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694 Get Something Back
    Chinese Name: 烂柯棋缘  Author: 真费事(Zhēn fèish, Really Troublesome)
    Original: | Translator:

Longdong Road is no longer the most prosperous place in the motherland, but after all, for a long time, it is in the heart of Zuyue, so it still maintains the afterglow after a little light, and before the ancestors invaded Dazhen After that, Datong Capital, the capital of the motherland, became more lively like a final radiance of setting sun.

     Ji Yuan led the old man to directly turn into a smog and fall into the city of Datong. It was already midday, and the city was very lively, with the shadows of merchants everywhere, and most of the trades they exchanged were Dazhen's commodities.

     "Come and come, the best Dazhen Jizhou Wengong, the craftsmanship of the masters of Ning'an County, rarely seen, it is the study Wengong privately collected by the big family. There are not many surplus goods, not much surplus goods~~"

     "Come and see me here, the snow wolf skin of Dazhen Jinzhou, a good shawl!"

     "Guest, look at this shawl, look at this coat color, this luster, it must be new leather. Let's get it from the army master in the semicolon of the southern border. We guarantee the value for money. Only twenty taels and only twenty taels. Just take it!"

     "Really, let me see!"

     "Come and see!"


     After Ji Yuan and the old man landed, the wordless and uncommunicative space merged into the crowds of the busy streets of Chase. Ji Yuan walked slowly in front, and the old man blindly follow suit followed behind.

     The Golden Armor is at the end, and now he has changed into a fitted blue straight shirt, wearing a neat black top, plus a red face of different from ordinary people, and he is just one person. A majestic warrior, he also frequently drew the attention of others, but he only dared to take a peek and didn't dare to watch more, for fear of annoying the golden armor.Ji Yuan seemed to be blind to the lively surroundings, but in fact everything listened to him in his heart. He walked, took out a piece of gold paper from his sleeve, and handed it to Min Xian.

     "Min Xian, is this thing written by your big brother, or by your master?"

     The old man subconsciously took it, glanced at the text on the golden paper, roughly to let a monster from a deep mountain come to this Datong to report. When the ancestor wins Dazhen, he can use the luck of the country to wash away the evil karma and practice striving to improve, can also ask for a god position.

     "This is naturally from the ego..."

     The old man suddenly paused without finishing his words, and after being dazed for a moment, he quickly walked closer to Ji Yuan and looked at Ji Yuan Dao by his side.

     "How did Mr. Ji know about Big Apprentice Brother's?"

     It stands to reason that this old man just reported his name before, and also talked about some content of the Insect Gu Art. He didn’t say much about the rest, and he didn’t intimidate him by his fate. He probably doesn’t know much about it. I can think of Master. This is not surprising, thinking of the big brother...

     Ji Yuan didn't say anything to irritate him, just whispered.

     "Having a predestined relationship, it is a profound Taoism, but it is not strange that Jinwen came from his hands. I can teach you a few apprentices. Although it is Multiple crimes, it is not easy for your master to think about it."

     If someone else dares to say that, the old man is absolutely mad, but since Ji Yuan said it, he can only talk to him.

     "The gentleman has the way of the gentleman, and the respected master also has the way of the respected master."

     With that said, Min Xian handed the gold paper back to Ji Yuan. Although this thing is Big Apprentice Brother's, he dare not hold it now.Ji Yuan took the gold paper and shot a look at Min Xian, no longer said anything, speeded up his pace and walked forward. Although Min Xian was blocked by the law of edicts all his mana, but after all, hundreds of years of cultivation are not fake. Yes, regardless of being an old man, the physical fitness is still very exaggerated, and there is no such thing as being unable to keep up.

     The two wandered in the middle of the city. Of course, they were going to the imperial palace in the end. The scale of Datongdu was not smaller than that of Dazheng Gyeonggi Prefecture. The imperial palace occupies one third land, so it is not difficult to find it.

     As Xianxiu, Jiyuan certainly didn’t need to inform the emperor. The palace guards exist in name only in front of him. They took Min Xian and Jin Jia through the palace gate and walked through the palace corridor. When they arrived in the outer palace, they saw the eunuchs of the palace. The old mother walked along the road, and in the middle there were two rows of women in pink clothes following along, each dressed up as a lovely scene of blossoming plants swaying in the breeze shine with splendour.

     The trio of Ji Yuan stood on the side of the road where this group of people passed. Ji Yuan was looking thoughtful, Min Xian had no ups and downs, and Jin Jia had no reaction at all.

     "The emperor is quite open to it."

     Ji Yuan said this, moving forward with these enchanting women, and he went straight to the Central Golden Palace.

     It was the first time that Ji Yuan met the emperor's draft girl, and it was still at this urgent and important moment of the war between the two countries. It was fun and even more absurd.

     Outside the hall, the guards were heavily guarded, the group of enchanting women stopped, crow and peacock make no sound with each other, but their heartbeats almost jumped out.

     Ji Yuan wanted to go in for a while, but he could see the evil spirit entrenched in the direction of the Golden Palace, so he didn't plan to enter the Golden Palace to meet the monsters."Xuanxiu woman enters the hall~~~~"

     An old eunuch in the Golden Palace called out in a loud voice after the emperor signaled.

     "Xuanxiu woman enters the hall~~~~"

     There was also an eunuch who repeated these words loudly.

     Then a slight commotion outside the hall was heard in Ji Yuan's ears. Under the leadership of the court ladies and eunuchs and the old mothers, a group of beautiful women slowly walked into the golden hall in the most decent, most elegant and graceful posture, and then lined up. Get in two rows and bow together to salute.

     "The Emperor Saint Ann!"

     After the salute, all the beautiful women dared not look up, but stood in place waiting for the next instructions.

     The old eunuch by the dragon chair whispered.

     "Your Majesty, there are a total of twenty beautiful women reveal one's talent, who are able to face the holy face, please have a look."

     The emperor smiled on the dragon chair, and the women who looked below nodded.

     "Both raise head up lets the lofty one has a look!"

     The show girls who had been urged by the grandmother a long time ago and trained many times slowly raised their heads, looking at the direction of the dragon chair with a smile and a smile, with fear and excitement in their hearts.

     "Miao, Miao, Miao! They are all lovely people!"

     The emperor made three wonderful words in a row, his mouth couldn't close, and the old eunuch hurriedly reminded him.

     "Your Majesty, you can let them introduce themselves. Which ones do you think are the best for you? You can order the old slaves to record a note in the book. After seeing them at the beginning of today, I will focus on observing them later, and then choose the best..."

     "Ha Ha Ha Ha, the introduction is naturally to introduce, but this choice is not necessary, these twenty beauties are all a feast for the eyes, I want it all alone, Ha Ha Ha Ha, I want it all!"The old eunuch was dazed for a moment, and the palace nobles in the hall were also dazed for a moment. Even the ladies were also dazed for a moment, but the latter also had ecstasy at the same time. Many women gently grasped their skirts. I just feel that the day when I fly on a branch and become a phoenix is not far away.


     An angry reprimand sounded from the side, and then an old official walked out, came to the front of a crowd of beautiful women, and bowed his hand to the emperor.

     "The minister Liu Xianhu has a book to play."

     The emperor frowning, but did not scold anything, just nodded.

     "Liu Aiqing, I won't go to court today. If you have a memorial, please submit it first. I will only watch it."

     The old eunuch immediately came down and came to the veteran to take the memorial, but when he got close, he found that the old official had not come up with the memorial.

     "Uh, Master Liu, where's the memorial?"


     The veteran maintained this state of arching his hands and looked straight above the dragon chair.

     "The minister's memorial has already been presented to your majesty. There are six books in total. They have not yet waited for your majesty's approval. Now the front-line soldiers are fighting bloody battles for the fortune of the country, and your majesty has chosen to draft a show regardless of government affairs. "

     "Liu Aiqing, I have the help of the immortals, and it takes no effort to get a Dazhen. Qing does not see that there are many treasures from Dazhen Qizhou in the city. How do several immortals feel?"

     A demon looking at the gentleman, wearing a long-sleeved robe and a golden hairpin, stepped forward and laughed."Master Liu, there are a lot of capable people and strangers in our army. Previously, there were experts who came to help. The emperor was given medicine by an expert and is about to win the invincible army. Even though Dazhen has some means, it is absolutely no match for the number of days, but I am I heard that Mrs. Liu's little niece also participated in the selection of show girls, but she failed in the second round. If an adult has a complaint about this, she can say it clearly."

     "You demon! According to legend, someone in the Forbidden Army saw you cannibalism, radically is a demon and evil thing, dare to be a celestial master, Your Majesty, even if my ancestors will lead to wars in the future, these demon will inevitably damage the country and cause suffering to the people, it's not credible!"

     "Hey, Mrs. Liu is serious. I am loyal and devoted to the emperor. People help me to practice the magic weapon for the sake of my ancestors. They are all played and heard. What's more, now that the two countries are fighting, we as cultivators can still help and participate in the war. What can your Master Liu do but bark again?"

     "you you!"

      "All right, stop arguing, retreat and return to the topic today."

     The emperor obviously lacks interest in the following things. After asking the two to retreat, they waited for Xiu Nv to introduce and show themselves one by one. However, a few ministers including Liu Xianhu were not in the mood to read it, and directly resigned and left the Golden Palace.

     The voices in the golden hall were all heard in Ji Yuan’s ears, and soon he saw the ministers walking out of the golden hall with ugly expressions. When they left, in Ji Yuan’s eyes, the luster of the whole golden hall suddenly dropped. There were several grades, and it seemed gloomy.

     Soon, Qinse and drum music came out of the hall, and it seemed that the show girl still had a talent for performing.

     Ji Yuan shook the head and looked at Min Xian and Jin Jia.

     "Go, go in and join in the fun."As Jiyuan stepped up the steps, some practitioners in the Golden Temple gradually realized something strange and couldn't help but turn their eyes to the entrance of the palace.

     Not long after, an azure robed man stepped into the hall with the two people behind him, and the surrounding soldiers turned a blind eye to them.

     "Your Excellency, who dare to break into the Golden Palace without authorization? If you come to ask for canonization, you should report it first!"

     One of the monks asked Jiyuan loudly. The loud voice overwhelmed the drum music, and all these musicians stopped subconsciously. The show girls who were dancing together were a little bit not knowing what to do, and then immediately retreated to the old mother. On the side.

     All the sights in the Golden Palace were entirely focused on. Ji Yuan's three people were here, and the latter did not hide their figure, confident and poised to the center of the Golden Palace.

     "Xianzhang, it's you? Oh, but you're here to give the solitary medicine again?"

     The emperor's vigorous eyes are also very good now, he can't recognize Min Xian at a glance, and the spoke pleasantly surprised, but the latter shook his head and turned back after seeing Ji Yuan.

     "Your Majesty is wrong, the old man is here with Mr. Ji."

     "Mr. Ji?" "Mr. Ji..."

     "Mr. Ji!?" "Name Ji..."

     In the main hall, everyone's reaction was different, most of them were doubtful, and some of them seemed to think of something, and their hearts trembled slightly.

     "Mr. is also here to help the orphans? I wonder if Mr. has any skills, is he willing to accept the canonization?"

     Emperor Zuyue became exhilarated. This year he saw many immortals, and every time he could look forward to Millennium Hegemony.

     Ji Yuan shook his head and smiled, cupped his hands in the direction of Long Chair."Ji is only here to retrieve something that does not belong to your majesty. As for Jiangshan Sheji and Millennium Hegemony, it is not about Jiu, but Ji still advises your majesty. These demons and evil spirits are unbearable to look at, it’s better to use it with caution."

     With that said, Ji Yuan's pair of eyes were still swept to the side of the celestial masters, the evil spirit, the evil spirit, and the evil spirit were all under the eyes of the Fa, covering all at one glance, but he really hoped that they would be angry at him because of the words.

     But perhaps because of Min Xian's presence, these immortal masters, who were ancestors of Zuyue, were restrained.

     "Hmph, your voice is not small." "Don't flash your tongue when you speak!"

     "Fellow Daoist should pay attention when speaking."

     Among the sarcastic comments of the immortals, the emperor sitting on the dragon chair leaned forward and asked with a frown.

     "What do you want to get back?"

     "Without him, the worm in your majesty! Sunda symbolizes wind, and earthquake symbolizes thunder."

     Without waiting for the emperor to answer, Ji Yuan waved his hand to send the wind, and a burst of magic light shone on the emperor. Nearly a hundred acupuncture points were sent to the light before and behind him, and then Ji Yuan’s left hand that sent the wind was retracted, showing a three-finger intake .

     The emperor suddenly felt that his limbs and body were bound by several chains, and he was dragged to stand up from the dragon chair, showing that a large character was unfolded.

     "Ah... escort, escort, ah... roar..."

     The emperor's roar gradually deformed, and then even a palpable roar from his mouth, which did not sound like a human voice at all.

     "Stop!" "Let go of your majesty!"

     "Om..."The sound of a sword sounded, and the Qingteng sword showed its shape, and the bursts of sword aura and sword intent caused the temperature in the hall to drop sharply, and it suppressed the immortal masters unable to breathe. No one dared to step forward.


     The emperor's face was fierce, and the blue veins on his face and body were like thick earthworms, which seemed to be constantly wriggling.

     Ji Yuan's face was stern, shaking his head and sighing.

     "As a ruler of a nation, but I ended up with a person neither man nor ghost, it's sad."

     When the voice fell, a burst of red light surged from the emperor's body. The next moment he spun out of his body while spinning, he flew into Ji Yuan's left hand, and was pinched by three of him. It was an elder with four wings and six legs, front half of his body. Like a beetle, the back part of the beetle is like a long worm butt, which is constantly twisting and struggling.

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