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Chapter Directory 1184 Beast Sovereign
    Chinese Name: 异界之装备强化专家  Author: 茫茫云海(Mángmáng yúnhǎi, Sea of Clouds)
    Original: www.zongheng.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

A full sky of ice and snow swept the earth, like a polar winter suddenly descending, and there was an ice cold between the sky and the earth, and it seemed that even the exhaled breath would be instantly frozen.

     And the many strong people present could feel that it was not just the ‘weather’ that suddenly changed. What really scared people in the surroundings of the snow-filled world was... ice elemental force! !

     The ice elemental force that fills the world and is so strong that it is almost suffocating!

     The bone-thinning cold spread all over the body, and many people subconsciously turned the soulforce to resist, but then they were shocked to find that this kind of chill could not be dispelled!

     ——Not only ordinary ice elemental force, but...Ice Element Great Dao law force!

     After Bai Yunfei transported the power of Law of the Dao of Fire to protect his whole body, the bone-thinning chill was dissipated. Then his eyes condensed slightly, and while his mind moved, a layer of heat spread around him. This small area of his surroundings suddenly showed a slight red light, and the intense fire elemental force was unprecedentedly active, covering all Soul Cultivator and Soul Beast of surroundings.

     Worldstone +12 additional effects, extremely fire field!

     The power of Law of the Dao of Fire filled the air, driving away all the chill of surroundings, so that all members of your side, including those countless level 6 Soul Beasts, were no longer affected by the cold air of surroundings.Of course, the reason why Bai Yunfei was able to do so is not that he has the ability to fight Ice Plume Sage, but that they are just a little bit "affected"-the real "attack" is the front. People from Beast Taming School on Huang Mang Mountain Range!


     The cold wind roared, and the feather-sized ice and snow became denser and denser, and when they dropped from the sky and landed on the people of Beast Taming School, they turned into...pieces of extremely sharp ice blades!


     In an instant, a scream of horror and despair resounded above the Qiman Mountain Range, and bright red blood blossoms bloomed in the snow and ice in the sky, sprinkled on the icy ground, and then were also frozen............ This was a killing without suspense and no mercy. All disciples of Beast Taming School in the gate of Beast Taming School were spared!

     Including those powerful Soul King powerhouses, after desperately breaking out elemental force for a while, they were still shattered into pieces by countless ice blades... Bai Yunfei's perception was that there were already innumerable many strong or weak soulforces. The breath disappeared one by one, and the section of Huang Mang Mountain Range in front of him had become a purgatory on earth... Turning his head and looking to the southern side as if feeling conscious, Bai Yunfei found that it seemed to be more than a hundred miles away over there. There was also a big'blizzard'.——There is the location of Beast Taming City!

     In other words, even the few people from Beast Taming School in Beast Taming City were not spared!

     For the saint-level powerhouse, hundreds of miles away, from countless people distinguish the breath of the people of Beast Taming School, and then kill... it's not difficult!

     Among the numerous ice elemental forces flooded with surroundings, Bai Yunfei clearly felt a faint sense of ‘anger’. He knew that this idea came from the person who manipulates these energies, that is, Ice Plume Sage.

     Ice Plume Sage has been trapped in Beast Taming School for more than three thousand years. Now he can see the light again and regain his freedom. The first thing he did is to personally destroy all the rest of Beast Taming School. His hatred for Beast Taming School, It can be imagined.

     In fact, all the imperial powers of Beast Taming School have fallen, and the demise of Beast Taming School has been destined. However, if Bai Yunfei and the rest kill the remaining people of Beast Taming School, I am afraid it will take some time. Kung Fu, at the moment, "Excuse me," such a level 9 expert came to do this, but it only took a moment to solve it.

     ……Finally, when the last scream came abruptly, within a radius of hundreds of miles, he fell into a dead silence again, leaving only the whirring sound that echoed between the world and the earth, making people feel like have one's hair stand on end .The remaining people of Beast Taming School, I am afraid there are nearly 10,000 people, but all of them died in these few minutes. Even Bai Yunfei felt a chill that penetrated the soul.

     The sound of the cold wind whistling in the ears gradually weakened, and the surroundings of the wind and snow also receded like a tide. After only a few breaths, the sky returned to its original appearance. If it were not for the almost frozen Beast Taming School gate, Everyone almost thought the blizzard just now was just an illusion.

     Nearly 10,000 lives were harvested in an instant, but Ice Plume Sage's expression was as cold as ice and frost (idiom, usually of woman) as before, turning around slowly, just in time to see Bai Yunfei putting away the extreme fire Realm, there seemed to be a trace of surprise flashing in his eyes.

     Looking at everyone, Ice Plume Sage slowly said, "I have been sealed for three thousand years. Although I swallowed the soul of Xue Ziye and got part of its memory, there are still many things that are unclear-who of you voluntarily lets My Soul Searching?"

     When he spoke, his eyes fell on a group of Soul Beast powerhouses.

     "Holy Ancestor, the juniors are willing!"

     After only a second of silence, a white figure appeared immediately, but it was the White Browed Eagle King.

     Dignified level 7 late stage The peak powerhouse, at this time, seemed to be an ordinary minister who was seeing the emperor, with unconcealable excitement in his eyes, and his stature like electricity. He flew to Ice Plume Sage in the blink of an eye."Demonic Winter Eagle family?" Ice Plume Sage glanced at the White Browed Eagle King. There seemed to be a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, and he nodded slightly, "Very good."

     Lifting his right hand, he placed it on the head of the White Browed Eagle King, his eyes condensed slightly, and the inner body soulforce was agitated for an instant.

     The White Browed Eagle King's body trembled slightly, but then there was no other overreaction. Only a few seconds later, Ice Plume Sage withdrew his hand.

     Ice Plume Sage showed a trace of contemplation in his eyes, as if he was sorting out some information, and the White Browed Eagle King in front of him was actually thinking about something with his eyes glittering.

     "Thank you Saint Ancestor for your advice!!"

     A moment later, when Ice Plume Sage raised his head again, the White Browed Eagle King also slowed down, but he worshipped deeply and respectfully, with a more respectful look and a hint of excitement.

     ——In return for voluntary Soul Searching, Ice Plume Sage also passed some Cultivating insights to White Browed Eagle King during Soul Searching just now. For White Browed Eagle King, it is really a great good fortune.

     "The juniors have seen Ice Plume Sage!"

     "I have seen Ice Plume Sage!"


     Between the glittering figures, the blue-eyed White Dragon King and Bai Yunfei and the rest have all flown to the front, whether it is Soul Cultivator or Soul Beast, they all salute in awe."Hmm..." Ice Plume Sage nodded lightly, but his eyes fell on Bai Yunfei, "Are you Bai Yunfei?"

     Bai Yunfei's heart tightened, and respectfully said: "It's a junior, I've seen Senior Ice Plume Sage..."

     Ice Plume Sage showed a hint of approval in his eyes, and slowly said: "This time the elimination of Beast Taming School, I count my orcs owe you a great favor, including this time I can see the light again, which is also thanks to you. If I owe you a favor, he will definitely find a chance to repay you—or if you have any requirements, you can say it now."

     The favor of a saint-level powerhouse, this is simply a good thing in the sky. Bai Yunfei was immediately excited. Naturally, he would not hypocritically refuse, and respectfully said: "Thank you, senior! The junior contract Soul Beast Xiao Qi is also true. If you can, I hope that seniors can give pointers on Cultivating..."

     "Oh?" Ice Plume Sage was taken aback for a moment. First, he was a little surprised that the other party actually made the request immediately, and then surprised that the other party's request was not for himself.

     Turning his gaze slightly, he fell on Xiao Qi on Bai Yunfei's shoulder, Ice Plume Sage tip of brow slightly raised, and said in amazement: "Huh? This is... the inheritance of Seven Color Immortal Phoenix?!"Bai Yunfei said immediately: "Senior is right, Xiao Qi and I were taken care of by the orc predecessors not long ago, and entered the Beast Emperor Graves, where Xiao Qi got the inheritance of a Seven Color Immortal Phoenix predecessor. , Successfully advanced level 8."


     Ice Plume Sage nodded thoughtfully, and said, "Well, in that case, let me pass on him something after I recover my vitality..."

     What he said is to "point". Naturally, he will not just point randomly like the White Browed Eagle King just now, but he is actually not as "innocent" on the surface. He has been sealed for three thousand years, plus being Xue Ziye and the rest have been'refining' for dozens of days, and he also needs some time to recover.

     After a pause, Ice Plume Sage spoke again: "Okay, the rest of the cleaning is up to you. After it's done... let's return to Soul Beast Forest."