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5011 Is It Bad
    Chinese Name: 狼与兄弟  Author: 纯银耳坠(Chún yín ěrzhuì, Sterling Silver Earrings)
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Although Udai was very anxious, the old pavilion master appeared calm and unhurried. At this moment, no one in the room said anything. Udai looked up and down the old pavilion master, he was about to talk, the old pavilion master smiled. stand up.

     "General Uday, you don't really without other chips?"

     "Now it's already arrived. What do you think I have? If there is, I won't be inked with you from here. I have already acted. It is really a wrong step to destroy the whole situation! Hey!"

     Uday shook the head with a look of chagrin.

     "I really hadn't thought. It's not obvious that the mountain is not leaking, and I was so fully prepared. If early knew, I can bear him again. It's careless, careless! Hey!"

     "People can not escape from doing wrong?"

     The old pavilion master comforted Udai from the side.

     "But General Uday said that he has no bargaining chips. This is something I cannot believe. You don't have to be so embarrassed. I don't believe it. Although you don't have any evidence, I personally feel that you There is at least one assassin's unused feature!"

     "Oh, my old pavilion master, don’t talk nonsense, if I have anything to say, do I still need to be like you from here? At this moment, we can’t suspicion each other, we must work with a common purpose. Otherwise, no one will be better, Puti, Harmon, Halloran, I'll take care of it, and I will teach you the two air bases!"

     "Time is money. I will immediately mobilize a helicopter to escort you away. If you need cooperation, please speak up!"After Uday had said this, he turned around and left without waiting for the old pavilion master to reply. When Uday walked to the door of the room, the old pavilion master suddenly laughed.

     "General Udai, our Brilliant Pavilion has so much support for you, and you have always been wary of us. Isn't that bad?" The old Pavilion master is full of aura, and there is a trace of anger in his words!

     Uday turned around.

     "Old Pavilion Master, you see what you said."

     He is still the smile of that a kind face.

     "I'm in this situation. If it really also has other chips, can I still use it? I have gambled on my entire family's wealth and lives this time! Can't afford to lose! Between our brothers, How can you be on guard?"

     The old pavilion master and Udai looked at each other. A few minutes later, the old pavilion master shook the head.

     "It seems that you won't tell me the truth, but It doesn't matter, all this is not important anymore. Since you don't have any chips, then General Uday, we simply surrender Okay, don't fight anymore."

     The old pavilion master's words suddenly changed.

     "What, surrender? Old Pavilion Master, don't be kidding, you still entertain me at this time."

     Just when Uday was still talking, he found that the old pavilion master had been staring at him again, and his eyes were full of firmness, unshakable, his whole gloomy complexion came down.

     "You can't be serious, are you?"

     "Do you think I'm joking with you again?"

     The old patron is simple and clear."You are left with two strengthening divisions, one division has more than 20,000 people, and you have less than 50,000 people taking everything into account. As for the other side, the Puti Corps has more than 30,000 people, and there are three insurgents. Forty thousand people, plus the 10,000 people from the Holy Army in the Imperial Palace, almost doubled the number of people in our family. Similarly, there are still two air bases in their hands, and when they really fight, the air power is also theirs. How are we fighting? If this situation continues, what other effect can it have besides the sacrifice of more innocent soldiers and people?"

     "Then things are already arrived at this point, you can't surrender this time, right? You have to fight to know? Although the Puti Corps is strong in combat, my Uday Corps is not bad, we are the trump card army of this country. , I am confident that I can annihilate the Puti Corps! As for the so-called rebel army, there are some miscellaneous soldiers there, don’t worry about it, even if there is the Imperial Palace Saint Army but so what, I still have the confidence to defeat them! Old Pavilion Lord! At this time, you and me must be absolutely unified! Surrendering will do no good to any of us, and Harmon will not let us go."

     "In short, if it is without other chips, I will not choose to fight. Because if the final result is the same, then there is no need to sacrifice more innocent brothers. Our Brilliant Pavilion are the only ones. Can't afford to toss!"

     The old pavilion master is firm, shook the head.

     "Of course, I don't mean to persecute General Uday. If you are willing to listen to me, it is best. If you don't want to listen to me, then you are free to move, just don't take me anymore."At this moment, the atmosphere in the entire room has changed, and the temperature instantly dropped to freezing point, crow and peacock make no sound, Uday stood there again for a full five minutes, he was only step by step Walking to the opposite side of the old pavilion master, he sat down again and gave himself a cup of tea and the old pavilion master a cup of tea.

     "Old Pavilion Master, you continuously ask me if I have any bargaining chips. What is your intention?"

     "There's nothing about it. I just think that the basis of our cooperation is trust. We glorious pavilion is totally devoted, and you have been hiding something, and even cheating me in order to get us to take action, promising to save The godfather and the church."

     "This is not an attitude of cooperation, nor a way of cooperation. No one is any more stupid than anyone. If you do, we can only withdraw and let General Uday play by himself.

     "Why do you conclude that I must have a back hand?"

     "A feeling, but you and I know it well, you have it."

     "I said it, I don't have any."

     "Then you can play by yourself, we won't play. You don't use us to do things."

     "Oh? Are you scaring me?"

     "You think too much, General Udai, I have been in the world for dozens of years, never frighten people, I do what I say!"

     The communication between the two people now clearly smelled of gunpowder.

     Uday poured himself a cup of tea again and stared at the old pavilion master. After a while, he laughed."You want to figure out all my hole cards, and then notify Harmon in time, so that Harmon can be prepared in advance? When the time comes, I will have a crucial moment, what other chips I have, One Strike One Kill, clean up Harmon, destroyed the royal family, right? Old pavilion master, you just said that no one is more stupid than anyone else. Do you think I am stupid?"

     The old pavilion master laughed "hehe", and soon Uday continued from the side.

     "It is obvious that you have achieved your own purpose through this matter of ours, so you don’t care about the development of the next thing, so you talk to me like this. This is your typical to destroy the bridge after crossing the river, not keeping promises."

     "Uday, you are wrong in saying this. First of all, I by no means achieves my goal completely. I only complete one third. I want to get rid of the whale fall, gecko, and Wang Ying, and only complete the first goal. And secondly, it’s not me to destroy the bridge after crossing the river, not keeping promises, it’s you a dagger hidden in smiles, vicious and sinister, between us, each other, let alone each other."

     As the old pavilion master said, he took out his own hand machine from the side, and there were several recordings in his phone.

     He clicked on one paragraph casually, and the voices of the two people talking and communicating were very clear.

     "General Uday, when things happen tonight, this piece of land under our feet is completely ours! I feel excited when I think about it! So many years of hard work, deployment, and arrangement, now, it's finally time to harvest! We want Be the master of this country! This Tuyu is really good at choosing a place, and he chose the place for negotiation in the mountainous area of Chiang Rai! What the Heaven helps me!""Don't be happy too early. First of all, this person is still very cunning. We must treat it with caution. If you get pecked, it will be troublesome. Secondly, I bet that Harmon is still Whether there are any cards played, we have to find a way to make Harmon show the last chips in his hand. Let him put everything on the surface. We can make the final deployment, and finally, the king will win Although he himself doesn’t have any army, his role is far more than that of an army. It must be prevented. In short, before the event is done, he must not relax vigilance. Whether everything goes well this evening, directly It is related to the victory or defeat of this war!"

     "The general educated me, I will tell my brothers again to make everyone more vigilant. In addition, according to your request, I have reached a cooperation agreement with Jingluo Xuanyou and Gecko Jiuying, and they are also willing to cooperate with us. All the actions of, but it can be seen that they are still very prepared for us. They want to get rid of the godfather and the church, but they dare not act blindly without thinking, afraid that the brilliant pavilion will ambush it, dazzle you The meaning is that we hope that we can provide them with all the intelligence and instant information of Brilliant Pavilion, and have their people to confirm the facts, so that they can do it easily, and they will choose to do it at the time theyselves think is appropriate."

     "They think the right time? What time?"

     "For example, they can be sure that the godfather and the church do not have the armed forces of the brilliant pavilion, and they can do it."

     "Then how are they sure?""I don't know this, they just hope they can keep some of their eyeliner beside me, and they will investigate."

     "What do you think they made?"

     "I don’t think it’s important what they’re thinking about. What’s important is that they can deal with the Brilliant Pavilion, whether it is true or false. General Uday. It's a cooperative relationship. Isn't it bad for us to do this?"
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