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349 Flying Sword
    Chinese Name: 我妈是剑仙  Author: 会说话的蹄髈(Huì shuōhuà de tí pǎng, Talking Hoof)
    Original: Unknown | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Zhang Yun ran away.

     Disappeared in the long dust.

     The low visibility caused by the Reiki tornado is his only fig leaf.

     No one knows where he went.

     But everyone knows that he has no face to continue staying here.

     The monks who came from behind have fallen to the ground.

     "Brother Li..."

     "Brother Ji..."

     "Brother Xu..."

     After some greetings, the other monks also started to inquire, Reiki Tornado.

     Unlike Zhang Yun, Li Chun told everyone the truth.

     "We don't know exactly how the Reiki Tornado came into being, but there are already people on it now, a young junior... I was attacked by him and fell down..."

     After speaking, Li Chun also glanced angrily at Ji Zhinian.

     Although Ji Zhinian didn't take the initiative to lie to them, he was an accomplice to Zhang Yun. He was conspired to be ashamed, and Ji Zhinian also had an account.

     When Ji Zhinian saw Li Chun's eyes, he was also a little twisted.

     He is an upright person, if not because for the sake of Chen Xiao, he would not lie to Zhang Yun.

     Hmm...that's it!

     All for the children!

     Ji Zhinian turned his head and stopped seeing Li Chun.

     All the monks listened to startled.

     "What? A junior attacked Senior Brother Li?"

     "This how can it be!"

     "Which sect of juniors has such ability?"Spiritual energy recovery has just been over a month, and many juniors in the sect are still in the Qi Condensation Stage’s stage. Even the top-talented juniors are only in the base building stage, how can it be sneaked into the Golden Core Stage.

     Moreover, as the consul general of Jiangzhou Cultivator Alliance's, Li Chun has reached the Late Stage Golden Core. Some people even estimate that it may break through Yuan Ying and become an area powerful influence in less than three months.

     "Cough cough cough..."

     Li Chun saw that everyone looked inconceivable, and his old face was a little red. After all, he was attacked by a junior and succeeded. It is not a glorious thing.

     Besides, he still feels that this kid seems to be in his early twenties, not some old thing maintaining a young appearance.

     Li Chun's complexion was condensed and said: "This son is not simple, the body is extremely fast, the strength is great, it is far better than the foundation building, I was slightly injured with just one foot, and it seems that I am not affected by the spiritual tornado. He may be possessed of supernatural powers, and he also has a treasure of calming wind. I am afraid that Nascent Soul Stage's masters will come, and he may not be able to get any benefits!"

     There was an uproar in the audience.

     "This... truly such terrible?"

     "Could it be that Hidden Sects is not a good disciple?"

     "Hi... Then this spiritual energy tornado, let's explore, or not?"

     When Ji Zhinian was listening, he almost laughed.

     I thought this old boy was a good person, but it turned out that he had a glib tongue not to hide his face.

     Presumably, I was thinking that the harder he blows Chen Xiao, he will not lose face so much.

     Li Chun said to chop the nail and slice the iron: "Go, you must go."Now taking treasures is one aspect, he was kicked down, personal grudges have been involved!

     If this grudge is not reported, how did he swallow this breath?

     The rest of the monks a little bit to beat the return drum.

     "If it's Hidden Sects' disciple, will you get someone who shouldn't be offended?"

     "If Nascent Soul Expert can't ask for something good, we won't be able to go!"

     "In my opinion, forget it, this is not something we can mix!"

     Hearing what Li Chun said so exaggerated, none of these monks were stupid, so they didn't want to cause trouble.

     When Li Chun heard this, he immediately persuaded him: "How can you think like this, the treasures of the world are home to the virtuous. I and others who practice cultivators are themselves against the heavens and seek longevity, and even dare to rebel against the heavens. What is there to be afraid of! The first resurrection of Reiki is a great opportunity for me to rise. This Reiki tornado is so vast and rich as the sea, it is unknown that the magical medicine is born in it!"

     Hearing these words of Li Chun, a group of monks were moved and their faces flushed.

     "Brother Li is right!"

     "It's so good, I dare to go against the sky, what is there to fear!"

     "Fullness for the bold, famine for the timid !"

     All the monks present at Li Chun said something like chicken blood, face turn red, expressions of mania.

     Ji Zhinian frowned secretly.

     This Li Chun's provocative nature is quite strong, but I don't know if Chen Xiao can stop him.

     Li Chun was successfully mobilized, and a group of monks all drove flying swords, one by one soaring into the sky.Ji Zhinian pondered for a while, and walked in towards Zifeng Tower, then found the elevator and went all the way up.

     He doesn't want to fly.

     If he flew up with these monks, Ji Zhinian would be sure that this kid would kick him down along with him, and then call by the glorified name of Kurouji!

     It must be so!


     Chen Xiao has been lying on the edge of the rooftop since just now, watching the situation underneath, and counting the number of people.

     One...two...three...fifteen...twenty...thirty three...forty...

     The larger the number, the deeper the smile on Chen Xiao's face.

     As long as no one contributes 2000+ grievances, he will be able to break through the Golden Core period.

     Seeing these monks flying up one by one, they clapped their hands and blew a whistle.

     "Come to live!"

     Under the interference of the wind, these monks did not fly fast even if they used their full strength.

     Because of Li Chun's reminder, when approaching the roof, these cultivators were alert and restrained their flight speed, trying their best to maintain stability.

     "Here! Everyone be careful. Later we will be drawn towards the eye of the wind. When that happens, we will attack together!"

     Li Chun shouted sharply.

     "Got it!"

     "Senior Li, don't worry!"

     "We are already ready!"

     Chen Xiao naturally heard it too. Li Chun spoke. After all, he arranged the Spirit Gathering Formation, and the movement of one thread and one hair in it could not escape his grasp.

     Ren Lichun couldn't even think of breaking his head. Such a spiritual tornado was caused by the gathering spirit formation.With a malicious smile on the corner of Chen Xiao's mouth, mutter to oneself said: "I want to fight in a group... hehe..."

     Soon after, Li Chun and a group of monks lined up neatly, entered the eye of the wind, and began to fly around the rooftop.

     Li Chun saw Chen Xiao at a glance, and his heart burst into anger: "all fellow apprentices, do you see it, it's this kid! Do it!"

     Chen Xiao with a smile looked at Li Chun: "Here again, haha..."

     Li Chun raised his hand and squeezed the technique, but after seeing Chen Xiao, a feeling of anxiety suddenly rose.

     The next moment Chen Xiao urged the formation.

     The wind stopped instantly.

     A group of monks were flying at full speed, one by one, and once the wind stopped, the flying sword could not be stopped instantly.

     Inertia led to a series of rear-end collisions.

     The scene became very chaotic for a while.

     At this moment, an inconceivable thought suddenly flashed in Li Chun's head.

     Is this a formation?

     But soon, Li Chun felt a cold on his butt, and then a sharp pain came.

     He was the first one to fly.

     Rear-end collision is not a simple rear-end collision.

     It's a flying sword chasing the tail...