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Chapter Directory 631 The End
    Chinese Name: 很纯很暧昧前传  Author: 鱼人二代(Yú rén èr dài, Murloc II)
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     43. Spring roll

     I put a few of the plan forms I listed on the desk into the drawer and looked at my watch, it was already over twelve. (Net) (Literature Net?)

     "Why don't you sleep yet?" I asked Xia Jing who looked at the dazed side of the bed and asked strangely.

     Xia Jing lowered his head, and his face flushed with water. After a long time, he whispered, "Are you going out first, I'm going to undress."

     "Aren't you going to sleep in a bed with me? Are you afraid of me?" I asked.

     "That--that won't work, anyway, you go out first, and I go to bed before you come in." Xia Jing pushed me out of the door.

     Alas, what is this woman doing! They all slept with me, even when I was undressed, I was still afraid of watching. I walked out of my room reluctantly, if only there was a hole in my door.

     After a while, Xia Jing shouted inside: "Okay, you come in."

     I pushed open the door excitedly and ran to my bed with a brain. (Net) Huh? What is her posture? He was taken in by himself, like a big spring roll.

     "Aren't you going to sleep like this?" I asked unwillingly. If this is the case, then it doesn't make any sense for her to take off her clothes.

     "Of course! Although I know that you are a good person, but you see, you are still obsessed with it. For my safety, I still roll up myself better." Xia Jing said cunningly."Fuck! If you're afraid of insecurity, don't sleep with me on a bed! What a plane!" I shouted angrily. I have a feeling of being tricked.

     "But, people still hope you can protect me by the side!" Xia Jing said aggrievedly.

     "Inexplicable." I turned off the light angrily and quickly took off all my clothes. When I only had the last underwear, I still gritted my teeth and took off. I went to bed, pulled another quilt over my body, and turned away from Xia Jing, and ignored her.

     But I couldn't sleep anymore, but I became more and more energetic. Xia Jing's smile and her plump body kept circling in my mind. I really wanted to forcefully pull her quilt away to feel the feel of the oversized breast. (Literature Network)

     Just as I was cranky, a voice rang behind me: "Brother, are you angry?"

     It turned out that the little beauty Xia Jing didn't sleep, and thought she had fallen asleep long ago.

     "No!" I replied coldly: "Also, don't call me my elder brother, I'm not as old as you!"

     "Why! Big brother, you must be angry, are you upset if I roll myself up?" Xia Jing asked aggrievedly.

     "Tell you if you don't have it, why are you doing so much!" I said impatiently.

     "You have it!" Xia Jingjiao snorted.I didn't speak either, I was too lazy to care about her on this problem of no nutrition. Instead, I think I am too horny? They already have Zhao Yanyan, and they are still interested in Xia Jing's big breasts. Alas, where did my loyalty to love last life go, why have I failed so much in my life, a full-bodied pervert.

     After a while, Xia Jing whispered after seeing me ignore her, "Brother, I'm afraid, can you turn around?"

     "I'm trying to misbehave, you should continue to be a spring roll." I still have a grudge about her approach.

     "Hey!" Xia Jing sighed softly, and said in a wry voice: "Why don't I open it, but you mustn't do that to me!"

     Suddenly, I felt like a bad guy. It's normal for a girl to roll herself up. What kind of anger is it that I'm born with? Isn't it natural for you to touch it? I shook my head bitterly and turned around. I just wanted to apologize to Xia Jing, but I didn't expect Xia Jing to really let go of his body. In the moonlight, I can even see the shy expression on Xia Jing's face.

     "Brother, let's do this." Xia Jing whispered.

     "Sleep, just now the elder brother is not good, the elder brother is indeed mischievous." I said ashamedly, a man in my thirties still playing with a little girl of seventeen or eighty years old.

     "I believe in big brother." Xia Jing said with a smile. Suddenly said shyly again: "Actually, even if you want to treat me even if you are a big brother, I won't blame you..."

     Is this a hint? No way? Why does God care about me so much?But in the end I still didn't make any moves. After all, my big brother's image is quite positive. I can't bear to leave any shadow on the heart of the little flower in this greenhouse.

     Thinking of this, my heart full of enthusiasm also calmed a lot, and gradually fell asleep.

     I woke up in the middle of the night and ran out to the toilet. When I came back, I found that Xia Jing kicked away the cover. A pair of snowy white jade rabbits stood outside. My hand subconsciously wanted to reach out.

     Suddenly Xia Jing shouted, "Brother, don't leave me! Don't send me home! I will never wrap myself into spring rolls..."

     I was shocked and quickly shrunk my hand back. Staring at Xia Jing for a long time, she found her eyes closed and her breathing even. It turns out that this little beauty is talking about dreams!

     I stretched my hand out again, and Xia Jing said again: "Big Brother, I have all been opened. Whatever you want to do to me, just don't push me away!"

     I looked at my hands hanging in the air, and finally gave up. Listening to Xia Jing's simple dreams, I think if I really do something while she is asleep, it will be too mean.

     One night, I did not have any contact with Xia Jing. Although I really wanted to, I couldn't bear to extend my sinful hand every time I looked up at Xia Jing's smiling face.

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