the negative mood.

     The demons themselves have the possibility of producing inner demons.

     Under the action of power of seven emotions, Mei Wen's painting was fooled by Li Changshou to a complete self-denial, producing a "sacred thought" similar to the demon of the heart. Various conditions have been cleverly achieved.

     And because the ‘structure’ of Mei Wen’s paintings is not stable, when the true spirits fluctuate or split greatly from the original incomplete avenue, they are directly assimilated by the realm of heaven and earth, and transformed into spirit bodies that are close to prehistoric creatures...

     Although Li Changshou still had one or two doubts, he understood the situation in general.


     Looking at the posture of the few people today, his allusion is probably going to be spread again.

     Well, don't let the Kunlun Mountain Guangkou Aquarius Taoist know.

     "Chang Geng," Quan Dong whispered, "this matter is too mysterious, although the Marshal sensed strength of Heavenly Dao, he also ascertained the cause and effects of this matter.

     But after all... it's too incredible. "

     Kong Xuan said: "What a pure kind of thought, this spirit body seems to have been blessed by heaven."

     Li Changshou smiled and said: "It should be that Tiandao is also interested in her. I never thought that planting a heart demon in the heart of the demon could still have such an effect."

     Quantong acclaimed: "If so, the danger of Outland Heavenly Demon can be solved.""Say okay first," the girl with seven emotions raised a finger beside her and shook it slowly: "I can't take it casually. Once the balance of seven emotions is broken, the problem is more troublesome than Outland Heavenly Demon."

     Li Changshou smiled and asked, "Can you let Xiao Ai come out?"

     "Then test you," the seven love girl blinked at Li Changshou, her smile full of innocence, "Guess who am I now?"


     "Uh, how do you know?"

     The corner of Li Changshou's mouth curled, and he said calmly: "When Empress Nuwa shaped your body like this, I was always there and I observed some doorways."

     Hearing the words, the avatar of desire deliberately lightly nipped his lips, his eyes were slightly panic, his face was full of shyness, and he subconsciously pinched the neckline of his dress and whispered:

     "Then, then I am to you, isn't it there's nothing about it?"

     Li Changshou showed helplessness, and Quandong frowned slightly beside him.

     The incarnation of desire rolled the eyes, lightly snorted, closing your eyes, the world seems to darken.

     "Oh," Xiao Ai sighed softly, "I'm too difficult, and I have to be teased by them. I also said that I will deal with you in front of you in the future, obviously I have nothing else with you.

     Friends and everything are fake. After the story ended, I never took the initiative to watch it.


     Li Changshou was suddenly a little embarrassed, and he didn't know how to explain to Xiao Ai.

     After all, I did something wrong, because I was afraid of being insecure outside, and I could not go out without going out. After all, as long as I moved by myself, it was easy to provoke cause and effect.

     Upon seeing this, Kong Xuan took the initiative to help Li Changshou out of the siege, saying:"Don't feel like that, Chang Geng is really busy. As far as I know, it is Fairy Yun Xiao's Sanxian Island. He rarely takes the initiative to go."

     Quandong nodded next to him, "Yes, I can testify on this matter."

     Xiao Ai sighed: "Friends or something, it really doesn't matter much."

     "That," Li Changshou said quickly, interrupting Xiao Ai's growing grief.

     She is like this. If she does not open the topic in time, she will fall into a more and more sad circle. No matter what words can produce pessimistic interpretation.

     Li Changshou said, "Little Ai, can you please do it again?

     I want to confirm whether this demon really has a heart demon, don't think about cross the sea by a trick and fool you and me. "

     Xiao Ai complied softly, turned her head and walked to the girl who was curling up in midair, sighed saying leisurely.

     A light gray wave mark moved toward the girl's package, and did not affect the others.

     Kong Xuan asked: "Do you want to use this method to solve Outland Heavenly Demon's trouble?"

     "Yes," Li Changshou said with a smile, "If this matter can be resolved, brothers can also free and at leisure, and no longer be trapped in Xuandu City.

     Brother is kindness heavy like a mountain to me, and I can only do these things in return. "

     The Jade Emperor smiled and said: "When the heavenly court grows stronger, you can also send troops to garrison, and the heavenly generals will take turns guarding the Xuandu City."

     Kong Xuan is slightly frowned, with a little thought in his eyes.

     She seemed to be hesitating.

     She who was originally to kill Guojue and never wading in mud and water, she seldom talked and stopped.

     Li Changshou seemed to be able to see through her heart, and smiled:"Now that the big business has been established and the emperor's luck has taken shape, no one can move at will.

     Rather, the Heavenly Court next sent troops to the border between Central Shenzhou and Southern Continent, and then set up special patrol envoys and demon heavenly divisions in the ordinary world, and Heavenly Dao sheltered the merchant country.

     In this way, fellow Taoist you don't have to stay here forever, you can also go to Xuandu City to help my brother. "

     Quandong sternly said: "Is the situation in Xuandu City in a hurry again?"

     "Yes, the situation is not optimistic."

     Li Changshou secretly gave His Majesty the Jade Emperor a compliment. He is worthy of being the best partner of the emperor and minister in the heavenly court.

     "Especially, this time there has been an extraordinary transformation of the Heavenly Demon, which may directly anger the Venerable Heavenly Demon.

     Eighty years ago, when Xuandu City was in a hurry, Kunpeng and four or five innate Divine and Demon pressure Divine and Demon pressure.

     Brother's back is so firm...

     We went to support, and the brother was also worried that we were using the Dao of the Heavenly Demon. He took the Universe Ruler himself and repelled the Chaos Creature in Kunpeng and the crowd. That battle.

      hard to explain in a few words. "

     "Can I go there?"

     Kong Xuan took a step forward, with a bit of urgency in Feng's eyes, "Tai Qing Sage is allowed, I go there to help him?

     My Five-colored Divine Light can turn Chaos Aura into five element spiritual power in the Chaos Sea. Not only will I not be affected in the Chaos Sea, but I can have inexhaustible mana! "

     Li Changshou's eyes lit up, Kong Xuan's eyes were full of urgency, and he wanted to fly over immediately.However, Li Changshou was not in a hurry at the moment, but wanted to give his senior brother and Kong Xuan a nail in his own right today.

     "This...Xuandu City matters a lot."

     Li Changshou hesitated, and when Quantong saw it on the side, he knew from the bottom of his heart that his Chang Geng Aiqing began to calculate again.

     He who should cooperate with the performance is doing his best to perform, his eyes are full of worry, and he keeps meditating to create background sound.

     "Let me ask the teacher," Li Changshou said, "Xuandu City is a sacred place of Taoism after all, and it is also outside the world. It is safer to ask the teacher for instructions."

     Quandong said: "Is this going to Jiuzhongtianwai?"

     "Don't have to be so troublesome."

     With a wave of Li Changshou's sleeve robe, a blank scroll was quickly rolled out in front of him, and then he took a pen to paint, with his long hair and arms flying up and down, directly drew a version of Taiqing riding a bull·Duxianmen worship.

     Afterwards, Li Changshou put the painting in front of him with celestial force, took out the futon and the incense burner, lit three sticks of incense, knelt down obediently and honestly on the futon, and said loudly:

     "Teacher is here, disciple Chang Geng!

     In order to prevent the previous dilemma in Xuandu City from recurring, the disciple wanted to ask Fellow Kong Xuan to go to Tianwai to assist his brother.

     If the teacher allows, ask the teacher to bring down the next two tokens, so that the brother can understand this! "

     As soon as Li Changshou's words fell, the portrait of the saint floated up a corner, and the mysterious and obscure saint rhyme appeared in it, which surprised all the immortals present.

     Long Ji hurried forward and knelt down behind Li Changshou, Ao Yi and Bian Zhuang immediately bowed forward, and Quandong also said to the portrait.At this moment, there was no turmoil in the universe, but a small whirlpool appeared in front of Kong Xuan, and two spirit pills with colorful streams fell in front of Kong Xuan, and she raised her hand to catch it.

      Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill!

     Different from Laojun's refining, and different from the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill, which can live and die, these two spirit pills contain pure Tai Chi Wu Ji Dao and exude the meaning of innate perfection.

     A single one can make mortals ascension in broad daylight and become a fairy!

     Such a spirit pill that simply enhances the perception of the Dao and has the effect of to anoint your head with the purest cream. The heaven and the earth are afraid that only the Tai Qing Sage who can bear the pressure of the Dao can be refined.

     And these two medicines were made in ancient times, and one less medicine.

     Under the restrictions of Tao today, everything is balanced, and so is this pill.

     If a mortal uses this kind of pill, heaven will block his path forward on the road. This kind of pill is actually a poison in disguised form for a gas refiner with the appearance of a golden fairy in the world today. .

     But if it is used by the Feng Clan and matched with the true blood of Shifeng in Kong Xuan's hands, it can directly cultivate two Feng Clan members of the Golden Wonderland!

      In this wave of Tai Qing Sage, not only was the token so simple but also the betrothal gift was given a half.

     Kong Xuan didn't hesitate much, put the two pills in his sleeve, and then folded his hands in front of his unbearable waist, bowed down to salute ......

     "Huh? Snee!"

     At the head of Xuantu City, a certain Dao Sect master who was lying on a soft and comfortable futon with a Qiankun ruler and a Tai Chi figure, rubbed the tip of his nose in a daze.With this complex array designed by Longevity, the archmage no longer hurts in his waist, his legs are no longer sore, and the demon outside does not dare to gather in disorder, and feel that he is finally asleep.

     However, what the Arch Master didn't know was that at the same moment, on the top of the mountain outside the capital city of Southern Continent, Li Changshou was handing a jade talisman, a gem, and some gadgets to Kong Xuan's hands.

     That jade charm recorded a magical power;

     Said to be supernatural powers, it is actually the first half of a whole set of methods that Li Changshou had just used before, using the original mirage to build illusions, and then invade the illusions.

     This magical power is used to invade the illusion of the opponent's heart, and can also be used to enter the opponent's dream. Li Changshou gave it a very romantic name.

     ‘He Mengtong’.

     Those little gadgets are nothing but various chess cards that can be played by two and three.

     In addition to these, Li Changshou did not dare to do too much, lest Kong Xuan see the flaws.

     After all, he is just a little brother, and there is only so much that can help the brother...I am ashamed, and it is a little bit of work.


     Kong Xuan had to hand over the defense of Shang Kingdom to Heavenly Court before he could rush to Xuandu City without worry.

     In fact, with the rise of the Shang tribe, the Feng clan, as the totem of the Shang tribe, has also restored its luck to the extent that the heaven and the earth allow the Feng clan to have a future.

     Kong Xuan's mission was left for the Feng Clan to postpone.

     ——Use Shifeng’s true blood to transform birds.

     Kong Xuan is grateful for Li Changshou. Although Kong Xuan has never expressed this, every time Li Changshou asks, she will certainly respond.Kong Xuan went to Xuandu City to help guard this matter, and just like that, the attention of the few of them was still on the alien demon.

     Xiao Ai released the power of seven emotions for half a day, and the "Dao Xin" of the Altered Demon was completely broken and exposed to several people.

     What made Li Changshou feel astonished was that this mutated demon was really white.

     Mei Wen painted at this moment already not in. Whether she was a predominant creature who was taken away before, she has only compassion in her heart, only sympathy, sympathy for those Outland Heavenly Demon who have encountered her in common.

     The only conviction at the moment is to rescue one's own clan, free the same clan from the shackles and fate of being enslaved.

     Their lives are given by their mothers and can be taken back by their mothers at will, but they are also true spirits and have their own dignity.

     Definitely, bring the flower of hope and the fruit of freedom to Outland Heavenly Demon!

     Let Outland Heavenly Demon stand up and take control of his own destiny.

     After all, they don't want to enter the wild world at all. What they love most is to stretch their bodies happily in the sea of chaos...

     Seeing this, the immortals present are a spell of silence.

     Quandong groaned a few times: "What the hell did Xingjun do? This is completely...completely..."

     Bian Zhuang whispered: "Just like our Qi refiners, the demons are mostly evil thoughts. The demons of the gods are actually kind thoughts?"

     Kong Xuan asked, "But do you want to take her to Xuandu City?"

     Li Changshou did not answer, but closed his eyes and focused, and quickly said: "For now, don't let her go to Heaven. I want to take her to one region/place first."

     Quandong wondered: "Where are we going?""Huoyundong," Li Changshou said, "Let several human sages ponder this matter and see if there is a gain lasting repose by one supreme effort to solve Outland Heavenly Demon's method."

     Quandong's face appeared in a daze, but Jiujiu in the corner blinked.

     How does she feel, longevity just now, seems to have lied...
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