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189 Chapter 188 Thoughts
    Chinese Name: 不让江山  Author: 知白(Zhī bái)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

The broad sword was really too wide and too heavy. It penetrated directly from Tan Qian's body flat, and his chest was cut open by the broad sword about 3-February, and half of the blade appeared in front of him.

     Only for a short moment, Tan Qianshou stopped breathing before he could say a few more words.

     Liu Mutang sat down and watched Tan Qian throw his hands in front of yourself. When he fell down, the broad sword was slowly pushed back to his back, and the sword was stuck straight there. The handle is facing up.

     It is half the typical broad sword of the black sword gate. The sword of that's it that the great sword master who created the sword gate used in the past is one foot wide and the sword is extremely heavy, so the swordsmanship practiced by the sword gate disciples It's also very strange. Sometimes people are dancing swords, and sometimes people move with the inertia of the heavy sword.

     Can throw this heavy sword out and stab Tan Qianshou to death, as you can well imagine how terrifying the arm of the person who shoots.

     When Tan Qian’s hands were lying on the ground, he was still trying to raise his head to see Liu Mu, and Liu Mu also saw that before he died, Tan Qianshou was still making every effort and opening his mouth to say something, look. His mouth shape seems to be only one word...Go.

     But the word could not be said in the end, the sword wound was too terrifying, and the speed of taking away his life was too fast.

     Li Chi reminded Tan Qianshou to take more precautions. When Tan Qianshou was replaced by Xia Houzhuo, Li Chi told him that the Black Warrior might choose a master to attack at night. Tan Qianshou just forgot to remind Liu Mu.The only thing to be thankful for is that Liu Mu is keen enough. He discovered it when the black warrior master came up a few times. If it is later, the black warrior master has dozens or even hundreds of them. There is at least one in four area controlled by the black warrior.

     Liu Mu found out in time. Although his soldiers had been hacked to death more than ten, and he was also seriously injured, the Chu Army soldiers behind him still pressed up with a steady flow, pushing the black warrior who came up to the end of the wall , The martial arts of those black warriors were very high, but after the Chu army reacted, they began to besieged with bows and arrows and crossbows.

     The black martial artist who stabbed Tan Qianshou to death with a sword stood on the wall and looked down. At that moment, he seemed to be still thinking about getting his sword back, but the offensive from the Chu army was too fierce. I had to give up. The figure flashes reached the outside of the city wall and jumped down without any hesitation. The man in midair grabbed the rope tied to the battlement and quickly slipped under the city.

     The Chu army on the city wall threw the torch down, and used the light of the torch to launch arrows to chase down the black warriors who had retreated. Four or five of those who jumped down were shot to the ground before they could escape, and those who fell quickly became After Chu Jun's target was shot, he was shot like a hedgehog after a while.

     When the torch was thrown down, the soldiers of the Chu Army realized that the black warrior's team was already close to the bottom of the city wall. They wrapped their feet in cloth and tried not to make any noise. The weapons were also wrapped and would not reflect moonlight. Even if the master Wu can control the city wall for even a moment, the army of Black Wu will surge up.Hearing the sound of the warning horn, Li Qi, Xia Houzhuo and others who were resting rushed over. When they reached the ramp of the city wall, Liu Mu, who was seriously injured, had fainted. He was lying on the ramp. The official was treating his wounds, while the unconscious Liu Mu stretched out one hand and firmly grasped the hand of Tan Qian.

     The hands of the two were held together, and the medical officer just wanted to separate and couldn't separate.

     Xia Houzhuo felt a sudden pain when he watched this scene. He looked at Li Chi, and Li Chi’s eyes were full of guilt and regret. He reminded him, but he still blames himself, if he can stay on the wall. Maybe this will not happen.

     However, the rotation is already set, and their energy is limited.

     Xia Houzhuo raised his hand at Li

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     He patted on the shoulder, and then he waved his hand and led his men on the wall to re-arm. The black warrior’s raid plan failed, and the Chu army was ready for the war, so the black warrior outside the city began to slow down. withdraw.

     The night became more difficult.

     Li Chi leaned against the city wall and had been silent for a long time. This was the first time he felt that someone else died because of his mistake. He couldn't vent that kind of self-blame, and he didn't want to vent it.

     "do not blame you."

     Xia Houzhuo came back after patrolling the city defenses and squatted beside Li Chi and said, "You have reminded it, and you also specifically told Tan Qianshou that if the master of the black warrior wants to attack at night, he will inevitably choose to approach the cliff from both sides of the wall It’s not possible for ordinary people to climb, but masters can climb up with the help of ropes and iron claws..."Li Chi shook the head and put out a breath for a long time and said: "I should remind you a few more words, or let someone light more torches on both ends of the wall when we go down."

     Xiahou Zhuo said, "It's still dark when we rotate."

     Li Chi looked up and glanced at him, and soon lowered his head again. He talked to oneself and said, "When the rotation was set yesterday, General Liu Mu wanted me to go over with him, but I didn't agree."

     Xia Houzhuo fell silent.

     But is this Li Chi's fault?

     He wants to say what does this have to do with you? In order to hold the life and death three points, one looks at the destiny, the enemy, and the self.

     Xia Houzhuo and Li Chi don’t know at all, if Tan Qian thought about it when he went down, remind Liu Mu, or Tan Qianshou didn’t forget Li Chi’s words because of distraction soon after Li Chi finished speaking. He arranged for people to light more torches in advance, so that this would not happen. After he came up, he leaned on the wall and thought about everything in disorder. He thought that the Jizhou army did not come to support, and he thought about whether the black warrior would After a few days, the attack began, thinking about very many very many, except that he forgot that Li Chi told him that the black warrior might send a master to attack at night.

     Many things seem inevitable, but in fact they can be avoided.

     Xia Houzhuo finally didn't say that sentence. It is a big death. Tan Qianshou has already died on the wall of this border. Does it make sense to say these what else is there?

     "I'll see Liu Mu."Li Chi supported the city wall to stand up. He wanted to hear what the medical officer said. When he saw Liu Mu, he was bloodied and he didn't know how many injuries he suffered. He just saw the blood in that body. .

     "Go ahead."

     Xia Houzhuo silent for a moment said: "But Li Chi, do you know now? This is the battlefield, this is the war. That's why I don't want to bring you and Yu Jiuling to northern Xinjiang immediately, even though I'm almost there. I told you this two years ago, but you were not prepared, and you still don’t understand what war is."

     Li Chi stopped. After a long time, he looked back at Xia Houzhuo and said, "Now, I understand a little bit."

     Xia Houzhuo shook his head and said: "What you see now is just one hair from nine oxen of war. The most common one on the battlefield is the dead. Maybe you will die tomorrow, maybe I will die. If you really understand some , Will take the life and death on the battlefield lighter."

     Li Chi fell silent again.

     "We do not have time to grieve."

     After Xia Houzhuo said this, he turned around. He was going to inspect the city defense. No one knew whether the black warriors would come again when Chu Jun felt they could't come again. This is what Xia Houzhuo said we do not have time. One of the reasons for grief, because the enemy will not give us time to grieve.

     Li Chi walked down the ramp of the city wall, when he walked down the city

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     But he couldn't take any more steps. He leaned back against the wall and slowly sat down, then raised his hands to hug his head. There are countless voices in his head shouting and wailing, and these countless voices are only one. The picture is...death.Yu Jiuling squatted down on his side, silent, he knew that at this moment he didn't need to say anything, and said nothing would make sense.

     Li Chi thought of those, but he couldn't stop them. In many cases, manpower is really exhausted.

     Li Chi sat there until dawn. He only slowly recovered when he felt the light on his body. At the moment when he raised his head and looked at the sunlight, Li Chi suddenly thought of something.

     He looked at Yu Jiuling and said: "If our country in the Central Plains cannot be strong enough to make all the enemies fear, then such wars will continue to happen until our country perishes again, the cycle is vast and limitless, the only way, It’s strong enough to scare the enemy, or...strong enough to have no enemies."

     Yu Jiuling looked at Li Chi, and he saw a kind of will in those blood-red eyes.

     "Only by overthrowing this already devastated Chu and re-establishing a strong country can we achieve such a goal. It is no longer possible for Chu to achieve such a goal."

     Li Chi put out a breath for a long time, thinking that maybe Yu Chaozong was such a person, a righteous and just person with a clear goal, to build a sufficiently powerful empire.

      at the same time, Xinzhou Pass.

     The arrival of the tens of thousands of Yanshan camp troops gave the defenders of Xinzhouguan hope and at the same time they felt scared, because they were rushing to help them with rebels, which made them a little down-to-earth and a little unreliable, very contradictory.However, this contradiction did not last long, because shortly after the arrival of the Yanshan camp, Bi Datong, the second head of the Yanshan camp, announced that the Yanshan camp took over Xinzhou Pass, disarmed all the Chu army soldiers, and then blasted down the city wall.

     It’s a rare thing that Bi Datong and Yu Chaozong’s ideas are almost the same. Bi Datong also feels that he won the advantage outweighs the disadvantage of Xinzhou Pass. With this border pass that can directly connect to the grassland, even if there is a problem after taking refuge in Prince Yu in the future , They can also escape from the Central Plains for refuge.

     And after Yu Chaozong knew that Bi Datong had disarmed the armed forces from the Chu side, he also stated that there's nothing about it, because he thought so too, but Bi Datong did it more directly.

     After the Yanshan Battalion army took control of Xinzhou Pass, the city's defenses became countless times stronger than before. Under these years of operation, Yanshan Battalion has strong soldiers and sturdy horses, and has sufficient weapons reserves and abundant food and grass. The most important thing is that they have enough troops. .

     After everyone Bi Datong ordered the Chu army to be driven away, he boarded the city wall. He already had a suit of Chu army general's armor on his body. Some impatients. So when Yu Chaozong looked at him and found that he had changed such a armor, his eyes were slightly Squinted.

     Bi Datong smiled and walked to Yu Chaozong's side, patted the armor on his body and said, "The armor of the officer and army is still really beautiful."

     Yu Chaozong un'ed and said casually: "It fits you well."

     Bi Datong laughing heartily, he looked at the black warrior's company outside the city, stopped laughing after a moment of silence, then suddenly clutched his stomach and said: "Big brother, my stomach is really unbelievable. I'll go to the latrine first."Of course Yu Chaozong knew that he didn't dare to fight the black warrior, nodded, "Go ahead."

     Bi Datong hurriedly turned around and ran down. He said how to fight against the black and overwhelming army outside. Who can guarantee that Yujian will not greet him when his eyes grow. When he went down town, he was already thinking about how to return to Yanshan camp in advance. went.

     Yu Chaozong turned his head and glanced at him with a bit of contempt on his face.

     (End of this chapter)
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