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Chapter Directory 129 Testimonials
    Author: Unknown
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, during the holiday, Xiaofeng was desperately trying to prepare the code.

Tomorrow Friday, it will be available at zero in the morning, at most a bit delayed.

This is Xiaofeng's sixth book on the shelf. Xiaofeng has been writing about the same people so far.

The fandom type has always been discriminated against, and many people despise it. Some people don't even know what fandom is. Ask him a sentence, he thought it was ** lily.

Fandou is actually a fantasy work on the original.

Watching those animes, watching those movies and TV shows, I always think that I have entered the world and rewrite everything in that world.

Strictly speaking, books such as Infinite Horror, etc., which have penetrated into the movie, have the nature of fandom. They can be regarded as movie and television fanciers. In comparison, even martial arts fanciers are placed in the martial arts category and are understood by many people.

But the only anime fandom has been neither hot nor cold at the starting point. Until today, there is no plan to cultivate second-generation fan works.

So, Xiaofeng came to the starting point and opened the strongest shock of this Naruto escape.

In fact, the book is very urgent, many details have not been dealt with properly, the golden finger is also picked randomly, and the writing process has encountered many and many difficulties, but in the end it is still until until now.

Xiaofeng really wanted to make a name for his fan work.

There are no fewer people who like anime and second-dimension than those who like fantasy city.

So, please beg for your support.

Listing means charging. Many authors have already said that a bottle of soda can read a month's worth of books.

But Xiaofeng doesn't say that.

What Xiaofeng wants to say is to subscribe for updates!Tomorrow at 0 o'clock in the morning, Twenty is guaranteed, no matter what the situation will be the first to be issued!

    Then, an ally adds one more, and every one thousand sets plus one more, no limit!

    Let us correct the name of the anime fan for the second dimension!