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514 Downfall
    Chinese Name: 通幽大圣  Author: 封七月(Fēng qī yuè, Feng July)
    Original: | Translator:

Sword Intent Broken Soul, the pain in it and the sourness of the seven souls that are different from the fragmentation Gu Cheng can bear.

     After all, he had experienced many scenes where his mental power was exhausted after using the black jade space, and Gu Cheng was still very resistant to this kind of direct spiritual pain.

     It’s just that if you want to truly understand the sword god Zhang San’s Po Jie, not only do you have to resist this powerful pain, the most important thing is to feel the power of the sword in that pain.

     The robbery is invisible, the sword intent has no trace, only the soul, so although its power's attributes are not evil and weird, but in fact, you can't guard against it, very weird.

     Every time a soul is broken, Gu Cheng's understanding of sword intent increases by one point, but he is also complexion pale at this time, break out in cold sweats.

     At this moment, Lin Tengyun and Jin Fengqi in the distance did not know at what time they got together.

     The two of them are still holding a broken gun in their hands at this time, but the gun is inscribed with the scarlet dragon. Even though it has been broken, it still shines with the brilliance of blood. It is obviously a divine armament. For the Refining Grandmaster who is strong enough, it may be able to restore it.

     The two saw Gu Cheng sitting on the cliff from a distance, and the two of them looked at each other and immediately leaned over.

     After leaving some two people, I saw that Gu Cheng's current state looked like something's wrong.

     At this time, Gu Cheng was complexion pale, with cold sweat even soaking through his clothes. The most important thing was that Gu Cheng's current breath was very unstable and fell heavily.

     Lin Tengyun and Jin Fengqi looked at each other and walked over noiselessly.

     In fact, the relationship between the two of them and Gu Cheng is very complicated.If you say that they are enemies, but in fact they haven't cast aside all considerations for face thoroughly, even in the eyes of Bailian and Luojiao, Gu Cheng and Lin Tengyun belong to the court, and they should be allies.

     But if you say that they are allies, that would be wrong.

     When Gu Cheng took office, they discussed how to deal with Gu Cheng. Although they didn't take Gu Cheng's life, they also caused a great obstacle to Gu Cheng's southwest trip.

     At the same time, Gu Cheng wiped out all the leftist forces in the Southwest in one fell swoop, which is equivalent to digging the foundation of Lin Tengyun.

     If it hadn't been for Gu Cheng to take out the Endless Wonderland and invite him to join him, now Lin Tengyun would probably fight you die, I live with Gu Cheng.

     At this time, they saw something's wrong. Their first reaction was not to help Gu Cheng, but to jump to the cliff, probed: "Master Gu, What happened to you?"

     Although Gu Cheng was experiencing the scene of the sword intent in his mind, he still barely separated a trace of spiritual power, and said bitterly: "I encountered a ghost that can enter the spiritual power to erode the soul and was dragged by it. Here it is.

     General Lin and Lord Jin happened to be here, so please help me to infuse mental energy into my body and help me. "

     In fact, seeing these two people, Gu Cheng was also unlucky.

     Originally, he wanted to calculate Lin Tengyun and Jin Fengqi in the Endless Wonderland, but he didn't expect that he had placed the order first and fell into this state.

     At this time, he radically is unable to raise the slightest combat power, and must end the illusion of sword intent broken soul, but that way may be backlashed.

     Therefore, Gu Cheng had to delay temporarily.If he directly pretends that there is no whats the matter, then Lin Tengyun will definitely suspect that he is a bluff, and will do it instead.

     But at this time Gu Cheng bluntly said that he was trapped by ghosts and needed spiritual support, but Lin Tengyun would doubt if Gu Cheng was digging holes for them.

     For a suspicious person like Lin Tengyun, Gu Cheng's behavior made him suspicious.

     So Lin Tengyun smiled and said, "Master Gu, Master Jin and I are both martial artists, and our mental strength is weak. Even if we share some of you, it won't help much."

      When he spoke until here, Lin Tengyun suddenly said, "But I happen to have a decent talisman on my body. It's the one-time usable talisman, and I can use it without inspiration.

     Well, I will use the talisman to get rid of the ghosts from Master Gu. During the period, you may suffer a little bit of backlash. Master Gu, you should pay attention. "

     Although Lin Tengyun was suspicious, he was not so easy to be fooled.

     After using this talisman, I naturally know that Gu Cheng said is true or false.

     It's true that he doesn't need to turn his face with Gu Cheng, which is equivalent to making Gu Cheng owe his one person. If it is false, then he will have to think about it.

     Gu Cheng sighed in his heart, Lin Tengyun is really not a fool, and being able to stand in the southwest for So many years is not an idiot.

     "General Lin doesn't need to work hard, I will solve the Oni within the body, you may cause accidents if you use spells."

     Lin Tengyun eyes narrowing looked at Gu Cheng, and suddenly laughed: "Gu Cheng, stop pretending, are you afraid that you are really in trouble?Now that you’ve come across me, are you lucky or unlucky? "

     Gu Cheng's expression remained unchanged, and he said indifferently: "General Lin is planning to throw stones at sb who fell down a well? Do you want me to die?

     I am the high official of the Imperial Court, your majesty’s confidant, if someone knows that I die in your hands, Jing Yesi will not let you off, and your majesty will not let you off. "

     Gu Cheng was threatening, but he had already promoted his mental power to the extreme. When he was ready to immediately cut off the illusion in his mind, he immediately released Asura Soul.

     Lin Tengyun laughed and said, "Isn't it normal for people to die in this kind of place? Bailian Sect and Luo Sect's rudder masters who have reached the fourth stage realm are all dead here, Master Gu, why can't you dies here?

     In fact, Master Gu, I didn't want to kill you in the first place, it was you who did things so terribly!

     My reliance is these leftist forces in the southwest, and now they have all let you annihilate, and the only reliance I have in the southwest is gone!

     At this time, as long as you go back to the capital to sue me, what can I resist?

     If you want to blame, you must blame you for doing nothing! "

     Lin Tengyun is a suspicious person. Similarly, he saves others by himself, and feels that Gu Cheng is also this kind of person. When he returns to the capital, very possibly might be designed to trouble himself.

     He had no chance to kill Gu Cheng before, and the calculations for Gu Cheng also failed, but right now in this endless immortal territory, only Gu Cheng is alone here, he dies here, I am afraid that no one knows!

     If such a good opportunity is missed, it may take long to wait.

     So at this moment Lin Tengyun stared at Gu Cheng with a murderous intent in his eyes."Master Jin, don't be idle, wait for the next start."

     Lin Tengyun suddenly turned his gaze to Jin Fengqi.

     Jin Fengqi’s complexion pale, he understands that Lin Tengyun is What does it mean, just vote for the name.

     Lin Tengyun didn't absolutely trust him, so when he started with Gu Cheng, he also had to do it.

     But at this time, he also had no choice. If he didn't kill Gu Cheng, Lin Tengyun would kill him!

     Just when Gu Cheng was ready to do it at any time.

     But another person came on the other side.

     Lin Tengyun's complexion also changed.

     He has already cast aside all considerations for face with Gu Cheng to prepare irreconcilable until death. If Gu Cheng is not killed at this time, it will cause no end of trouble in the future.

     So no matter who comes to Gu Cheng today, he must die.

     He was afraid that the car would come quietly, but Lin Tengyun was sighed in relief after seeing the person, because the person who came was Ye Hongxiu.

     In Lin Tengyun's cognition, Gu Cheng and Luo Jiao had a big hatred. He seemed to have killed many people in Luo Jiao, and he had a deep contradiction with the son of Luo Jiao.

     Guangnan County and Xiangxi County do not have separate rudders for Luojiao, so Lin Tengyun does not know the inside story of Luojiao. Anyway, in his opinion, Gu Cheng has a grudge against a son of Luojiao, so he should be with all Luojiao people. All have grudges.

     So after seeing Ye Hongxiu's arrival, Lin Tengyun smiled and said, "Sir Saintess is good. Gu Cheng and you, Luo Jiao, have a lot of grudges. Today you and I collaborate to kill them, and everyone will keep them together. What do you think of this secret?

     If you want to gain merits in Luo Jiao, then you can just pretend that I don't exist, and you can just declare that Gu Cheng was the one you killed. "The three big cults are hostile to the court, and other forces will be secretive if they kill high officials of the court, but if the people of the three big cults kill high officials of the court, they need to publicize more and show their strength.

     Ye Hongxiu glanced at Gu Cheng, then glanced at Lin Tengyun, like a smile yet not a smile said: "General Lin, you are the general of the court, and Master Gu Cheng is the supervisor of Jing Yesi, you two Does the court guy give me another double act?"

     Lin Tengyun quickly said: "Don't worry, saint, I have no intention of this.

     This Gu Cheng came to my southwest to investigate me. He also hollowed out my foundation. I can't wait to chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades!

     If the saint doesn't believe me, I can act first! "

     Ye Hongxiu had bright glow flashes in his eyes, but another person came under the cliff.

     This made Lin Tengyun immediately inwardly cursed in trouble.

     If he had known this way, he shouldn't have to test with Gu Cheng back and forth, so he would just do it directly.

     But seeing someone coming, Lin Tengyun sighed in relief again.

     The visitor is still not Zicheyou, but Mu Suifeng.

     As far as he knows, Mu Suifeng and Gu Cheng have nothing else relationship. The two parties have just met each other because of the endless wonderland.

     In this case, it means that Mu Suifeng may not be on Gu Cheng's side.

     At this moment Mu Suifeng climbed up the cliff, looked at Gu Cheng who was sitting cross-legged on the ground, and then looked at Ye Hongxiu and the murderous Lin Tengyun. There was a strange color in Mu Suifeng's eyes, like a smile yet not a smile said: "Everyone is gathered here, it's so lively, but have you found a way out?"Lin Tengyun said solemnly: "I couldn't find a way out, but I wanted to solve some personal grudges.

     Mr. Mu, I and the saint woman have enmity with Gu Cheng. At this time, I will join forces to kill Gu Cheng, and ask Mr. Mu to do my part. In the future, there will be great rewards!

     I heard that Mr. Mu, your relationship with the Mu family is not very good, it doesn't matter, you are under the control of people in Bashu, but you can do it in the other three southwestern counties.

     Afterwards, as long as you come to the southwest of Mr. Mu, I can use all my strength to open Convenient Gate for Mr. Mu! "

     Mu Suifeng and Ye Hongxiu looked at each other, and they were nodded at the same time.

     "Okay, let's do it then."
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