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Chapter Directory 2106 Master Chapter!
    Chinese Name: 天域苍穹  Author: 风凌天下(Fēng líng tiānxià, The Blowing Wind)
    Original: chuangshi.qq.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Ye Xiao's words, like Hong Zhong Dalu, suddenly sounded in the air, reaching the heart lake of everyone in World of Mortals Heaven Beyond the Heaven.

     "World of Mortals Heaven Beyond the Heaven, unified ever since."

     "The original five local world restrictions, none of them exist; there is only one."

     With Ye Xiao's voice spreading across every corner of this world, the five continents that were originally all split up and in pieces, at this moment, moved quickly on their own, gathering in the middle from five directions...

     However, after a short while, the original five scattered continents were spliced into a whole continent.

     Originally, this movement of moving the mainland was more than shocking. The sky was shaking and the earth was shaking. However, Ye Xiao's words were casual, and the exit was the constitution of the world. The five continents should have moved on their own. The great movement of the people disappeared, and the residents from all sides did not even feel that the mainland where they lived had changed dramatically!

     Ye Xiao saw the five continents converge and unified, and said: "Heavens, the world should have Yin Yang, Samsara."

     With a bang to the east.

     The Nine Underworld world suddenly opened up a vast world, and a new ghost order gradually formed.

     "To unite, order the world, set up the supreme Heavenly Palace, and rule the world."

     "Each local world, where the official position belongs, is now clothed."

     "All the world, conform to Heaven Fate; there must be no violation."Ye Xiao's eyes were indifferent, and he looked around for a week.

     Then the body flashed, and the whole person disappeared.

     Until he walked for a long time, everyone discovered that all the people who belonged to the Monarch Pavilion had been taken away by the time Ye Xiao left.

     After a while, Ye Hongchen, Colored Glass Heaven Emperor, Bai Yutian and others walked out of the Six Glowing Star Array that had been completely destroyed by Ye Xiao's aura. Everyone looked at this mottled world with amazement.

     What level of strength is this? !

     What kind of cultivation level is it! ?

     gasp in amazement, intimidate at the first glance! ?

     Not convinced?

     Who is not convinced, who dares not to be convinced? !

     "Childe, did we leave like this?" Wan'er asked unwillingly with her pretty face pale in the distant starry sky.

     "Divine ability is less than the number of days..." Bai Chen's eyes were calm, and he couldn't see any disappointment or unwillingness, and said lightly: "I don't have that life, let go, better."

     Xiu'er's eyes were red, and he almost cried: "childe..."

     "What's upsetting?" Bai Chen smiled softly, and he turned out to be relaxed and happy: "I don't have that fate, but Ye Xiao has. But... Ye Xiao is the same as me... Actually, he was only when I left. It’s the biggest headache."

     "Why is this?" Wan'er Xiu'er puzzled."Not why." Bai Chen laughed: "Ye Xiao and I are rivals in our lives and we know each other. I want this Ruler position of World of Mortals Heaven Beyond the Heaven, not for this Ruler position. And Ye Xiao , Nor is it to become the King of this world..."

     "Our goal is not here."

     "And now I gave up, but instead let go."

     Bai Chen was a little longing: "Actually, I should thank Ye Xiao for freeing me from this battle. Thus letting go of the obsessed that has been obsessed for tens of thousands of years... Concentrate and open another path."

     "I have the feeling, Ye Xiao, will meet me on the other road."

     "That's still the same way. I just hope that I won't start too late, and I won't fall too far."

     Wan'er and Xiu'er were ignorant and didn't know what the childe said, they just nodded in relief. Childe is fine, the two girls are perfectly contented.

     Moreover, after so many years of understanding, is childe really fine, is it really let go, is it really the same as what he said, both women can feel it.

     What childe said is true!

     He really put it down.

     It's also really relieved.

     And it's really joyful!

     This is very good."Let's go." Bai Chen stared at the clouds ahead: "Go to a place... I've been yearning for a long time."


     The devastating Spirit Clan demon died under a series of calculations by Ye Bai and the two, and the established five-party alliance also ended with such a weird style that no one could understand.

     The whole world has entered a period of high-speed unification because of this change.

     The era of Monarch Pavilion unified the world has finally arrived.

     Ye Xiao is already not just in name only, but also in reality.

     Despite this kind of power, Ye Xiao didn't want it, and never intended it. As Bai Chen said: Ye Xiao's true ambition is never here.

     But at this stage, only he is qualified to live there, and he has enough ability to deter the world.

     But what makes Ye Xiao feel the headache is: he seems to have no one to use, and there are a lot of people in the Monarch Pavilion, how can he want to use no one? !The five local worlds are said to be unified. However, at least in the short term, the five local worlds still have to go their own way. They operate in accordance with the original laws and regulations. It is naturally not a problem that the Nantian/Southern Heaven is fully owned by Ye Xiao and is controlled by Ye Hongchen. It’s easy to say that the Ye Family is the same as the Western Heaven, but the Seven Petals Golden Lotus family is still alive. The Old Gentleman Guan should be the Seven Lotus Family descendant to deal with the two days of government affairs in the southwest, enough and to spare. Colored Glass Heaven is there. It's easy to solve, the official position is business as usual, except that some people who have extremely bad voices and the kind of moths left by the Colored Glass Heaven Emperor deliberately have been removed, the rest is basically not moving.

     In fact, those people, who were originally the Colored Glass Heaven Emperor, deliberately kept them to use their descendants to build their prestige, and they are people waiting to be slaughtered, so it's not a pity to kill them.

     The residents of Colored Glass Heaven are over ninety years old and belong to Monster Race. It is better for Monster Race to be governed by a member of Monster Race!

     The above three days have been comprehensive in terms of internal affairs, but the remaining two days are full of omissions, especially in Northern Heaven, where all the senior members of the Northern Heaven Great Emperor were swallowed by Spirit Clan Xiong Er; only three or two kittens remained. Not even a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood

     Bai Chen Young Master Bai, who fills in the Northern Heaven, has already disappeared into this world with his House of the Chaotic Storm.In other words, Northern Heaven was almost in a vacuum. Ye Xiao had no choice but to throw out half of the Monarch Pavilion's hands. This would be considered as reluctantly filling the blanks of Northern Heaven, and at least it could maintain its operation.

     But among the five local worlds, it was not Northern Heaven that gave Ye Xiao the most headache, but Eastern Heaven. After Eastern Heaven Great Emperor Bai Yutian announced the official abdication, the old squad that belonged to Eastern Heaven also retired. Lin Quan.

     These people are reluctant to bear old friends and brothers, and they have been in high positions for a long time, and they have long been tired of the ups and downs of the emperor; and they are...new emperor, new officials, they may be stared at when they really stay. Are you on it?

     Although Monarch Ye does not seem to be that kind of person, he knows his face and he does not know what will happen to him. Who knows what will happen in the future, no matter how high the status of a soldier can be, it is not as light as an official, free and at leisure......

     However, what makes Ye Xiao most puzzled is that the people at Ye Hongchen, except for the people in the Seven Lotus Family, are the ones who are unwilling to be an official.

     "Is it so unwelcome to be an official and in power now?" Ye Xiao frowned and looked at Xuan Bing and others: "It's so difficult to ask someone to be an official!"

     Xuan Bing endured a smile: "Being an official is risky, you need to be cautious when you are an official..."

     Ye Xiao rolled his eyes.

     (End of this chapter)
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