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513 Zhang San's Sword
    Chinese Name: 通幽大圣  Author: 封七月(Fēng qī yuè, Feng July)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The East Sea Mirage Dragon is a demon, but in Gu Cheng's eyes, this demon is more like a ‘human’ than a human, and he is also an idealistic person.

     Gu Cheng gently shook his head and said, "If there is no evil in this world, where is the good? The human heart is the most unpredictable. For thousands of years, how can it be so easy to make a person's heart invincible?"

     Zuo Yunzhi nodded and said: "The truth is just like this way, but unfortunately he can't look away.

     At the beginning, the night should be extremely short, but now, the time of the night is almost the same as that of the day, and you can also feel that the time of the night will become longer every time.

     In a few hundred years, Taoyuan City will be completely transformed into a ghost town. There will be no light at that time, but darkness. "

     "By the way, what's going on for Daoist Zixiao and Master Hongde?"

     Zuo Yunzhi: "East Sea Mirage Dragon sacrificed himself to build the illusion. He himself has fallen into a permanent deep sleep, but his family's longevity is amazing, so he will not completely die. The soul is still there.

     Daoist Zixiao and Master Hongde were the incarnations of his soul, and he also compiled an identity for these two individuals.

     Master Hongde collected the evil thoughts of the residents in the city by chanting every day.

     Daoist Zixiao suppressed those evil thoughts at night and prevented them from becoming too rampant.

     The bright place you are avoiding is actually the projection that Master Hongde collected during the day and poured evil thoughts into the night, connected to the day, so you can avoid ghosts. "

     Gu Cheng touched his chin and said, "We tore apart the illusion of the East Sea Mirage Dragon in the black-and-white conversion before, so how do we get out here? This place is also an illusion?"Zuo Yunzhi shook his head and said: "This is not an illusion, but it is also an independent space. It is the space that the East Sea Mirage Dragon has transformed into his body after he sacrifices himself, and even has a lot of his own power.

     The Hundred-eyed Toad can never live for a hundred years when it is normally speaking, but it has lived here for thousands of years and has become like this.

     It's easy to get out of here, just wake up the East Sea Mirage Dragon.

     After he sacrificed himself, he only had instinct. Even the creation of Daoist Zixiao and Master Hongde was only because of instinct, trying to repair the immature Peach Blossom Spring as much as possible.

     As long as he wakes up, all that will eventually dissipate. "

     Gu Cheng said suddenly: "But when he woke up, he died."

     One of Zuo Yun spread his hands and said, "Wake him up is also a relief for him.

     The East Sea Mirage originally just wanted to create a place of bliss without suffering and evil thoughts, but now you see, are the residents of this place really happy?

     None of this was what he wanted in the first place. "

     Gu Chengchang put out a long breath and said: "Where is the East Mirage Dragon?"

     Zuo Yunzhi shook his head and said, "I don't know. Five hundred years ago, we just clarified all the causes and effects before we started a big battle.

     It seems that someone should have gone out now, but it did not go out by waking the East Sea Mirage Dragon, but by forcibly tearing this space out, and my other soul is already not in here.

     Of course, you don't want to use this trick, even if you add your blood to burn your blood and make a desperate shot, there will be no tearing of this space.By the way, I said before that I want to give you benefits. According to the guidelines of this seat, this seat is very honest. "

     Gu Cheng grins: "I am also very honest."

     Following Zuo Yunzhi's guidance, Gu Cheng walked southward until he reached a cliff.

     This cliff doesn't seem to be naturally formed, the gap is extremely neat, as if it was cut off with a sword.

     But this cliff is several tens of meters high, and what kind of existence is it that can cut off such a cliff with one sword?

     Zuo Yunzhi: "Have you seen the top of the cliff? There is a broken sword there, left by the sword god Zhang San."

     Gu Cheng was shocked: "Sword God Zhang San? Did he shoot here 500 years ago?"

     Zuo Yunzhi said ill-humoredly: "What do you think? If Zhang San shoots, what would he hit? Who can hold him with a sword? Even if it is my body... Of course I am not afraid of that guy. , But a split soul is really not his opponent.

     The shot was Zhang San’s Direct Disciple, but he was taught two swords in the thirteen sword style by Zhang San.

     You probably have never heard of the name Sword Thirteenth Form. Zhang San was also fooled away by Pei Fei. The Sword Thirteenth Form didn't complete legacy, and it seemed that he didn't even reach half of it.

     Of course, even the complete legacy is useless. Five hundred years ago, there were no more than five people in the thirteen styles of the sword. "

     Gu Cheng grinned and said: "Thirteen sword styles? This name is very characteristic, just as characteristic as the name of the sword god."

     Isn’t the translation of the 13th sword style the 13-stroke sword technique, discard four, but treat five as whole, is equivalent to noname.Zuo Yunzhi: "That fellow Zhang San is just like that. He's lazy except for practicing swords, and he doesn't even bother to take a name.

     But the thirteen sword style is really strong. At least five hundred years ago, I had never seen a stronger sword technique than the thirteen sword style.

     Every time Zhang San practices a sword technique, he will break a sword. For him, the sword style is already in his heart, and the invisible sword in his heart is stronger than the visible sword in his hand.

     The broken sword above is the broken sword left by Zhang San from practicing the 13th sword style in the past, and it preserves his sword intent.

      as far as I know, the sword intent preserved in the broken sword should be one of the ‘xue’ and the ‘poj’.

     Of course, even if this name was given to him by his disciples, Zhang San was too lazy to choose a name.

     Suffering is related to Dao of Time, and Po Jie is related to Three Immortal Souls Seven Mortal Souls.

     If you want to understand the sword intent, you have to withstand the test of these two forces.

     Of course, this is very dangerous. If you don't handle it, it will be fatal. You should consider this carefully.

     I'm giving you the treasure anyway, it's up to you to take it away. "

     Zuo Yunzhi's eyes narrowing looked at Gu Cheng, and his trick was actually testing Gu Cheng.

     Among the treasures he knew, there was indeed no thing that could be compared with the sword intent left by the sword god Zhang San, and even if this thing was taken to the outside world, it would cause all sword repairs in the world to snatch it.

     But the same risk is also great.

     At the beginning, there were so many disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect who were able to practice this 13th sword style, no more than five, as you can well imagine the difficulty.Right now Zuo Yunzhi definitely couldn't fool Gu Cheng, he could only choose to cooperate with Gu Cheng to find his last soul, so the stronger Gu Cheng's ability, the better for him.

     But in case the honesty is not enough, then he has to make plans and find a way to go to other people and fool another guy.

     For Zuo Yunzhi's thoughts, Gu Cheng also knows that in the Lord of a Cult, unparalleled under the heavens five hundred years ago, which mind is not as full of eyes as a sieve?

     Even though the current Zuo Yunzhi is only a part of the soul, but it is still not a glimpse.

     But Gu Cheng didn't resist this kind of conspiracy, so he didn't say anything and stepped straight up to the cliff.

     There is indeed a broken sword inserted at the top of the cliff, only the upper half, the sword body is bright and transparent, it seems to be made of crystal.

     Comprehend the sword intent and condense the sword style. This is the easiest way to inherit the sword, but it is also the method that least people are willing to try, because the success rate is low and dangerous.

     Normally a sword technique wants to be taught to disciples, most of the sects choose to teach you the basics of a sword technique in sequence, step by step, and then from entry to proficiency to mastery, and finally to realize the true meaning of it. To the top.

     But this kind of sword requires the sect general to fully decompose it from high to low. The amount of engineering is huge, and it is best to be done by the pioneer of the sword. After all, only he knows this sword best.

     But according to Zuo Yunzhi, Zhang San, the sword god, was a very lazy person, even too lazy to give his swordsmanship a name.

      Will this kind of person help you step by step? It's a joke.The inheritance of the sword will be thrown directly to you, and you will be able to learn it. It will not be that you are too wasteful.

     Gu Cheng didn't think he was a waste, so he hardly hesitated, and directly promoted to the ultimate grip on the broken sword.

     Almost for an instant, Gu Cheng's mind went blank for an instant, and there was only a sword, a sword that crisscrossed the sky and the earth!

     But the strange thing is that the sky and the earth are blank, the sword is blank, everything is intangible, but Gu Cheng can clearly feel the sword intent.

     But the next moment, that invisible sword suddenly slashed at Gu Cheng, to be precise, at his Qipu!

     Corpse dog, Fuya, bird Yin, swallow thief, non-poisonous, filth removal, smelly lung.

     The seven souls are damaged, the soul is still there, but the body will completely collapse.

     With that invisible sword penetrating Gu Cheng's corpse dog spirit, Gu Cheng instantly felt that the energy of his whole body was beginning to leak out, and that feeling that was not painful but extremely painful made him groaning.

     Gu Cheng understood what this sword was.

     The robbery of the soul, the robbery of the soul, this sword is invisible, it is not the flesh but the seven souls!

     It is also very simple to learn this sword. As long as you can appreciate the pain caused by this invisible sword smashing the seven souls, then this kind of sword intent and feeling will always be imprinted in your mind. Just learned.

     Of course, the premise is that you can withstand the illusion of shattering seven souls with sword intent.

     Otherwise, if you feel that you are really shattered by the Seven Souls in the Sword Intent Fantasy Realm, then in reality your Seven Souls will also become a state of suspended animation.Zuo Yunzhi in the scabbard saw that Gu Cheng was plunged into an illusion, and his forehead broke out in cold sweats. He suddenly guessed that what Gu Cheng got should be Paojie. The only one of the thirteen sword styles was more evil. Sword style related to soul.

     The comprehension of this sword intent is a bit difficult. If it is necessary for a short while, it is still difficult, but the necessary sword style is related to time. It requires more insight than the robbery, but it is also much safer.

     Zuo Yunzhi's at a moderate pace waited on the sidelines without any rush.

     Five hundred years ago, Heavenly Sword Sect Disciple was able to comprehend that the thirteen sword styles are all as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, but in that era, Zhang San’s Direct Disciple can only be regarded as a human being, but in his eyes it is also Not too strong.

     If Gu Cheng can't even master a single 13 sword style, it proves that he is not even as good as those disciples of Zhang San five hundred years ago.
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