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1689 Unexpected Surprise
    Chinese Name: 最佳女婿  Author: 林羽江颜(Lín yǔ jiāng yán)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Lin Yu clenched his fists tightly, his heart surged, and he was silent for a moment. This was whispered, "Brother Bu, remember, living is the most important thing, whatever the case, I hope you can put your life first... …"

     "Don't worry, sir, they want to kill me and they are not so easy!"

     Bu Cheng gritted his teeth and said very firmly.

     "If things are not good, I hope you can try your best to escape!"

     Lin Yu's helpless sighed saying, solemnly said.

     Nodded solemnly, then turned his head and said to Bairen Tu, "there's no time to lose, two days later, you and Kui Mulang will start chasing me, I will flee all the way south, as for how to find me The trail depends all on yourselves!"

     "it is good!"

     Bairentu solemnly nodded, solemnly said, "I won't have the slightest softness!"

     He knew that the more false it was, the more dangerous it would be.

     The more they make an all-out effort, the greater the probability that they will be rescued by special agents!

     "Brother Bu, cherish it!"

     Lin Yu solemnly said, his heart is really sad, he knows, he will follow this difference, still does not know how long it will take to meet.

     Even this parting may be a farewell.

      In the afternoon, Lin Yu called Han Bing to clarify the facts, and asked Han Bing to help discuss with the archives department, and find an excuse to include the step-by-step information in the military aircraft department's database.

     After Han Bing's operation was complete, Lin Yu directly deducted the information of one of the team members, replaced the one who had been in the past, returned to the apartment building at night, and gave the list to Gordon.After Gordon took over the list from Lin Yu, he was slightly surprised. Seeing that Lin Yu looked gloomy, he swallowed his saliva, cautious and solemn asked, "Mr. Ho, don't think about it anymore?!"

     "Don't talk nonsense, seize the moment and upload your company headquarters!"

     Lin Yu was very impatient solemnly said, urging Gordon to upload it quickly, because he was also worried that once it was delayed for a long time, his own will would be shaken, and he might really regret it.

     "Good, good!"

     Gordon hurriedly nodded, then took out the cell phone, and dialed the phone of the headquarters.

     "Remember, you got these information from your own relationship and spent money!"

     Lin Yu solemnly said, "whatever happens must not nonsense!"

     "I know I know!"

     Gordon repeatedly nodded. After the call from the headquarters was connected, he immediately introduced the situation to the people at the headquarters, and then sent the information of the people on the list to the headquarters through his mobile phone.

     An hour later, the headquarters called Gordon again. Gordon was repeatedly nodded. He was very excited, but after hanging up the phone, Smile on Face quickly converged and said to Lin Yu carefully, "Mr. Ho, The information you gave me is all right. They are indeed members of the Military Aircraft Department!"

     Lin Yu pursed his mouth and said nothing, gently nodded, with complex feelings in his heart.

     "Next, I, I will transfer the information of these people to this list, and continue to deal with...Mr. Morrow?!"

     Gordon cautious and solemn asked.

     Lin Yu was still silent, nodded again, and then signaled that Hundred People Slaughter could let Gordon go.words exceede 5100Derek solemnly said on the other end of the phone, "Didn't I say, there is no urgent matter, don't call me!"

     "Mr. Derek, this is a big deal, a great deal!"

     While flipping through the list on the tablet in his hand, Molo said excitedly, "I got that list. I just completed a transaction with someone from Remino. I can be sure that the list they gave doesn't. t have any questions!"

     "Oh? Have the people in the technical department compared it with our existing information database?!"

     Derek said anxiously.

     "In our information database, there are a total of more than a dozen members of individual national institutions, and the technical department has all compared them, and it exactly matches the list!

     Moro said anxiously, "And we can verify it slowly in the future. I believe that even with Remino's 100 courage, they dare not fool us!"

     "Then, is there anyone from the Military Aircraft Department on this list?!"

     Derek asked impatiently.

     "Yes, of course!"

     Moro raised his head and said proudly, "And there is another big surprise that you never expected!"
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