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90 The Eve Before Landing 2
    Chinese Name: 地球主机  Author: 黑袍雷斯林(Hēi páo léi sīlín, Black Robe Raistlin)
    Original: | Translator:

Wang Hu doesn't know how to explain.

     Initially, to make up for the points deducted from skipping shifts, Wang Hu put forward a reasonable suggestion that "the board can also transport people", so that the team's capacity has tripled-this is a normal suggestion in his opinion.

     With the strong power of heavy trucks, you can’t get enough to eat 50 or 60 tons. Isn’t it using a talented person in an insignificant position to transport people and luggage? Not to mention the opening of the box board, it is as crowded as sardines on the outside like in the Indian propaganda film, and it is light as if there is nothing, and it can run correctly.

     But the officer in charge of the dispatch seemed to think otherwise. He was shocked by this suggestion, so Wang Hu's baffling became the leader of the team.

     This made Wang Hu a little bit happy. He felt that the team was driving too slowly and couldn't bear the 12-speed gearbox. Wang Hu, who became the leader, began to lead the acceleration, warm water boils a frog, gradually accelerating... After two rounds, the entire team was as fast as crazy, speeding up by 50%!

      brake can't stop the kind!

     This makes the officer in charge of dispatching feel crazy... Is your team going to heaven?

     Simply, if you are so capable, you can take command!

     So the dispatching authority of this team was delegated to Wang Hu's hands. Does it matter what the result is? Wang Hu's arrangement is meticulous and cumbersome, and the efficiency is doubled after execution! Adding the previous ones, it is equivalent to a team of three for others.

     Because each fleet is part of the overall transportation sequence, the speed of a single fleet will inevitably affect other fleets, which means that Wang Hu really started to command all the fleets.

     This time the officer in charge of the dispatch also obeyed.He especially ran to see Wang Hu, not only awarded him a lot of points and attendance, but also regretfully said that if Wang Hu is not Chinese, he can even apply for a medal for him.

     But even so, he helped Wang Hu get two tickets for the officers' club, which counted as his personal gift. Such things as officers’ clubs will appear whenever European and American troops gather. It is a private social place with threshold requirements. For those in need, it is an excellent place to do PY transactions, and the invitation coupons are not exchanged.

     "The last one is also my lifelong request. You have been busy all night, Wang Hu, please get off work." The officer with a smile said, "Two more days off. I will be transferred after this weekend."

     Wang Hu,..., will the British die if they are not poor?

     But thanks to this guy, Wang Hu mixed up the last a little bit time before entering the loop. Both the transport team and the mechanic are stable, and then just wait for noon...

     Oh, it doesn't seem to be necessary anymore.

     Wang Hu saw that in addition to soldiers and luggage, there was a strange "cargo" in the car in front.

     A comatose, handcuffed middle-aged man in an officer’s uniform was thrown on a pile of duffel bags. His body was squeezed softly in the gap, no one answered. This person has the face of Brother Atang. Wang Hu saw his grandiloquent appearance on TV yesterday.

     This is so interesting. Yesterday the heroine had to take my car, and today the hero threw it in front of me-it was a coincidence, so I took down the door handle and ate it!

     Wang Hu eyes narrowing smiled, picked up the walkie-talkie and ordered the team to start.

     "This is the last trip, let us run faster!"There was a wail like ghosts and howl like wolves on the channel. These truck drivers were stimulated by his adrenal hormone burst, and they completely fell in love with the craft of heavy truck drag racing.


     Arriving at the barracks, the recruits lean unsteadily from side to side to get off and gather.

     When unloading the truck, the actor Major Cage was randomly thrown on the luggage pile like garbage. from start to finish No one looked at him more, it was a bit miserable. Especially after the recruits started looking for their bags, as more and more luggage bags were dragged away, most of his body slipped to the ground a little bit.

     Wang Hu handed over in a happy mood, stepped freely beside Cage, and drove away.

     His diesel-electric version of Skannia S730 arrived, and it was stored in a temporary warehouse. The location of that warehouse is very interesting. It is located just behind the barracks. It was originally used to store wartime supplies, such as ammunition, batteries and other consumables.

     As a result, under the complicated operation of Wang Hu's series of mouse warehouses, the purpose was submerged in a sea of archives, and no one would go to this warehouse to deposit and withdraw things. In this case, it is useless to check on the spot, and it will take a few months to clarify the purpose of the warehouse. What's more interesting is that the warehouse door card, on the surface, does not require high authority, in fact, the entire base has only issued one, and it is installed in Wang Hu's pocket.

     This is equivalent to the temporary garage of Wang Hu.

     Wang Hu also drove MAN into the warehouse and stopped next to Skannia S730.

     He wants to refit MAN's integrated carriage to a new car, but it seems that time is too late.The "Integrity Tester" determines the size of the "whole cabin cargo" he can bring back after Wang Hu's Mission Completion. Of course, it also includes the shell of "whole cabin cargo", such as a heavy truck.

     If Wang Hu transfers the "integrity tester" on the MAN to the Skannia S730, then he can get a new high-tech car and a full cabin of cargo at the same time.

     But this is only Wang Hu's second choice.

     But if it’s possible to choose, Wang Hu actually wants to use the four-rotor troop carrier that frequently appears in movies and is worth more than 50 million US dollars as the migration target of the "integrity tester."

     The design prototype of this helicopter is similar to the modified V-44 "Osprey" or China's "Blue Whale" (both are still on paper), and can vertically transport 50 tons of cargo, armored vehicles, or carry 100 soldiers.

     In the movie, she can fly over the English Channel at high speed and throw 34 fully armed exoskeleton mecha soldiers on the battlefield.

     The premise is that Wang Hu can get one...


     When Wang Hu left the warehouse, he saw a black soldier from a distance holding a suit, walking towards the still unconscious male protagonist, and kicked him!

     "Stand up, trash!"

     His voice can be heard clearly across several roads.

     About to start?

     According to the plot of the movie, when the actor Cage wakes up from the luggage pile, it means that the cycle begins-it is not he who caused the cycle, but until tomorrow he will be on the beach with an AlphaGo Perish Together and get bloody. Will return to this point in time when I just woke up.Therefore, "he woke up" can be seen as a sign of the beginning of Time Loop.

     In order not to affect the correct opening of Time Loop, in the last half of the day, Wang Hu will try to avoid the actor Cage and the heroine Rita to avoid any impact.

     Unfortunately, just as he was about to go around, a few people suddenly jumped out of the grass and surrounded him.

     "Hey, Lao Wang, we meet again!" Qiu Qiqi led Wang Lei, Liu Hanxiao, Peng Datu, Wu Liu, Zhang Sansi with a grinning smile and smashed their fingers, and surrounded Wang Hu in the middle.

     "We found you all morning and told me this is what's going on!"
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