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91 Eve Before Landing 3
    Chinese Name: 地球主机  Author: 黑袍雷斯林(Hēi páo léi sīlín, Black Robe Raistlin)
    Original: | Translator:

It's a joke. In a military camp filled with hundreds of thousands of foreigners, it is not easy for seven Chinese to get together. Especially in the context of foreign lands and places and full-scale invasion of aliens, looking at each other feels quite amiable. Change the time and place, maybe these people will go to drink and drink.

     After a brief introduction, the atmosphere became more relaxed, because Wang Hu was not the kind of person they imagined...sit on the hips very upright, and it made people comfortable to talk.

     But after understanding, Wang Lei and the others became even more confused. Why? Because Wang Hu's identity is a mass, let alone a soldier, he is not even a civilian. The temporary military rank on his body is because he has to enter and leave the base, and it is different from leading the team to the battlefield.

     Wang Hu eyes open wide pretend to be innocent and pure with them. Waiting for almost there when emotions are brewing, Pharaoh will be good at understanding others. "Let me talk about it. The British people are very difficult to understand. They like to show off British humor at anytime and anywhere. But now that there are a large number of American officers joining the command, you will find that the orders received include American English and British English. Sometimes it’s really easy to confuse the meaning, have you encountered such a situation."

     "Oh—? It seems possible."

     A few people look at each other in dismay, Qiu Qi touched the big bald head and avoided sight. Is English still divided into American and British? "Well, the English dialect is very difficult to understand, but we don't have Koyanagi..."

      Hasn't even finished his sentence, Liu Hanxiao interrupted with a cold face. "My first foreign language is German, and I am not familiar with English." Huh? Is this a Chinese-German mixed race? Wang Hu was interested in chatting with Liu Hanxiao in German, able to reply quickly and fluently. After the identification, this girl has authentic Bavaria in German."Then Lao Wang, you..." "My English is taught by PE Teacher." Wang Lei shook his head quickly, "I've ordered me to read it, but I didn't see the flowers."

     Qiu Qi is tired, this is the responsibility of leadership...

     "Yes! Blame me! Can't blame me!" Qiu Qi slapped his big bald head, took out the PAD that he received the order and handed it to Wang Hu, "You understand what you said, then you should help me translate Translate, see what this means."

     "This command is indeed a bit vague, two kinds of understanding." Wang Hu read the command and turned to look at a few people. "But combining the transfer order I just received, the meaning is very clear. Tomorrow you will participate in the first wave's Normandy landing operation, and I will be temporarily called up to drive the quadrotor helicopter that will project the ZSquad in the C platoon, that's it. That word. Not to lead, but to guide and navigate."

     Calling innocent civilians to the battlefield, which bastard's order! Several people sprayed wildly into the air, but they were actually helping Wang Hu to relieve his anger.

     Recruiting civilian pilots should be the meaning of the question. Even if only 50,000 mechas are delivered in the first batch, 1,500 quadrotor helicopters are needed. There are so many planes and there are not so many helicopter pilots. They thought that the enlistment of King Tiger meant that this kind of helicopter could be driven almost like a truck, but it was actually far behind.

     Wang Hu’s face was a bit stiff when he was scolded. You scolded people out of good intentions, but your mouth is too stinky...

     Next, Wang Hu said that he could get some "good stuff" for them before the evening, and the relationship between everyone was better now. When Wang Hu asked about their technology to turn on the armour exoskeleton? Several people agree by chance with a self-confident smile.Understood, the country has sent a group of fighters with the best mecha combat to Europe, hoping to give foreigners a low-key luxury.

     As a result, foreigners defended them like thieves, and the mechas were not allowed to touch them. For fear that they were spies, this advantage was not shown.

     However, the fact is that the mecha exoskeleton this was originally so imported from the country. Only the battery and operating system are new, but who would steal the Indian version of the operating system. Cage came to the battlefield but called up a Japanese operating system, with voice reminders but no voice commands, not even a smartphone.

     (In fact, it should not be without, but the operating system is also a product that a company has won the bid. It is a product that involves authorization issues, and it cannot be used without negotiation. Capitalism is so principled.

     It seems that they are holding back their energy and are preparing to show off tomorrow.

     "Good luck to you, I will go home for dinner first, and join you at the camp in the afternoon."


     Can I go home for dinner? The eyes of a few people are full of jealousy, envy and hate.

     When Wang Hu rode on the motorcycle, he thought that there was only braised pork—for the time being, he only thought of this.

     Tomorrow morning will be the Battle of Normandy, this is already a clear card, there is no argument.

     In the movie, Cage tried to persuade his superiors to give up the action, screaming wildly that tomorrow on the beach is waiting for a massacre! As a result, he was wrapped around his mouth by superior tape and threw it directly onto the beach...

     The second Normandy landing was the core interest of Lao Mei.Not to mention the trap, even the bottomless abyss of the mine array, you have to throw 200,000 people up there again! His superior was just a small second-class non-commissioned officer, and even the commander-in-chief General Brigham had no power to change the plan.

     Wang Hu's name is already on the list of on-duty drivers for tomorrow's operation. No one will audit him. Dinner and sleep must be in the military camp, waiting for the early morning departure. Lunch is the last chance to go home, and everyone is treated like this.

     "Are you back? The meal is ready... Please look forward to it." Jin Tae-joo looked at him with big eyes, with an expression of be eager to give sth a try.

     "You have worked hard." Wang Hu said.

     Wang Hu noticed that Kim Tae-joo was still wearing an apron with oil stains splashed on by Twinkle Star. This is rarely seen for her who loves cleanliness. Wang Hu immediately noticed that the little girl was not in the living room or kitchen. Kim Tae-joo’s temples were messy and sweaty. The kitchen trash bin was tightly sealed, but it still couldn’t hide the slightly burnt breath...

     "It's really hard work, thank you!" If the previous sentence is polite, this sentence is a sincere thanks.

     Obviously, Kim Tae-joo paid a very hard price for this dish because of his own request.

     The braised pork looks simple, but it is a dish that is difficult to control in Chinese cuisine. The sugar is easy to scorch and the meat is easy to rot. If it is not mastered, it will turn into a black and unknown object. Sometimes everything is done well, but the taste is not so interesting.

     For example, those in the trash can...Wang Hu only hates that his nose is too good and his association skills are too rich.Kim Tae-joo obviously realized, she pursed her mouth and smiled and said, "You found out, then I will throw away the trash first." After speaking, she tore off the trash bag neatly, and the hair from her temples fell down, and she flung it behind her ear. Turned around and left the door to throw the garbage out, not hypocritical.

     After returning, she first weighed some rice on a plate, first filled with some lean, small cut meat, and then filled with three times the amount of green vegetables!

     "This is for children. You can't let Yunwen see the braised pork, otherwise she will always want to eat it. The children are too resistant to meat." As they were sent to the house, Yunwen was well trained by her. Being able to eat by himself... As a reward, Kim Tae-joo will pretend to be invisible to the vegetables that he secretly throws away. This is a little game for the mother and daughter.

     But, triple the greens?

     Sure enough, she couldn't be a mother.

     Finally, I came back to set up the table, put rice, and sat down opposite Wang Hu. Wang Hu likes this kind of treatment very much, very homely, not deliberately. Lao Wang didn't know what "his people are always the last", he just felt very warm, he had never experienced it in his life.

     Kim Tae-joo arranged the side dishes first, and finally lifted the lid of the round plate in the middle, revealing a small pot of glittering and translucent braised pork.

     "Please use it, it looks fat, I don't know why you like to eat this." Kim Tae-joo duplicity said, she remembered the piece she quietly ate... those pieces, mainly for the taste! He looked a little dodge, and must exercise tomorrow.

     "I used to think the same way... Eat, thank you."


     "Mom messed with Fak, do you think who are you? Why did you just show up!"Wang Hu reported as a mechanic. He was sprayed with saliva on his head and covered his face. The other party was going crazy, so he wouldn't care if his attendance record was full or even exceeded! The first batch of 100,000 mechas has just been handed over to the stupid soldier, and God knows how many failures have been played. Everyone is crazy CALL mechanics, as if they can be a clone!

     "C to...E, it's yours! Come on! Before the mecha is destroyed by those idiots!" No training, no introduction, a large stack of internal manuals came over, and then there was task assignment.

     "You will know who the most hateful people are. They are by no means stupid soldiers. They don't even have the brain to play with such things. This stuff made by China and Russia is durable! The really hateful ones are those mechanic soldiers, stare at me. Stay with them. I will allow you to use this when necessary..."

     After speaking, he stuffed a pistol into Pharaoh's hand.

     Wang Hu..., he wants to say something.

     As a result, the chief engineer responsible for allocating tasks directly pointed to the door of the house, "Scram!"


     If you say that, then I'm not welcome.


     "Hey, look over there, is there someone touching our mech?" After a beating, Cage, the actor who was accepted by Team J with great difficulty, was lying on the upper bunk and was bored, suddenly saw someone on the opposite side. They touched the mechas of their class.

     Although he doesn't care about the exoskeleton at all, nor does he care about Team J, it does not prevent him from pretending.

     "That's the mechanic at the base, he's overhauling it." Griff, the mechanic in the class, replied, looking a little unhappy, "Don't bother them...really shoot!"Oh, Cage didn't care, he already thought of something else. Being stared at by a dozen pairs of eyes, how can you escape? He looked at the machinist who walked around randomly, if I could get their coat!

     Once this idea appeared, it seemed to slowly take root in my heart.

     Wang Hu didn't care, he found the surveillance backdoor left by Lao Mei on the mecha. The monitoring stay is very simple and rude, almost doesn't have any technical content, it is clearly the domineering style of "I want to monitor you, what can you do".

     All monitoring cameras, single-person radars, and AR, all transmit information to the back door first. This will inevitably occupy the channel when the calculation is busy, but it does not matter, I don't care, anyway, I am not on the battlefield.

     In addition, the backdoor has the highest authority to shut down, which is really...very convenient.

     Wang Hu quickly gave himself a permission in the back door, especially the one that belonged to Cage.


     PS: Arguing about something yesterday, it was too late.
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