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839 , Leave The Sadness To Yourself
    Chinese Name: 我真没想重生啊  Author: 柳岸花又明(Liǔ'ànhuā yòu míng)
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Such an answer is actually a mature decision made by Xiao Rongyu after careful consideration. If he speaks frankly and directly sued Chen Hansheng for stepping on two boats, what would the result be?

     First, the relationship between the two parties broke down on the spot;

     Secondly, Xiao Hongwei and Lu Yuqing will become more and more angry, even hostile to the old Chen family;

     Third, does not rule out the possibility of Lao Xiao "changing one limit for one.

     However, when Xiao Yuer stated that he "does not love Chen Hansheng", it was equivalent to transferring most of the pressure on him, and Chen Hansheng actually changed from a "injury person" to a "victim".

     The relationship between the two families will not be particularly bad. Even if they can't be in-laws, they can barely be ordinary friends. From the overall point of view, this explanation not only safeguards Chen Hansheng's face, but also does not make his parents an enemy.

     But for her personally, this lie is too cruel. Originally, she was already planning the future with Chen Hansheng.

     "I'm sorry, Aunt Liang, I'm sorry, Uncle Chen, I'm sorry, Mom and Dad..."

     Xiao Rongyu held back her tears, as if she was apologizing for her "willful behavior", her chest suddenly rolled again, feeling extremely sad and vomiting, and she hurried to the bathroom.

     "Little fish..."

     Lu Yuqing, Liang Meijuan and Bian Shishi immediately chased them.

     Xiao Hongwei and Chen Zhaojun were looking at each other in the quiet living room. They are both very sophisticated cadres within the system. They must have hidden feelings at a glance, but they couldn't figure out why Xiao Yuer's attitude was so determined.It didn't take long for Xiao Rongyu to be helped out, but when he entered the bedroom, Lu Yuqing suddenly stopped Liang Meijuan outside: "Meijuan, you should go to work. Let her calm down first. I'll leave to take care of her at home."

     Although this is a bit impolite, but the eager daughter Lu Yuqing can't take care of that much anymore. The girl has always grown up in her palms, and she has been so sad at what time.

     "Little fish..."

     The straight-forward Queen Mother stood outside with a caring and aggrieved expression.

     Chen Zhaojun walked over and hugged his wife and persuaded: "Xiao Yu'er is emotionally unstable now, let's go first, want to know more detailed circumstances."

     Xiao Hongwei sent away the old Chen and his wife. He didn't have the intention to go to work. He also took a leave of absence to stay at home.

     In fact, by this time, the four parents had already be on tenterhooks, and they all had a vague premonition in their hearts that this situation is no longer an angry talk after a quarrel.


     After Chen Zhaojun and Liang Meijuan went downstairs, Empress Dowager Liang stood at the entrance of the corridor, staring at the heavy snowfall looked for a while, suddenly not say a word rushed out.

     "Where are you leaving for?"

     Old Chen hurriedly held up his umbrella, and asked after chasing him.

     "Of course I asked your son!"

     Liang Meijuan calmly said: "What happened?"

     "Aren't you going to the office..."

     Just as Chen Zhaojun was about to speak, he saw that Liang Meijuan had taken out the cell phone and asked for leave.Employees like Liang Meijuan are long-time employees in the unit, who don't want to be an official, and don't have a bad-hearted "elder sister". Generally, they take a leave of absence because of family affairs.

     In particular, his son is very promising now. He is a big boss in Provincial Capital City. These leaders are talented people. They can’t make friends deliberately, but at the same time, they are definitely willing to make a good impression.

     "Then I will ask for leave too."

     Chen Zhaojun looked at the angry empress Dowager Liang, really somewhat worried.

     Chen Hansheng is arrogant and domineering, but he is only afraid of his mother Liang Meijuan. In addition to being filial, he also has a deep memory of being beaten by sticks through childhood.


     As expected by Lao Chen, when Liang Meijuan arrived home, she went to the kitchen to pick out a suitable rolling pin.

     "Chen Hansheng will be beaten this time."

     Old Chen thought to himself.

     I haven't seen this behavior for a few years. My son used to make the Empress Dowager Liang angry. If she picks up what thing at will, and gestures to smash or beat it, it's just a fright.

     When she chooses to take advantage of the "weapon", then she really has to do it.

     Soon, Liang Meijuan pulled out a rolling pin that was neither thick nor thin, so that Chen Hansheng could be hurt, but Chen Hansheng would not be damaged.

     "Boom boom boom."

     Liang Meijuan tapped her son's bedroom vigorously.

     "What are you doing?"

     Chen Hansheng, who was not aware of the danger, got up and opened it up very impatiently: "I had insomnia last night and then rested late... Dad, Mom, have you had breakfast? I will go downstairs to buy it for you now."After seeing the rolling pin in his mother's hand, Chen Hansheng immediately prepared to change clothes. Unfortunately, the Queen Mother Liang had seen it through. She banged Chen Hansheng's shoulder and said: "You still have insomnia, you don't like it most late. Did you get up late?"

     "You really fight!"

     Chen Hansheng couldn't run away, so he hurriedly got into the bed to get more, and he spoke forcefully and with justice in his mouth and said: "Early to bed, early to rise, good health, good night to bed, good mood, what's wrong with me? "

     "Dare to be silly!"

     Liang Meijuan estimated the position of Chen Hansheng's buttocks, and it was another click.

     Although it didn't hurt too much through the quilt, Chen Hansheng immediately frowns, to bare one's fangs, pretending to be beaten to death.

     "I see almost there ······"

     Old Chen advised.

     "You are not allowed to speak!"

     Liang Meijuan's eyebrows are erected: "I have wanted to hit this dog for a long time, no one can stop it!"

     The Empress Dowager Liang really held back for a long time. She fought and said, Chen Hansheng was also a skinny, and she refuted loudly while ignoring her parry.

     Liang Meijuan: You were admitted to the second university. Actually, I am satisfied. But after you go to university, besides making money and starting a business, have you made any progress in your studies?

     Chen Hansheng: Why didn't I make progress? Although I am a student of the second school, I can become a graduate of the first school. The school itself is more competitive. It is hitting the standards of a college. Isn't this progress?

     Old Chen:······

     ······Liang Meijuan: Even if you are in the light of the school, you still have two boats on the emotional side, Chen Hansheng, you are an ordinary person, obediently and honestly marrying a wife, your life is half done, you Chu and Xiao Yuer Whoever matches you is enough and to spare!

     Chen Hansheng: Marrying a wife is half the battle. Then I succeeded in marrying two. What is wrong?

     Old Chen:······


     Liang Meijuan: Are you sincere? You just see a beautiful girl and your heart is moved. At what time can you put aside these things and think about who you really like?

     Chen Hansheng: I'm really sorry, I can't leave this alone!

     Old Chen:······


     Because of Chen Hansheng’s hard mouth, she suffered a few more sticks on her body. The quilt was covered with traces of rolling pins. In the end, the Queen Mother Liang was also tired. She wiped the sweat from her forehead and said tiredly: "Chen Hansheng, finally I think Ask, what is the reason you broke up with Xiao Yuer? "

     Chen Hansheng was stunned and stretched out his head from the bed: "Who said we broke up, we just quarreled..."

     "Xiao Yuer said it."

     Lao Chen inserted a sentence beside: "She said directly that she has no feelings for you in front of us and Lao Xiao, so she plans to break up with you, and does not plan to marry you."

     "She said that?"

     Chen Hansheng somewhat at a loss for a while.

     He naturally understood Xiao Yu'er's intentions, but he didn't react to it. Did the problem lightly and easily be solved like this? He didn't pay any price?The sweet and lively girl, the girl with the pear vortex on the corner of her mouth, the girl who likes to wear a high ponytail, the girl who likes to put her arms around her neck and raise her head and call "Xiao Chen", the girl who represents "White Moonlight" girl······

     She took the most difficult part down, and left the easiest part to Chen Hansheng.

     If you use a song to describe it, it is "Leave the Sorrow to Oneself".

     "Chen Hansheng, Xiao Yuer loves you far more than I imagined!"

     Bian Shishi's words last night, can't help sounded in her ears.

     "No, I'm going to find her!"

     Chen Hansheng got out of bed.

     "and many more······"

     Liang Meijuan some hesitation, Xiao Hongwei and Lu Yuqing may be annoyed. Although she has just beaten Chen Hansheng, but her mother beat her son, how can it be?

     "Let him go, not what's the problem."

     Chen Zhaojun sighed: "No matter what, they always have to face and solve it by themselves. After this time, the result should be clear. It is too difficult to raise a son. I really want a little padded jacket."

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