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Chapter Directory 2068 Ending
    Chinese Name: 不败升级  Author: 五牛花(Wǔ niú huā, Bougainvillea)
    Original: chuangshi.qq.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Chaotian Gods Realm, the advanced domain of the chaos world.

     The divine shadow in the sky is the Expert(s) from Divine Palace of Gods Realm of Chaos Gods Realm.

     He stared at Luo Tian with both eyes, and his figure fell.


     A beam of light fell vertically, and an extremely powerful force exploded in the real Martial Sea Domain, Heaven and Earth faltered, and mountains and rivers crumbled.

     The Expert(s) of the high-level domain is completely different from the Expert(s) of the low-level domain.

     The crushing of breath alone is enough to overturn the entire Martial Sea Domain.

     All the people in Ice Fire Sect's complexion sank, and they didn't even dare to breathe out, and they were all crushed to death by himself.


     He stepped out and looked at Luo Tian and asked coldly: "Your last name is Luo?"

     Luo Tian hooked the corner of his mouth and said: "Yes."

     "Surname Luo!"

     "So you released the Demon Intent in the Blackpool Mountains more than half a month ago?" the man asked.

     Luo Tian didn't know that the Demon Intent released from Vajra's pestle was a Demon Intent unique to his Luo family, but... he still directly admitted: "I released it."

     Even if it wasn't, he would admit it.


     He is fearless.

     What about the Expert(s) of Gods Realm?

     The man's eyes were startled, and he said slightly, "It looks like you are really a remnant of the Luo family.""Since this is the case."

     "Then you can come with me."

     Luo Tian looked at his expression, heard the astonishment in the eyes of his surname and a trace of horror that concealed him, and then thought of the words that the old giant stone monster said to him.

     He understood a little, looked at the man and asked, "You should be the one who chased and killed my family back then?"

     "Ha Ha Ha..."

     "Do you see it?"

     "Back then, your Luo Family was too arrogant. If it weren't for Luo Qingshan's suppression, could your Luo Family enter the Chaos Realm?" There was contempt in that person's eyes.

     Luo Tian's heart sank secretly, "Luo Qingshan? My father?"


     "Do not talk nonsense, come with me, or you can tell me Luo Qingshan's whereabouts now, what is your relationship with him, so as to avoid the suffering of skin and flesh, I will let you die without any pain." "The man sneered.

     Luo Tian both eyes lifted up, looked at him, and sneered likewise: "Don't worry, I will make your death painful enough."

     The man's eyes glared, and there was a killing intent in his eyes, and then the breath on his body crushed up, like a fierce tiger pounced on it.

     Also at this moment.

     Luo Tian snorted and said: "Give me death!"

     At the moment he fell.Luo Tian locked him.

     Insta-kill System is turned on.

     As the whirlpool moved above Nine Heavens, a white light fell down.

     The Expert(s)'s complexion changed, his body burst out suddenly, rushed to Luo Tian, and shouted, "You die for me first."


     "RUMBLING! Long!"

     The white light flashed, and the man's head broke.



     "Congratulations player'Luo Tian' beheaded'Xuantian Divine Art Great Elder' to gain 1 billion experience points and 10 million spiritual power points."

     "Congratulations player'Luo Tian' obtained Divine Artifact Divine Sword."

     "Congratulations player'Luo Tian' obtained the Divine Artifact."

     "Congratulations player'Luo Tian' got..."

     The System System Notification sound kept sounding, and there were 18 Divine Weapons, all of which were all Divine Artifacts, something that Martial Sea Domain didn't have at all.

     Li Jueqing was dumbfounded, his lips trembled, and said, "You,, you,, you killed all the Expert(s) of Gods Realm?"

     "It's over!"

     "The Chaos World is going to be in chaos."

     "Martial Sea Domain is going to die."

     at this time.

     Many people are talking about it.The Luo clan reappears in the world, this news will spread in the ten universes in the shortest time, and all the hidden Expert(s) in the chaos world will reappear.

     Luo Tian did not speak.

     He took out all the eighteen Divine Weapons, and said slightly: "Today I can kill Gods Realm's Expert(s), and I can kill Gods Realm."

     "I still said that, those who follow me prosper, and those who oppose me die!"

     Eighteen Divine Weapons fell on the ring.

     Manpo walked up and lifted up, picked up an axe, and said slightly, "I'm messing with you!"

     Chen Yu also stepped forward and said, "Me too."

     The same goes for those female disciples of Chi Lianfeng.

     At last.

     The entire Ice Fire Sect knelt in front of Luo Tian, they had no choice, things were already like this, the only thing they could do was to follow Luo Tian to kill.

     Luo Tian exclaimed, and said: "Okay!"

     "Follow me, eat meat and drink, I will make you the most peak group in the world."


     Time flies, and in a blink of an eye it will be a month later.

     The news of the Luo family reappearing the chaos world spread everywhere.

     At the same time.

     The ‘Tu Luo Army’ of the Chaos Realm assembled again.

     Among these people is a man and a woman.They are Luo Tian's daughter Niuniu and his son!

     "RUMBLING! Long!"

     "RUMBLING! Long!"

     "RUMBLING! Long!"

     The sky of Martial Sea Domain keeps on thundering.


     "They are here!"

     The edge of the Martial Sea Domain is also the first line of defense. It is quite broken and tense, and immediately sound transmission to Luo Tian, saying: "Boss, the army is overwhelming, all are here."

     "Um Ha Ha Ha..."

     "Luo Tian, you dog, come out and die." Hong Wantu's voice exploded above Martial Sea Domain.

     The voice of Yan Huang Great Emperor also sounded, "I didn't expect you to be a descendant of Luo Qingshan. If you knew it, Gods Realm should kill you."

     The killing intent surged in Luo Tian's heart, "Hong Wantu!!!"

     "Ha Ha Ha..."

     "Remember Lao Tzu, I want you to die today." Hong Wantu also became extremely angry.

     Yan Huang Great Emperor had a direct thought, and slightly shouted: "Kill, don't keep one, kill all the people in Martial Sea Domain, absolutely can't let Luo Family have a remnant to escape."

     Give an order.

     The assembled army surged down like a tide.

     They are all Expert(s) of God Realm. How can Martial Artist of Martial Sea Domain resist?But for their homeland, they did not give up and defended desperately.

     Ten days passed.

     In the entire Martial Sea Domain rivers of blood, only the Ice Fire Sect line of defense is left.

     And this time.

     Tu Luo army is everywhere.

     Densely, the Ice Fire Sect is surrounded by not one drop can trickle through.

     Yan Huang Great Emperor looked at Luo Tian in the distance and said: "I said, I will not let you go, I will kill you today."

     "Kill, kill, kill!"

     The killing sound shook the sky.

     Luo Tian smiled slightly and said: "There are more people than people, right? Yan Huang, old man, there is a kind of solo duel."

     Yan Huang Great Emperor thought of Luo Tian's power in Gods Realm, thought of Luo Qingshan, he has lingering fears, and said: "I am so crowded, why?"


     The door of the void opens.


     "I'm coming!"

     An Eight-claws Great Golden Dragon flew out, which was several times stronger than the Dragon God of the year.

     Er Dan is here!

     Behind him, countless Great Dragons rushed out.

     Er Dan said excitedly: "Boss, after receiving your news, I brought you the entire Dragon Domain Expert(s)."

     "Who are they going to move my boss?"

     There is another person beside Er Dan.

     Luo Tian looked extremely familiar.Ghost Dragon!

     Once he used the Ghost Dragon with animal bone Refinement.

     Ghost Dragon looked at Luo Tian also extremely excited, heavily said: "Master."

     Also at this time.

     Another door of the void also opened.

     "RUMBLING! Long!"

     Fatty Feng walked out of the void and touched his bald head. The blood tattoo on his bald head was extremely hideous, and he roared, "Who is going to move my boss?"

     Behind him, following a large group of people.


     Another door of the void opened.

     Lin Dong walked out, "Who is tired of life and wants to move my boss?"


     Another door of the void opened.

     Tang San walked out, "Try it!"

     It's all here.

     Luo Tian's brothers all came.


     They brought people who were several times more than them, and instantly turned them around.

     All the people around drank heavily and said, "Boss!!!"

     Mighty and domineering, muddled and completely collapsing.

     Immediately afterwards.

     Luo Tian looked at Yan Huang Great Emperor's trembling eyes, and said, "There are more people than people, right? Come on Ah!"

     "Kill me!"

     "Kill all, leave none."

     The voice fell off.Luo Tian System instantly locked Yan Huang Great Emperor.

     "RUMBLING! Long!"

     Instantly Insta-kill!

     Yan Huang Hong Wantu, who was beside the earth, turned pale, knelt on the ground instantly and said: "Luo Tian, I am wrong, I am wrong, please don't kill me."

     "Please, uncle."

     The battle axe in Luo Tian's hand swept out, smashing Hong Wantu to Insta-kill.

     Also at this time.

     The army summoned by Luo Tian slaughtered frantically.

     From Martial Sea Domain to Gods Realm to Gods Realm, and then to Saint Domain, the Dark Domain will kill all those who once killed Luo Family.

     Three years later.

     Luo Tian stood on the top of the Tianshen Peak in the Chaos Realm, watching the earth.

     Niuniu was playful and cute, and said, "Daddy, let's go home, I miss my mother so much."


     "Come back home!"

     Luo Tian smiled faintly, and said: "I miss your mother and them too."

     The old monster giant stone moved his eyes and asked, "Young Master, don't you go to the old master?"

     Luo Tian glanced at the sky, laughed, and said: "I will go, but not now."

     "Now all I want to do is go home."

     "Then take a good rest!"

     He is really tired.

     He has never stopped since the transcender, he needs time to rest.Luo Tian looked at the direction of Gods Realm and said: "Go home!!!"


     This is the approximate storyline for the follow-up, probably abbreviated one million words.

     It was also the ending that Lao Niu thought at first.

     It's just... I couldn't hold on, I'm sorry to say here.

     still have a question.

     Regarding the origin of System, my initial setting was the game System created by Luo Tian himself. His father was only the executor, and his father was also arranged by him.

     Undefeated Level Up is over.

     Two years are still 13 days away. This is the second book in the true sense of Lao Niu.

     Regarding the new book, Lao Niu currently has no thoughts, and he does not dare to write it now. It takes First Stage time for the eyes to recover. When there are no more ghosts and blurs, the new book will begin.

     At last.

     Lao Niu bows to thank everyone who has supported, subscribed, rewarded, monthly ticket, recommended ticket, thank you for your support, because I can only persist for two years because of you, and please forgive me for not persisting in the end.

     Sincerely, Lao Niu!

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