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1346 Strangulation Array Over Star City
    Chinese Name: 天下第九  Author: 鹅是老五(é shì lǎo wǔ, Me Old Five)
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The Avenue Zhenmen Star City is extremely simple, and there are no pedestrians on the street. As soon as he arrived at the auction, Di Jiu guessed that maybe the entire Dao Zhenmen Star City had come to the auction.

     The auction venue was not very large, but the people who came almost squeezed the small square in front of the auction.

     "Hey, there are so many people. I tell you, except for the monks in the Starry Sky City, who are going to refining the universe, the rest will come to this place for a half." Gong Qianyi chuckled and patted Di Jiu's arm.

     "Gong Qianyi, I didn't come here a few hours specially this time, I'm getting fatter." A slightly sharp voice came, followed by a male repairman who looked like a thin monkey.

     The strength of this guy is probably not much weaker than that of Si Ye, and it should be from the Protoss. Di Jiu doesn't need spiritual thoughts at all, just look with his eyes to know the details of the other party.

     What made Di Jiu inconceivable the most was that this guy walked up to Gong Qianyi's side and patted Gong Qianyi's shoulder twice.

     You must know that letting your opponent shoot yourself casually is a taboo. Just now Gong Qianyi slapped him twice because Di Jiu knew that Gong Qianyi was not malicious. The most important thing was that Gong Qianyi was malicious and Di Jiu could easily counterattacks the opponent.

     As for Gong Qianyi, Di Jiu is definitely not stronger than this thin monkey. As long as the thin monkey is malicious, Gong Qianyi will suffer a big loss. The key is from the tone of the thin monkey, Di Jiu couldn't hear a little kindness, full of malice. That means Gong Qianyi had come several hours in advance, staggering the opportunity to enter the auction with everyone."Hey, are you also a grasshopper from Human Race?" The skinny monkey's gaze shifted from Gong Qianyi to Di Jiu, his tone without respect.

     Before Di Jiu could reply, Gong Qianyi stretched out his hand to stop Di Jiu, and at the same time said, "Don't pay attention to these guys, they don't dare to do anything to us. Normally, I come early to avoid talking to these trash Meet."

     Di Jiu was speechless, he was really guessed by Gong Qianyi. Once here, someone ridiculed him. It seems that Gong Qianyi is not messing around here, at best he can barely protect himself.

     Seeing Gong Qianyi ignored the other party and walked into the auction venue, Di Jiu also followed. As Gong Qianyi expected, the other party really did not continue to do it.

     "In this Star City, the sixth-step strong is not allowed to do it, and the one who does it first will be strangled by the big array." After entering the auction venue, Gong Qianyi whispered to Di Jiu.

     Di Jiu was shocked. Is there a big formation here to strangle the sixth step? Why didn't he find out?

      Thought until here, where did Di Jiu dare to be careless, every rule of the formation flag submerged in the air, and the Dao tree evolved a series of Grand Dao Rules, and these Grand Dao Rules belonging to him also penetrated in the air.

     Di Jiu didn't speak, but just walked behind him, Gong Qianyi didn't care. The newcomers are just as careful as Di Jiu. Yu Zhaiyi followed them silently. He has feeble strength and doesn't have any background. In this place, it is really equal to the existence of trivial ant.

     There are no boxes in the auction venue. No matter what your origin, you are sitting in the hall. And no tickets are required, anyone wants to come then come wants to leave then leave.Di Jiu, Gong Qianyi, and Yu Zhaiyi sat relatively back. After sitting down, Gong Qianyi introduced the various rules of the auction to Di Jiu, as well as what top treasures will appear in the auction venue, and even The treasures of good fortune have also appeared.

     Di Jiu was silent all the time. In fact, he didn't listen to Gong Qianyi's words at all, but kept in the air looking for the strangulation flag he didn't know. Vaguely, I only knew that the auction had started, and there was even fierce competition.

     After Gong Qianyi and Di Jiu on one side said a few words, they saw Di Jiu wandering into foreign objects and knew that Di Jiu should be doing what the matter, so he simply focused on the auction.

     When the auction was halfway through, Di Jiu subconsciously clenched his fists, his heart was very comfortable, he finally found the existence of this strangulation formation.

     This strangling formation is hidden in the air, and it also forms an array flag that echoes the road. Once activated, the flags of the echo road will connect together to form a complete new rule. Under these new rules, The control of the entire Starry Sky City will be in the hands of those who initiate the Strangulation Array.

     This method of array formation and its own rules of formation of flags to build the rules of the array have different tunes played with equal skill, but in Di Jiu’s view, the formation of the array flag in the own way, in the end still not as good as Heaven and Earth Rule The avenue array. His formation level is not higher than the guy who arranged this starry sky strangulation formation, but his formation should be higher than the opponent. It only took him less than a day to find the existence of this strangling formation, which is the proof.Di Jiu still does not know how long he will stay in Star City and where he will let this terrible thing hang on his head. He without the slightest hesitation starts to build the ruled flag, and then these rule flags continue to blend into the echoing ones Strangled among the flags.

     At the same time, Di Jiu was also sighing in his heart. His formation was definitely at the level of the cream of the crop's, but here he still found that he also has not thought, and he didn't even arrange the formation before. Had it not been for Gong Qianyi's reminder, he was living in the strangulation of others and thought he was in control of everything.

     Sure enough, a thousand years of retreat, it is better to walk for a thousand years.

     Seeing that the auction was about to end, Di Jiu still sat calmly, neither making any moves nor asking.

     Gong Qianyi failed the bidding several times in succession, and patted Di Jiu next to him, "Brother Di Jiu, do you have the best spirit veins? You can also lend me some of them?"

     Di Jiu also opened his eyes at the right time. He has already completed the layout of the rule flag, and even set up some of his own flags, building a Heaven and Earth Rule that belongs only to him. Some people may find these Heaven and Earth Rule, but there's nothing about it. This place is Road of Grand Dao, and suddenly there are some new Heaven and Earth Rule nothing else, which is strange.

     "How much do you want?" Di Jiu looked at Gong Qianyi. For him, the spiritual veins were different from trash there's nothing about it. In his universe, they were all piled up into continuous mountains.

     "Ten top grade... no, if there is no top grade god spirit vein, the top grade god spirit vein is fine." Gong Qianyi said with an awkward smile.Di Jiu took out a ring and handed it to Gong Qianyi, "Here are a thousand superb spiritual veins, you can use it."

      "Ah..." Gong Qianyi was stunned by Di Jiu's handwriting. He has also possessed a thousand superb spiritual veins, even tens of thousands, but is this somewhere? This is the Road of Grand Dao, the spirit of the gods will become more and more expensive here. When many monks first came, they felt that things like the best god spirit veins were rubbish. But many years later, they regretted wasting all kinds of spiritual veins.

     Gong Qianyi hurriedly declined, "Brother Di Jiu, although I really want it, but I tell you that in the future, you will not be able to move a single step if you don’t have the best spiritual veins here. This thing is a consumable. You borrow me fifty. Well, if you keep more, it will be of great use in the future."

     Di Jiu smiled and put the ring in Gong Qianyi's hand, "Take it to use, I don't have anything else, it's just that the Supreme God has many spiritual veins."

     Following Di Jiu's words, the number of divine thoughts fell on Di Jiu. There is a kind of greed and desire in these divine thoughts.

     Di Jiu looked at Gong Qianyi speechlessly. He had been looking for the existence of the strangulation formation just now, and had set up his own ruled formation flag, but hadn't thought Gong Qianyi didn't even set up the shielding or prohibition.

      Sensed Di Jiu's gaze, Gong Qianyi said helplessly, "I set up a sound insulation ban, but it was torn by others. In this place, as long as you don't take the initiative to take the sixth step, everything else is not a system problem. "

     There was a sense of helplessness in Gong Qianyi's words. Di Jiu patted Gong Qianyi on the shoulder, "no need to be worried, let's watch the auction."The one who presided over the auction on the stage was a female cultivator on the fifth step, and her voice just came, "Congratulations to the fellow Taoist just now, who has won ten alchemy gold. The next bid is to hold the Taoist cultivator. I’m not going to introduce the refining hood, I believe everyone knows that the base price of the refining hood is ten top-grade gods, and the price increase shall not be lower than one top-grade god’s spiritual vein, or 100 top-grade gods. Pulse, everyone can bid..."

     "Eleven superb spiritual veins..."

     "Twelve superb spiritual veins..."


     Because of the bidding here, just ask your own price directly. Therefore, from everyone's bidding, Di Jiu can clearly feel the enthusiasm of the bidding. But what is Di Jiulian does not know at all. He was about to inquire about Gong Qianyi, when he heard Gong Qianyi exclaiming excitedly, "I have 20 supernatural spiritual veins..."

     In this auction, everyone knows the bottom line. Moreover, the top-grade spirit veins are also precious things, mainly because Dao veins are too difficult to obtain. So everyone’s price increase is also one by two. It’s really rare to add five or six Supreme God’s Spirit Vessels at once, directly to 20.

     Gong Qianyi was really excited. He had wanted a refining hood for a long time, but it was a pity that he had less than ten top-quality spiritual veins. This time he had the opportunity to obtain a refining hood, how could he bear it?

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