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    Author: 横扫天涯(Sweeping the Horizon)
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On the night of September 15, 1936, it was currently 10 o'clock in the evening, but there were still surging people everywhere on the square in front of Nanjing Tangshan Prime Minister's Palace. They held torches, sang the most popular military songs, shouted the slogans of various sorts and varieties, and cheered loudly in front of the prime minister's palace. It did n’t mean to disperse for a long time, and some people set off firecrackers and fireworks. The crackle and rattle sounded "up here" The advent of a new era.

Chang Ruiqing stood in front of the window of the banquet hall on the third floor of the Tangshan Mansion Building opposite the Prime Minister's Palace and watched the scene quietly. The same lively scene in the banquet hall, several rows of long wooden tables, filled with various Chinese and Western cold snacks, as well as various sorts and varieties of fine wine and Dutch water, American cola. A band in military uniforms played cheerful music, and the entire banquet hall was brilliantly lit. The chief figures of the Greater China Federal Capital, as well as the defense forces from the front line or representatives from various places, groups of three or squads of five stand at will. Laughing with each other in a low voice, the content of the conversation is everything. Some generals in military uniforms recounted the anecdotes and anecdotes they encountered on the battlefield-today is a day to celebrate victory, and the content of the conversation should certainly not be too bloody.also some businessmen in suits and leather jackets holding high-quality cigars are excitedly discussing the "second land reform" and the various business opportunities that the government will promote urbanization-the spoils of this World War are really very rich, so What I am most excited about now is not those soldiers with outstanding military achievements, but the merchants represented by the four great chaebols. Land, resources, World Currency, public property sales, the construction of eight major cities, the construction of Siberia in Central Asia, all mean huge profits rolling in! There are so many places where you can make a fortune that businessmen can't help but shout long live the prime minister in the banquet hall while drinking.But Chang Ruiqing didn't take a look at these whole body high and low merchants who are all copper odor. Although there are many so-called sociologists who study the Three People's Principles or Left People's Principles, they have written in the newspapers of the Federation. If there are no restrictions on the growing consortium, the future Greater China Federation is extremely likely to become a country under the control of the consortium! By then, politics may become a money game between consortia, and ordinary working people will completely lose their say! Chang Ruiqing doesn't care about this kind of argument. Because he knew that as long as he was alive, the consortium could not be the man behind the country. As for how will it be after death? It is up to the future working people to fight for their own rights. They now have a lot of freedom in strikes, marches, assemblies, associations, and speech. If the votes belonged to the high-level regime, it would not protect their rights from being invaded by chaebols. Then he, the father of the Greater China Federation, really can't think of what else is there system can restrain chaebols. As for establishing a centralized dictatorship, relying on a strong political party to suppress chaebols to protect civilians, and maintaining the United Federation's suggestions, Chang Ruiqing has no penny of interest. Who made him essentially a selfish man? It's not selfless at all. It's a great man who can give a happy life to the nation and the nation.

As for Mao zd, Zhou elai, Jiang jshi, etc. who surround at his side, they all seem to hold the same idea, so the topics they are talking about now are still inseparable from the referendum and the parliamentary vote."... You guys. Now that World War is basically over, the next big thing is two. The first is to distribute loot; the second is of course to consolidate the unity of the Federation. The distribution of loot is the second land reform. I plan to use" Land The name of the Distribution Law was voted through in parliament ... The general policy you already know is that the bill to be voted on will be modified on the basis of privately discussed plans, and the land holding limit will be lifted.

At the same time that the "Land Distribution Law" is submitted to the Parliament for voting, China g will also propose an "Agricultural Cooperative Law." The purpose of this bill is to prepare to use the financial resources of the Federation Government to support an organization called ‘agricultural cooperatives’ through the Agriculture and Fisheries Association and the Ministry of Agriculture, which will integrate community autonomy with agricultural production and agricultural product sales. The specific terms will be sent in writing to the central and federal members of the political parties before the bill is submitted to Parliament.

In addition, Xiyuan Temple Gongwang also proposed a "United Federation Law" on behalf of the Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Association. The main content is to promote the unification and integration of the Commonwealth of Greater China, so that each Republic and Kingdom currently serving as the main body of the Federation has a way to completely fuse together in the end. To put it more simply, it is to abolish the various republics and kingdoms and make all provincial administrative regions directly under the Federation Government. In the future, there will be no countries in the administrative system of our Greater China Federation, but only the four levels of federation-province, provincial city-district, county-township. There may also be some autonomous communities in rural areas, mainly in the form of agricultural cooperatives. "Chang Ruiqing said while looking at the people around him with a faint look, he seemed to have enough confidence in the passage of the three bills related to the take-off of the Greater China Federal Economy and political stability. As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Jishi, the chairman of the Kuomintang, was slightly sighed. Ning Mei said: "Prime Minister, our Nationalist Party has always supported the Land Distribution Law. The Federation can obtain the land of Central Asia and Siberia. Ultimately, it is the result of the joint efforts of all the military and civilians of the Federation. The fruit of victory should also be shared by the federal military and civilians. As for the "United Federation Law", it is no problem to pass both the Senate and the House of Representatives in the Federal Parliament, but I am afraid there will be some opinion opinion in the Indochina, the Republic of Myanmar, the Kingdom of Siam and the Republic of Malay? In addition, the Philippines and East India, Japan and South Korea have not yet joined the Federation legally. I am afraid it would not be appropriate to directly turn the province into a province? "

"There is no problem in Japan. The Japanese in East India will also agree to join the Federation as a province." Chang Ruiqing showed a smile that can be called confident, waved his hand said: "The United Federation Act" was was Originally proposed by the public hope of Nishiwonji Temple, how is this possible not supported by the Republic of Japan? Besides, the "United Federation Law" does not mean that those Republics and Kingdoms will immediately become federal provinces, or there is a referendum procedure. The temple referendum proposed that it is not necessary to refer to the referendum for the Republic of Japan to join the Federation, but directly refer to the four provinces including Kyushu, Honshu, Beihai, and Shikoku to join the referendum. You can link the referendum of the Land Distribution Law with the referendum to join the Federation. 100% is acceptable. "Jiang Jishi smiled slightly, and also couldn't bear in his heart admired Chang Ruiqing. In the past, in the eyes of them, the Kuomintang, Japan's enemy was so invincible that it was now beaten by Chang Ruiqing. Kneeling and crawling, if you want them to be round, they will be round.

"So what about the other republics and kingdoms? How to deal with it?" Although Mao Zd heard about the "United Federation Law", he didn't know too many details.

Chang Ruiqing said: "We in the Republic of China will also hold a referendum for integration into the Federation. This was originally so a virtual federal body. It is now withdrawn by the Republic of Japan and the Far East Republic is also withdrawn. This is also for Japan. It ’s a step down. As for the other republics and kingdoms of the federation, depending on the situation, if you do n’t have the confidence to pass, do n’t immediately conduct a referendum for integration into the federation, temporarily retains the qualifications of their federal subjects. ”

"In this case, our Kuomintang can also support the" United Federation Law. "Chiang Jushi nodded and said with a slight frown:" But what is the "Agricultural Cooperative Law"? Does your party want to engage in China? Is agricultural collectivization? If it is In that case, our Kuomintang can not support it! "He said that he turned his attention to Mao Zd and Zhou Elai. He knew that there are many high-level leaders in China g who will never forget to go to Soviet Russia. Relying on the model, even if Soviet Russia has already died, the surviving Russians have completely abandoned the Soviet Russia's set of methods.Mao zd and Zhou elai both smiled at the same time, and Zhou elai explained: "Jie Gong, you guessed it right, we want to pilot collectivization in the countryside, but it is not the kind of collectivization in the Soviet Union and India. It is the collectivization with Chinese characteristics. The basis of our collectivization is the family farm, and the per capita cultivated area under the agricultural cooperative is as high as 20 mu. Moreover, the land of the farmers participating in the agricultural cooperative is also private. Our agricultural cooperative ’s main The function is still to serve farmers and help them develop traditional smallholder production into large-scale agriculture with certain scale benefits. Our party believes that this model is also a feasible way for China ’s agricultural development ... "

Chang Ruiqing just looked at Jiang Jishi, Mao Zd, and Zhou Elai who were discussing the "Agricultural Cooperative Law", and looked was somewhat complex. These three important big men in China's political arena do not even dream about it. In another time and space, are they talking about state affairs with guns? The current method of using plebiscite and parliamentary voting to generate the government and formulate major national policies is probably one of the most precious treasures left to China after participating in this era, its value is not even more than 20 million sq . Under the territory expansion of km.

And in his view, this political line is not only beneficial to the country and the people, but also to the top Chinese politicians like Mao, Jiang, and Zhou. Because politicians have become a very safe profession in China, "winner is the king's game rules have been completely gone in the past!not only that, with the outer layer of democratic elections, family politics is not only possible, but can also open and aboveboard the "From the Main Room." For example, the eldest son of Jiang Jiang, Major Jiang Jingguo who served as the captain of the destroyer in the Nanyang Fleet of the National Defense Army , A few days ago, I have submitted a retired report, with the support of the Kuomintang, I plan to formally march into the political arena in the Republic of Korea ’s election to participate in the election of the Federal Councillor. In a few years, Chang Ruiqing ’s second son Chang Zuocheng and Mao zd His eldest son Mao Anying will also enter the political arena and will also take the class of Lao Tzu in the future. Oh, by the way, Zhou Elai also has two sons in this time and space. How Zhou Bingwen Zhou Bingwen will be active on the Chinese political stage sooner or later ... …

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