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793 Chapter 799: This Kid Can't Teach Anymore
    Chinese Name: 我有一个特种兵系统  Author: 鬼术妖姬(Guǐ shù yāo jī, Ghostly Fairy)
    Original: | Translator:

"Many people think that it is a peaceful era. The word murder is too much murderous, and, in order to guide the key to the right, so the word murder is rarely said."

     "Therefore, it was renamed as fighting, but this fighting is not a struggle of life and death, but more like an entertainment, a kind of physical fitness."

     "Throughout the ages, those generals and soldiers learned the art of killing people. Therefore, their combat effectiveness was relatively strong, because at that time it was Cold Weapon Era. There were always wars and you didn’t kill others. Others will come and kill you."

     "This is also the reason for the decline of modern people."

     "However, today, what I am talking about is the art of murder."

     "We are different from ordinary people. Ordinary people will never kill people in their entire lives. If they kill people, they will have to go to prison, and possibly the death penalty. It can be said to be a crime of murder. Therefore, they only learn how to kill. There is no practical meaning, but we are different."

     "We are not ordinary people."

     "Because we have a mission on our shoulders, a mission to defend China, and there are so many young people from outside that are eroding our China all the time. These people want to break through the blockade of China and cause harm to our people and property. This is something we absolutely do not allow."

     "Therefore, we have to learn the art of killing people. Anyone who does not listen to dissuasion, who offends China, or who causes great harm to our people and property, we must strangle them outside the country."

     "This is me the reason why we should learn the art of killing.""The so-called killing technique is to use the simplest method, the most direct Murdering Method(s), to directly kill the enemy. This is the so-called killing technique. When the two sides are fighting together, we absolutely cannot have good intentions. , Because being kind to the enemy is cruel to oneself."

     "I think you have also heard that because of our kindness, our teammates died in the hands of the opponent, which is unacceptable to us."

     "So, in the next process, I will tell you where is the vital part of the human body. Attacking the opponent somewhere can make the opponent lose combat power as quickly as possible. Attacking somewhere can give the enemy One Strike One Kill."

     Xuan Lang's voice slowly resounded, with a little bit of solemnity in his voice, which made Yu Sheng's expression solemn, listening carefully to each sentence of Xuan Lang.

     Xuan Lang is right. They stand from different angles. Therefore, the way of looking at the problem is also different. They are Chinese, and they must protect this land at all times. They must learn the art of killing people. , They are all strangled overseas, and they cannot be allowed to step into China.

     This is the duty of their soldiers.

     Yu Sheng took a deep breath, staring straight at Xuan Lang, listening to Xuan Lang's explanation.

     Xuanlang earnestly said: "Boy, there are countless acupuncture points on this person. Many of these acupuncture points are dead points, such as Baihui, Shenting, Temple, Renzhong... etc., these acupoints are all It can be fatal.""Of course, these acupuncture points are not as evil as those shown on TV, but these dead spots do exist, so you must remember these acupuncture points clearly."

     "Secondly, when fighting with others, we must make an all-out effort."

     "..." Love e-books

     For a while, Xuanlang unceasing torrent talked about these things, for Yu Sheng, these things are of great use, and these things are very important, and all the rest of life is not lost in my heart.

     However, what Xuan Lang said is also a simple introduction, also to make the rest of his life want to know more.

     Xuan Lang talked for about ten minutes, and it was just enough to finish it. After speaking, Xuan Lang was grins and looked towards Yu Sheng, said with a laugh: "Boy, say a thousand words, say ten thousand things, it’s better to be under your hand. See the real chapter."

     "If you want to improve your killing ability, you have to go through actual combat and temper your own murder technique a little bit. The murder techniques I mentioned are just some of the most superficial things, and the real murder Techniques are all refined from the pile of dead people, and will eventually form their own kind of killing routine."

     "The best for you is the best."

     "and so……"

     Speaking of this, the mysterious wolf corner of the mouth raised: "Boy, let me see how strong your combat effectiveness is, so that I can point you in it, tell you your shortcomings, and you can improve. Faster."

     As Xuan Lang's voice fell, Yu Sheng was slightly surprised. Then, Xuan Lang shot out like lightning, directly punching Yu Sheng in the chest.

     "Boom..."With a muffled noise, Yu Sheng retreated several steps, Yu Sheng complexion turned black, looked at Xuan Lang, fuck off, and said that he would take action. Is this a bit too much?

     Xuan Lang glanced at Yu Sheng, frowned, and said casually: "Boy, this sneak attack is also a technique. When the enemy is fighting, we will not talk to them about the morality of the world. The so-called morality of the world is all nonsense. We can use various methods to kill the other party. Of course, we can't harm some innocent people. After all, we are Huaxian soldiers."

     "But it’s still possible to engage in a sneak attack, boy, your response is a little bad. I just gave you a punch just now. If I change to other means, such as a dagger in hand, your boy may already be. Dead."

     Xuan Lang’s words made Yu Sheng complexion turned black, Ma Dan’s, this guy was obviously a sneak attack, and he said such high-sounding, damn, these five war gods, really don’t press their faces.

     Yu Sheng stared at Xuan Lang coldly, with a strange light in his eyes, which seemed to be a kind of excitement. After a long time without fighting a master, he felt that his body was about to rust. Just now, there is A free sparring, don’t play for nothing.

     "Boy, here I am."

     The next moment, Xuan Lang shot like lightning, Xuan Lang stepped to Yu Sheng's front, lifted his legs and swept towards Yu Sheng's waist, the whistling leg wind, extremely sharp, it can be seen that this sweep of the legs, whether there is How strong.

      has to say, this mysterious wolf is indeed very powerful.Yu Sheng realized Xuan Lang's intention, and Yu Sheng's eyes were also shining with fiery light. Under the eyes of these many people, on the side of Yu Sheng's body, he avoided the blow of Xuan Lang, Xuan Lang looked somewhat surprised. After Yusheng took a look, there was a little admiration in his eyes.

     "Boy, good."

     Xuan Lang said in admiration. However, the speed of Xuan Lang did not slow down, and he attacked Yu Sheng again. This time, Xuan Lang directly pointed at the cervical spine on Yu Sheng's back, if he was hit. In the rest of his life, even without death, he has to be paralyzed.
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