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188 Chapter 187: Night Attack
    Chinese Name: 不让江山  Author: 知白(Zhī bái)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Now there are people from all walks of life in the city, some people have quacks, and reinforcements like Xia Houzhuo who come from afar. Everyone has discussed that Liu Mu has the highest rank in the army, and he is the fourth rank general, plus his leadership ability. It's really good, so the command here is left to Liu Mu.

     Liu Mu is the main general, Xia Houzhuo and Tan Qianshou are the lieutenants, and all teams follow the dispatch of these three.

     After discussion, it was decided that these three people took turns on duty and divided the twelve hours of one day and one night into three to ensure that everyone stayed awake at all times and that at least two teams could maintain complete combat effectiveness at all times.

     Li Chi, Yu Jiuling, and Zhuang Wudi were naturally Xiahou Zhuo's three of them. Although Liu Mu expressed the hope that Li Chi could follow him, Li Chi pretended not to see it.

     The day and night of the second day were spent peacefully. During the day on the third day, the black warrior’s soldiers and horses outside the city became more frequent. Standing on the wall and looking at it with a clairvoyance, you could see the black warrior scouts scattered. I don’t know if I’m playing any ghost idea.

     "Not quite right."

     Li Chi looked at Xia Houzhuo and said, "General Tan was on duty in the first half of the night. I have reminded him to be more careful. I think the black warrior should behave. Although the reinforcements have just arrived, they need to be familiar with the battlefield. The Black Warriors have been fighting for six or seven days. They are already familiar with this place. They haven't attacked aggressively. I guess they might attack at night."Xia Houzhuo nodded: "Similar to what I thought, if not surprisingly, he would choose a master to climb onto the wall secretly. If the Emperor Khan is really coming, his number cannot be counted, the most notable thing is Heiwu Qingya, the Qingya snatches the masters of the Black Wujiang Lake, and there are many capable people and strangers.

     Li Chi asked: "It's equivalent to our Da Chu's Recording Department?"

     Xia Houzhuo thought for a while and replied: "It's equivalent to the combined powers of our Da Chu's Department of Law Recording, Department of Anti-Acts, and Department of Internal Affairs."

     Li Chi was startled: "Such a terrifying yamen, without other restrictions?"

     Xia Houzhuo said: "The only restriction on the bright side is the Emperor Khan of Black Martial Arts, but in fact the Qingya is controlled by the sword gate, and the leader of the sword gate is the hidden master of the Qingya. The followers of the sword gate are all over the black swordsman. The awe of Jianmen even surpasses the awe of the Black Wu Khan Emperor."

     Li Chi said: "Will the Khan Emperor of Heiwu allow such sects to exist? It shouldn't be right."

     "It really shouldn't."

     Xia Houzhuo explained: "But on the Black Martial side, there was the legend of the Moon God first, and then the Black Martial Empire. A few hundred years ago, the Mongolian Empire’s iron cavalry broke through the black martial land. At that time, the Black Martial arts were not complete. A country is a group of city-states or small countries. It is said that there were thousands of large and small at that time, so the iron cavalry of the Mongolian Empire almost ran over them all the way, completely without rivals.""After the Black Warriors were ruled by the Mongolian Empire for several decades, the first to revolt was Guiyue Babu and drove away the Mongolian Empire. However, the Black Warriors fell into a civil war again. The people of the Guiyue Clan claimed that they had gained the Moon God’s Guidance, one of the tribal leaders of the Eighth Department of Ghost Moon was regarded as the messenger of the Moon God in the world and announced the establishment of the Black Martial Empire."

     Xia Houzhuo took a look at Li Chi and continued: "Later, in order to strengthen the rule, the first Khan Emperor of Heiwu asked a great sword master to create the sword gate, and the great sword master claimed to be the servant of the moon god, and the moon god The will to absorb believers to protect Heiwu, with this gimmick, Heiwu Khan’s rule will become stronger, because Khan is the ruler of the world recognized by the Moon God, but who knows that more than a hundred years later, Jianmen Prestige has been getting bigger and bigger, so big that even Emperor Khan would have to be crowned by the Sect Master of the Sword Sect to be considered orthodox. From that time on, Sword Sect was already impossible to control."

     After Li Chi heard it nodded: "So Heiwuhan Emperor should also be very depressed."

     Xia Houzhuo said: "In the beginning, they created the sword gate in order to try to win people's support by artifice. Now the sword gate has become a threat to the black martial emperor. The status of the sword sect master is still higher than that of the khan emperor. Sect Master cannot interfere with the Black Martial Government, but in fact, Emperor Khan gave an order, absolutely no Sect Master Sword Sect commanded to work."

     Li Chi thought, such a sect is absolutely impossible.Xia Houzhuo continued: "The Western Regions are also basically the same. The Western Regions believe in Zen, and the kings of the small Western Regions will also use the Faith Power of Zen to rule the country. It only took more than 100 years for Zen to enter the Central Plains from the Western Regions. It has far surpassed the Taoism of Da Chu, and there are far more Zen temples in various places than Taoism."

     Although these things have something to do with Li Chi there's nothing about it, Li Chi still remembers them all.

     Tan Qianshou was on duty in the first half of the night. He took the team to replace him. He held the city wall and looked into the distance. The black warrior’s camp was endless. Although Xia Houzhuo brought 1,200 reinforcements, he was actually in his heart. Not at all practical.

     If the Jizhou Army can't come to support it again within three days, it won't be far from the city break.

     That young man named Li temporarily deceived the Black Warrior by bluffing, but the Black Warrior is not stupid. Can they be deceived once or twice? Moreover, even if they really think that Prince Wu is here, hundreds of thousands of soldiers are here, it is impossible to be scared away because Prince Wu is here.

     The night is getting deeper and deeper, thinking about this, unconsciously already passed the time.

     Tan Qian moved his body a little, and was about to go around. As soon as he took a step, he saw Liu Mu coming up with a food box. He greeted him with a smile. Liu Mu lifted the food box in his hand and shook him. with a smile: "I'm about to rotate with you. I think I should be hungry at this time. Come up to eat with you in advance."

     Open the food box, there are warm wotou and pickles inside.The two sat down cross-legged on the city wall, eating and chatting. At this age, they will talk about their previous youth and youth. At that time, the two had just joined the army and they were the first people to know each other. Their ideals and ambitions at the same age quickly deepened the friendship between the two of them.

      If this is not the case, after experiencing the war that shouldn't have happened, the two of them may have a much better relationship now, and they may have separated One Side of Heaven.

     "You go back first, it's time."

     After Liu Mu got up, he pulled Tan Qian's hand: "The old man with old arms and legs quickly go back to rest. I will have to take turns tomorrow."

     Tan Qianshou was not convinced: "I am two months younger than you."

     Liu Mu said: "But you look like an old Caigang, how can I be so smart."

     Tan Qianshou bah'ed, and then went down to rest.

     Not long after Tan Qian’s hands descended the ramp, on the side of the city wall close to the mountain, a few shadows quietly turned up. Their movements were extremely agile and their hands and feet were light. Their knives were wrapped in thick cloth. To avoid the reflection of moonlight, after these people came up, they quietly approached the soldiers guarding here, touched them from one side, and swiftly stabbed the soldiers to death.

     In the second half of the night, it was when people started to get sleepy, and the new soldiers woke up. They were not energetic, and the black warrior came here deliberately at the right time.They did not immediately attack the upper city on the night they came. The purpose was to observe the time for the changing of the guard on the wall. The person on duty went down and the person on duty came up. It is inevitable that there will be people who are not in place, especially near the mountain. People need to go further to get there.

     After the black-clothed men stabbed the nearby soldiers to death, they quickly lowered the rope they carried on their backs and tied one end to the battlement. When the black fighters under the city saw the ropes lowered, they immediately began to climb up. climb.

     Liu Mu was patrolling, keenly aware that there were a few dark shadows over there that were acting a little weird, so he immediately took the knife out and called: "Who!"

     The few people saw Liu Mu bringing people over, they looked at each other, and then they raised the scimitar to face Liu Mu and rushed over. The people behind hadn’t come up yet, and they had to block the Chu army for the follow-ups to fight for more. More time.

     Liu Mu knew that things were not good when he saw the scimitar. He called the enemy attack, ordered the blow of the horn, and then swung the knife and slashed at a black martial master.

      What hadn't thought was that the black warrior is extremely powerful, Liu Mu's sword is already very fierce, but the black warrior moves faster, avoiding Liu Mu's knife sideways, and stabs Liu Mu's heart.

     Hurry up!

     The heart-guard was pricked directly into a hole, if this is not the case, if he still wears the chain armor, this knife can stab Liu Mu to death.

     Liu Mu was shocked and swept away the black warrior. The soldiers next to him rushed forward and squeezed forward. However, opposite the crowd, two black warriors leaped in the air and flew directly over the crowd. Shot the crossbow in his hand towards Liu Mu's point.Liu Mu's long sword splattered a silver glow in front of him. In the sound of ding, he swept away the two crossbow arrows that came from a sharp shot. But before he had time to fight back, a black warrior came in outside the city wall beside him. Seeing Liu Mu, he stabbed Liu Mu's back with a knife.

     Liu Mu felt dangerous. He strode forward to avoid the knife, but he was a little slower. The scimitar slashed on his back and directly cut a long blood port.

     Liu Mu called in the pain, turned around and swept out to force the Black Warrior back. He thought that his soldiers were still there, but with this trance, the six or seven soldiers who rushed past have already fallen to the ground.

     The skill of those black warriors is indeed somewhat terrifying.

     The Chu army soldiers from behind had already rushed over, but they were stopped by the black warriors who climbed up from outside the city one after another. Each of these black warriors was able to fight, and six or seven people stopped on the wall. The Chu army could not rescue Liu Mu for a while. .

     But at this moment Tan Qianshou came back. He forgot to remind Liu Mu that before he went to the city, Brother Li told him to be careful of black warriors' sneak attacks, so he thought that he was back again and wanted to tell Liu Mu. Hearing the shouting, felt something was wrong, and accelerated forward.

     As soon as he went to the city, he saw Liu Mu being besieged by a few men in black. Tan Qian drew a knife forward, and when he rushed forward, he watched Liu Mu being slashed on the shoulder. The knife was almost completely embedded in Liu Mu's body.

     Tan Qian's hands and eyes suddenly widened, and he rushed from behind, slashing the man in black to death. The man in black was still stuck in Liu Mu's shoulder, and he couldn't pull it out for a while.Tan Qian handed Liu Mu a hand and found that his old friend had been whole body covered in blood, and he didn't know how many times he had been hit.

     "I'll take you away!"

     Tan Qian held Liu Mu's waist with one arm and carried him up. He held a knife in his right hand and fought back all the way. A black warrior raised his hand and shot a crossbow. Their crossbow is not a continuous crossbow, but the strength Great, Tan Qianshou completely without notice, but Liu Mu on his shoulder noticed.

     The crossbow arrow flew, and Liu Mu was already unable to swing the knife, so he raised his arm to cover the back of Tan Qian's neck, puff~, the crossbow arrow hit Liu Mu's arm, and the arrow was blocked by the bone.

     Liu Mu is coldly snorted, his face has become increasingly ugly.

     "Hold on!"

     Tan Qian waved a knife to fight, killed to come from the men in black.

     On the other side, another black-clothed man raised a crossbow and let go. Liu Mu lay on Tan Qian’s shoulder. He was facing backward and could look back. He saw the arrow again, so he suddenly bowed his head. , Tong his body blocked Tan Qianshou's back, puff~, the arrow pierced Liu Mu's back.

     Tan Qian carried Liu Mu in his hands and ran down the ramp, put Liu Mu down and shouted loudly: "Send him to the medical officer!"

     Liu Mu reluctantly smiled and said: "Don't worry, I can't die."

     Tan Qianshou said: "Do you dare to die?!"


     A broad sword nearly one foot wide flew down from the city wall and directly penetrated Tan Qianshou's chest. The broad sword almost cut him into two sections.Tan Qian staggered, lowered his head and looked at the sword emerging from his chest, and then at Liu Mu, who was already scared silly in front of him, he smiled hard, muttered, don’t worry about me, and then he fell. .
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