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    Chinese Name: 我妈是剑仙  Author: 会说话的蹄髈(Huì shuōhuà de tí pǎng, Talking Hoof)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Li Chun and several Taoist priests were all trapped.

     Is the wind so big?

     But both of them said so, and so big an air conditioner was blown off, and they couldn't help but believe it.

     "What are you doing staring blankly, still not saving people!"

     Li Chun reacted, and hurriedly called everyone, and hurriedly raised the external unit of the air conditioner, and then buckled out Zhang Yun, who was almost embedded in the ground.

     "Cough cough cough... Bah bah bah..."

     Zhang Yun took a breath, then coughed violently, then spit out the dirt in his mouth, his face was very ugly.

     The monk of the Golden Core Stage has been tempered by the spiritual energy to be very strong, although it was flat on the ground, and it was smashed by the air conditioner, Zhang Yun only suffered a small injury.

     Zhang Yun cast a grateful look at Ji Zhinian, which meant to thank Ji Zhinian for helping him lie.

     Ji Zhinian dazed for a moment, but also returned a silent look.

     A wordless and uncommunicative tacit understanding was reached in an instant.

     Li Chun noticed the two people's gesture of handing their eyes, and he couldn't help but feel a hint of suspicion. He asked with a frown: "Although this aura tornado is windy and will interfere with flying swords, it won't blow people off, right? What's weird in Fengyan? Did the two brothers see anything?"

     Ji Zhinian and Zhang Yun looked at each other, but Zhang Yun said in a sullen voice: "If you don't see anything, you know that the wind is strong! If Brother Li doesn't believe it, you can fly up and have a look!"

     Zhang Yun knows that if you say too much, you're bound to slip up at some point, he naturally refuses to say more, just vague.Li Chun shook his head and said, "Senior Brother Zhang, don't be angry. I didn't doubt what you meant, just ask."

     Then Li Chun thought for a moment, and then suddenly soaring high into the air: "Junior brothers wait a moment again, I will check it out!"

     The other Taoist priests did not doubt Li Chun, but waited quietly.

     Li Chun cautiously flew towards the top of Zifeng Tower.

     He flew very slowly, although he had noticed that Ji Zhinian and Zhang Yun looked different, but both fell down from the upper floor, and they were more embarrassed than the other. There must be a reason.

     Upon reaching the rooftop, Li Chun found that the appeal of the Reiki tornado is still amazing, but it has not yet reached the point where it can blow people away. Although he can no longer control his direction, it is still no problem to maintain balance. .

     Li Chun became more cautious and flew towards the core of the wind eye with his flying sword.

     Just as he was about to land on the rooftop, a voice suddenly sounded: "Shameless old thief, stop thinking about my baby!"

     Li Chun suddenly turned pale with fright, and then saw a big-footed girl rushing towards his front door.

     Despite being prepared for it, Li Chun was only prepared for tornadoes. How could I have imagined that there should be people on this rooftop!

      Under caught off guard, Li Chun had no time but raised his arms to cover his face.


     The powerful force directly exploded all the clothes on Li Chun's arm, and the robe turned into a waistcoat, and then flew out backwards.

     ...Several Taoist priests downstairs were chatting, talking about the spiritual energy tornado, and looking at Ji Zhinian and Zhang Yun from time to time, pointing the finger.

     Both Zhang Yun and Ji Zhinian have experienced the same experience, and they are obviously closer together. Besides, both of them have ghosts in their hearts, so naturally they don't want to talk more with other people.

     Zhang Yun wiped his face and looked at Ji Zhinian and asked, "Junior Brother Ji, is there anything wrong with me? They always look at what am I doing?"

     Ji Zhinian looked at Zhang Yun's robe dancing in the wind, the broken edge was clearly visible, but the two were facing each other now, and there was no impactful picture.

     Ji Zhinian somewhat difficult said: "This...this..."

     I can't say this!

     That's too hurtful!

     Just at this time, an exclamation suddenly came from there.

     "Brother Li!"

     "Senior Brother Li also fell!"

     Zhang Yun and Ji Zhinian's attention was suddenly attracted.

     Looking at Li Chun falling from the sky, Zhang Yun smiled maliciously at the corners of his mouth: "This old boy is like the two of us now!"

     Ji Zhinian shook his head secretly, what kind of person, he is unlucky, just like seeing others unlucky, there is a problem with the three views.

     Because of Ji Zhinian and Zhang Yun's learn a lesson from the mistakes of one's predecessor, already have preparations for the fall, Li Chun took out a futon from the Qiankun bag and grabbed it in his hand, intending to absorb the shock.


     Li Chun landed, but because of the shock absorption of the futon, he did not fall, but his face was still ugly.

     At this time, an old Taoist priest exclaimed: "Brother Li, be careful!"Li Chun raised the head to look, and another huge black object fell rapidly, and it was about to hit him.

     I saw that Li Chun raised his energy and luck, a tyrant holding a tripod, directly supporting the air conditioner.


     Li Chun's knees bend, but only once, he lifted the entire outdoor unit of the air conditioner.

     Li Chun sneered at the corner of his mouth. He himself was a monk who tempered his fleshly body as the main, and an air-conditioning outside function won him.

     He is not Zhang Yun's trash!

     Only thinking of Zhang Yun, Li Chun looked at the lying bastard in resentment.

     But before Li Chun could speak, Zhang Yun's eyes were a little strange.

     next moment.


     It's a loud sound again.

     One of the outside air conditioners was landed and stacked on the outside air conditioner.

     Li Chun didn't prepare this time, and was smashed to the ground.

     A group of Taoist priests were dumbfounded.

      what is this situation?

     "Has the wind become stronger again? This blows down two at once?"

     "Don't fool around, save people!"

     A few Taoist priests again abandoned their tremendous strength before deducting Li Chun.

     Li Chun was going crazy, glaring at Zhang Yun gnashing one's teeth and said: "The wind upstairs! But it's so fucking big!"

     Seeing Li Chun's anger, Zhang Yun pretended to cough and said, "Cough cough, isn't it? Three air conditioners have been blown down in a row!"

     It's okay if Zhang Yun doesn't say anything, and Li Chun gets mad when he says that.

     It’s all at what time, and this old man is not ashamed to be a lie!Li Chun unable to restrain one's anger said: "Yeah, it's too big, even your pants are blown up!"

     Zhang Yun dazed for a moment, and then he seemed to think of something, his face instantly became incredibly pale, and he hurriedly turned his head to look at his ass.

     A hole the size of a washbasin was placed there, and brazen danced wildly.

     His butt had been numb just now, not the slightest perception, so no problem with the pants was noticed.

     Then a miserable howl sounded.

     "Boy! I and you the two cannot exist together ... stand...... stand......"

     In the strong wind, Zhang Yun's miserable howling echoed endlessly.

     Ji Zhinian blocked his ears and opened a distance from Zhang Yun.

     At this moment, several flying swords landed quickly in the sky, seeming to have heard the voice from here.

     Ji Zhinian kindly reminded Zhang Yun and said: "Here is someone, someone is here, Brother Zhang should avoid it first."