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828 Finale [New Book "Unqualified Big Devil" For Collection]
    Chinese Name: 兔子必须死  Author: 一梦黄粱(Yī mèng huáng liáng, A Dream)
    Original: | Translator:

"I am male and female!"

     "Fuck! Beat you up!"

     Then the two rabbits rushed up, huddled together, and rolled around the floor, rabbit fur flying randomly...

     At that moment, the two rabbits were like the upper body of the Wangbaquan Patriarch, and like the dung-shell ancestor Lang's stunt, all the strange tricks were used...

     In the end, the strong rabbit was knocked to the ground!

     The fat rabbit picked up the radish and said, "Small, you have to practice!"

     Strong Bunny unwillingly said: "Don't be arrogant! Look at my supernatural power: the art of summoning my father!"

     After that, the strong rabbit yelled to the sky: "Dad! Someone bullies me, don't care!"

     The next moment, a stronger rabbit, twice as tall as the fat rabbit, came out with a stick and said fiercely: "Who is bullying my son?"

     The strong rabbit looked at the fat rabbit triumphantly and said, "How is my supernatural power? Are you scared?"

     The fat rabbit scratched his butt, glanced sideways at the two rabbits, and said, "I can also summon."

     Strong rabbit laughing heartily said: "It's useless, my father is the most powerful rabbit spirit in this forest! No one has beaten him!"

     The fat rabbit laughed, took out a yellow talisman, put the palms together before one, patted on the ground, yelled: "Summoning great grandchildren!"

     Hearing this, the strong rabbit smiled: "Grandson? Ha Haha... Isn't that weaker than you? Haha... Uh... what?!"

     Haven't waited for the strong bunny to finish laughing!

     Just listen to the fairy sounds in the sky, the ringing bells, the petals falling all over the sky...

     Then there are golden light rises one after another!Then the strong rabbit found that they were surrounded!

     The strong father rabbit is worthy of the most powerful rabbit spirit in this film, experienced and knowledgeable. After seeing these people, he knelt on the ground and shouted to kowtow like grinding garlic: "The little demon visits Tathagata Buddha Ancestor and visits the Jade Emperor. See Queen Mother West, see Emperor Jun, and see Eastern Emperor Tai Yi..."

      After one hour, Strong Rabbit's father is still paying respects to the emperor one by one!

     As for the royal class?

     Sorry, it's not yet your turn!

     At this time, the old man riding the green bull said: "All right, don't worship these little guys. We have been waiting for a long time."

     The strong rabbit's father looked up, his tears flowed down, and he took a stick and hit the strong rabbit with a beating, and shouted, "Cao Nima, cheating!"

     The strong rabbit also looked at the fat rabbit with unwillingness and endless grievances and said: "As for? Just a carrot... You TM called Gods and Buddha from All the Heavens, saints, and ancestors."


     After the two little rabbits were sent away, a group of gods and Buddhas looked at Qin Shou with a grimace and complained: "Master Rabbit, can you not call us about robbing the little rabbits of carrots? This...a bit shameful. "

     Qin Shou ate the newly dug radishes and looked at them with slanted eyes, and said, "What? You mean, let Master Rabbit practice by myself and solve problems? That way, I will start practicing now.""Don’t don’t... Master Rabbit! If you have something to say, don’t you just grab the radish? Let’s look back, let’s pull all the rabbits over for a meeting, and make sure the thoughts are in place. In the future, the radish you like, absolutely no rabbit dare to take a look. !" Eastern Emperor Tai Yi called out first.

     Everyone nodded in unison.

     Qin Shou grinned happily: "Is that right, go, go to my house for dinner!"

     at dusk.

     On the moon, the moon house is overcrowded.

     A group of people gathered together, and it was so noisy.

     The sound was loud, straight up to the sky.

      At this moment, a ancestor who had just soared passed by the moon, and seeing the livelyness below, curiously put away Gods and Buddha from All the Heavens in his hand.

     This is something that every ascending fairy will give out, tell them who are in the heavenly court, don't make trouble.

     The fairy smiled and said: "I heard that the moon is a dead and silent place, so how come there are so many people? It's so lively here, so go and see!"

     After that, the immortal named Yiye fell down before he landed, and he saw someone pat him on the shoulder and said, "Hey, brother, let's let me serve."

     One leaf fairy is subconsciously frowned, and the heart said that this product is so rude, I am a fairy anyway, why is it your brother?

     Immortal Yiye was about to get angry, and his hair stood up when he turned his head!

     It seems to be...

     The immortal Yiye quickly took out Gods and Buddha from All the Heavens to check it out. Then there was cold sweat on his forehead, and he tremblingly said: "My Cao... Xingtian Duancai?"

     Immortal Yiye was already frightened, and didn't know what to think, so he followed.As a result, I used Gods and Buddha from All the Heavens to compare it all the way, and found that two guys sitting at the door eating roast chicken, one is Heavenly Canopy Marshall and the other is Taming Dragon Arhat!

     The big black dog yawning at the door turned out to be a snarling dog!

     Entering the yard, the peach picker from the tree turned out to be the Super Demon King Sun Wukong!

     This is not over yet, sitting there shirtless and tanning muscles seems to be a new generation of Bull Demon King, Niu Dali!

     The one who kept saying this to a beautiful woman, who was trembling with a funny beauty seemed to be Di Jun!

     The ruffian who squatted on the table and licked melon seeds, spit out the skin of melon seeds, seemed to be Eastern Emperor Tai Yi!

     The silly fat guy sitting on the ground looking at the ant nest, looks like the Tathagata Buddha Ancestor!

     The pair of Big eye stared at small eye eyes seems to be the Jade Emperor and Lady Queen Mother in the cold war.

     At this time, a rabbit yelled, "Isn't the cow fed yet? Hurry up!"

     "Hey, that's it, Uncle, don't worry." An old man replied.

     When the fairy Yiye heard the sound, his calf was trembling. The old man seemed to be Taishang Laojun!

     Then he saw the rabbit hooking on the shoulders of a Taoist man, and said as he walked: "I'm telling you, the characters on your Pangu banners can be changed. For example, one hanging a thousand gold... too much."

     "That seems to be Primordial Beginning Heavenly Venerable..." Immortal Yiye shivered.

     "Get out! I'm going to cut vegetables." Immortal Yiye was taken aback, and when he turned around, he saw a Taoist man wearing a black robe and a scarf around his waist looking at him.The cold sweat on his forehead flowed down like a torrential rain, until the other person walked into the kitchen, and then shivered: "Tongtian...Tongtian... Heavenspan Cult Lord?!"

     "Sister, you made a mistake with this shot. Little Turkey, so are you, don't mess with it! Li Zhenying, you'd better go and learn the sword... This is not for you." A woman's voice came upstairs.

     Immortal Yiye looked up and saw several female fairies sitting on the balcony. He recognized them at a glance, and shouted in his heart: "Empress Nuwa! Marshal Li Zhenying? The new chief of the Phoenix clan, Ying Lin?"

     "Brother, why are you depressed?"

     "Eating and drinking all day long, without fighting, what does it mean?"


     Fairy Yiye looked and saw a small flat head sitting with an old Taoist man, and then he almost cried: "Crazy war god flat head brother? Three realms liar...what a real person?"

     I didn’t wait for a fairy leaf to look through the book, I saw a monk and a man walking in, carrying two pheasants in his hands, and threw them in the kitchen and shouted: “Tongtian, there are pheasants, you deal with it yourself! Beef stew, make it simmery!"

     "Fuck! Do you like it or not!" Heavenspan Cult Lord's voice came out.


     On this day, the immortal Yiye was like a dream.

     For the rest of his life, Immortal Yiye will be talking about this, but unfortunately, no one believes him, and they all say that he is dreaming.

     Then he added a new road number: "Yi Meng Huang Liang".

     [End of the book]PS: Hey, Rabbit has been writing for a year, and finally finished the book. To be honest, I really can't bear it...Every time I finish my book, I feel like my daughter is married, and I feel sad.

     But in the end still, I hope everyone likes this ending.

     In addition, the new book "The Unqualified Big Devil" has been updated, and it is still happy and relaxed. Of course, in order not to be harmonized, it was directly placed in a different world city, where the planets, countries, and place names were changed to avoid harmony.

     At present, new books can only be seen. If there are other websites, they must be pirated.

     I am going to work hard to write a book. I strive to fulfill my original promise. Those who read my book will get a bit of relaxation and joy in the busyness!

     Finally, ask for a wave of collections, rewards, and recommendation tickets.
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