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578 Boss Qin's Acting Skills, Steady
    Chinese Name: 我是末世唯一的男人  Author: 秦老板(Qín lǎobǎn, Boss Qin)
    Original: | Translator:

Yu Xiaoyu lightly nodded said: "Huihui's words make sense. Let's forgive Master for the time being today. Next time I will give him a colorful rainbow and treat him well."

     "It's a deal!" Qin Hao took a quick step, started talking, amidst the meaningful glance(s) flashed with excitement.

     He never expected that his move loosen the reins only to grasp them better, although he could not catch Xu Ning immediately, he got the Colorful Rainbow that he was thinking of.

     I don’t understand what Su Hui and others are talking about, so he started talking once: "You have to mean what one says this time. Once I take the same robe sect, you members of Colorful Rainbow have to fulfill their promises."

     "Well, well, absolutely fulfill it." Tong Yan replied, and then added, "I wish you would take down the Tongpao Sect now."

     "Sister Yan, be more reserved, look at me, although I still think about it, but I never say it." Mo Tanhuan said with a smile.

     "Don't say it right now. I'll be sorry again." Qin Hao confirmed again. "As you all know, boss Qin is rewarded and punished. If anyone dares to repent, don't blame me for being ruthless. hand."

     "Don't worry, don't worry!" Su Hui promised, "Since Xiaoyu has already spoken, then we will definitely agree to you."

     Xu Ning came to the manor soon. After hearing this "Colorful Rainbow" several times, I didn't know what it was, so he curiously asked: "Huihui, what does it mean?"

     Su Hui smiled shyly and was too embarrassed to talk more, so she explained briefly.

     Xu Ning understand tacitly, blushing pretty face again.Hey, So many years did not add up, and there was not as much information as I learned today.

     Su Hui gently said in her ear: "You will get used to it slowly in the future!"

     Then he looked at Peacock and others and said, "Let’s not disturb Uncle Qin, let him have a good rest. Let’s go back separately, think about the work in our hands, and we can discuss together tomorrow."

     "Well, let's do this for today!" Tong Yan got up reluctant to part.

     Afterwards, I also took the same reluctant to part Orona away.

     Mo Tanhuan turned his head in two steps, looked at Qin Hao and said, "Master, see you tomorrow! If you miss me, you can break the door down and enter at any time. Oh, my door is not strong."

     Scarlett also immediately afterwards said: "Master, I don't lock the door this evening, you know."

     Qin Hao helpless smile: "Hurry up and go back and rest. Tomorrow's work is very busy, and I have to take a good rest."

     After that, Zhong Mei left the room one by one, Qin Hao was the only one left in the huge room.

     He closed the door, sat cross-legged on the sofa closed eye meditation, then took out the Secret Technique of Refining Poison and studied it again.

     Of course he was not real, and wanted to review how to refine poison at this moment.

     It was because he found that Xu Ning had left a drop of water in his own room, monitoring him.

     And beside her, Su Hui and others are standing, flashing eyes one by one, wanting to find out.

     Under the surveillance of everyone, Qin Hao took out a small medicine refining vessel, and then seriously began to refining poison inside.And Qin Hao is also very patient, doesn't have any flaws, neither fast nor slow looks at every kind of herbal medicine and refines every kind of pill.

     One hour later, Qin Hao was still practicing carefully, and at this time, there were already several poisons of different colors on the table.

     And in the process of refining, he took out paper and pen to write down his own feelings, extremely serious.

     Of course, in this step, he alone would not exist during pill concocting.

     However, adding such a small step made his entire exercise session more authentic and credible.

     While listening to Xu Ning's description, Su Hui and the others sighed: "Our boss Qin deserves to be boss Qin. With such a good brain, we are still taking notes seriously."

     "But I have a question!" Xu Ning said, "Since our boss Qin is so good-minded, why do we need to take notes? Who should I write them down to see?"

     Xu Ning in the end still has a high IQ, and found the key to the problem at once.

     After hearing such a saying, Su Hui and others suddenly reacted and felt that Qin Hao's actions were more than suspicious.

     After Qin Hao noticed their surprise, he immediately got up and stood up, stretched his waist, took the notes he took, and said while reading:

     "Wait until tomorrow, let Sister Hui and the others learn how to practice poison secret techniques based on my notes.

     It will be Night of the Full Moon soon. If I can't get back from the Seven Continents in time, the Peacock will work hard to save Nana.

     However, her real fire was a bit hard to suppress.Poison is also an antidote. I have to teach the peacocks to make them understand well. With their skill, they will definitely be able to refine an antidote that can suppress the cold toxin in Nana's body. Come use poison to fight poison. "

     Upon hearing Qin Hao’s words, Su Hui and others repeatedly nodded.

     "It seems that we have misunderstood the son. He is really working hard and he is always thinking about us." Mo Xianghuan said.

     "No, that smelly man is tired enough, and he is worried that my treatment of Nana will be affected." Peacock, who was praised by the emphasis, was even more moved.

     "Master is really not easy. We are thinking of us everywhere, so let's not disturb him. Let's go back to bed early." Yu Xiaoyu said.

     Su Hui lightly nodded: "Let's go, let's all go back to our respective rooms and sum up our respective work. Let's do our work well, let Uncle Qin worry less, and he will have more time to rest."

     Finally, he said to Xu Ning: "Let’s go, Ning Ning, I will help you clean up the one room. Remember to take the drop of water away, if it is found, he must toss you this evening."

     Hearing the word "tossing", some very explosive images appeared inside of mind, so without the slightest hesitation, I took away the water droplets there and searched for the room with Su Hui.

     Seeing that Xu Ning had taken the water droplets away from the room, Qin Hao checked again and confirmed that he was not being monitored by anyone, so he stopped refining poison and sat on the sofa to observe them carefully.

     When Su Hui and others all returned to the room and began to seriously summarize their work, Qin Hao sent a message to Gu Yidao through the Yuan Energy Stone:"An hour later, we will go out quietly. Let's meet on planet X555. I have something to tell you alone. Don't be discovered by anyone. You know!"

     Since I returned to Daqin Group, there is no reason not to enjoy it.

     He thought from the very beginning, to choose Gu Yidao, who is firmly occupying the top of the ranking list, and has the least talk to accompany him.

     Of course, by the way, comfort her emotions again, so that she can integrate into the sister group more quickly.
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