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Chapter Directory 2107 Season Finale!
    Chinese Name: 天域苍穹  Author: 风凌天下(Fēng líng tiānxià, The Blowing Wind)
    Original: | Translation:

It’s one thing for everyone to support it, and it’s another thing to not be an official. The two are not contradictory. Only Ye Xiao is embarrassed. Under all circumstances, the expanded Monarch Pavilion staff is also a brain. Let go.

      Flower King, Chi Huo, Bu Xiangfeng, and Meng Youjiang, the four Monarch Pavilians with the highest status, are all released to be the masters of a local world. As for the Colored Glass Heaven, Ye Xiao simply used Ye Di as a threat and made Purple Dragon King the master of Colored Glass Heaven.

      Xuanyuan Liuli, the old fellow, has long gone with the world of Mortals. He has been far away from a good friend for 100,000 years. It must be enough for White Phoenix.

      Ye Xiao tried his best and finally Blood River found: "Senior Blood River, if you are old, I will not force you, but my three old people are under the hand/subordinate, but how old are you? Don’t let them out?"

      Blood River is also very helpless: "They can't get out if they don't achieve it. Otherwise, if I want them to be absent from this century's battle... Your patient wait is that they are your people, they will always be you People, certainly can't run..."

      Ye Xiao: "..."

     The descendant of the seven Golden Lotus family, Ye Xiao, has entrusted them with heavy tasks, which is also regarded as Guangzong Yaozu. But the seven old guys like Seven Golden Lotus looked rather plain.

     After deliberation, Ye Xiao decided to name the new era: Monarch Era.

      Ye Xiao, the Supreme of the world, can be said to be "lazy" to the extreme, basically no matter what.

      What Bai Chen said is a little different.

      Bai Chen really let go, but Ye Xiao was not trapped. Ye Xiao has all put down...

     And he put this down, it's ridiculous!I ate and drank, drank, and awakened and ate again every day. I carried the second product in my arms every day, with Golden Hawk on my shoulders, Ye Di on my head, Ye Huang on my other shoulder, and occasionally followed a team The giant boa conquers the city all the way, playing all over the world, happy to be like anything...

     As for the jade seal, it was thrown at Jun Yinglian early.

     For this world treasure, Jun Yinglian and Xuan Bing have to compete every day. You throw it to me, and I throw it to you again.

     Governing the world in this way is truly extraordinary and inexplicable.

     But everyone's practice is progressing by leaps and bounds.

     Three years later.

      Ye Xiao accepted the only two apprentices in his life.

     Two teenagers.

     One is Ji Zhangyun and the other is Ce Wufeng.

     It was the reincarnation of the two Supremes that year.

      Ye Xiao followed the promise and accepted the two as apprentices. After improving the cultivation techniques originally developed by the two, they taught them; these two little guys seemed to fit the two cultivation techniques perfectly, and they entered the country astonishingly fast. .

     However, Ye Xiao does not intend to restore the memories of the previous life of the two people, which would instead upset the mental state of Akako, which they now have. Turning to the two small previous life, the memory is completely sealed, leaving only one sentence: "If one day you two reach a level enough to unlock the ban, you will get some other things... No chance, everything goes to Heaven Destiny."A few years later, Xuan Bing came to discuss with Ye Xiao: ""You waited a long time, and tuned those two children for a long time, it can be said that the day's commitment to the two Supremes was completed, but now we are away from this world. The time limit is getting closer. "

      Ye Xiao nodded: "I know."

      Xuan Bing glanced at Ye Xiao and said, "But this world is still full of hidden dangers, how do you plan to solve it?"

      Ye Xiao asked: "What are the hidden dangers?"

     "So many peak experts, under our repression, try to avoid the World of Mortals as far as possible. Once we leave, the deterrence is no longer, this world is afraid that it will be re-instant again. Over the years, the major families have already been The existence of the Big Mac, but the actual combat power is still not high, at least not enough to contend with those peak powerhouse, then..."

      Ye Xiao laughed: "Bing'er, you are now worrying too much. The future will be handled by the people in the future. From the beginning to the end, I have no intention to unify the whole world, King of World of Mortals. Different; however, destiny pushed me to this part, but I had to bear a uniform fixed number... But after I left, this fixed number would not be returned to me. The world, the world, and the world, all by means."

      Xuan Bing pursed his lips and smiled: "I knew you would say that, do you really think I like to fuck so much?"

     The so-called world matters no more, no matter whether it is the most irresponsible practice, it is also the most chic and the most trouble-free practice!

      Ye Xiao had previously made an appointment with Wenren neat / Chuchu and Su Yeyue and planned to go back to Cold Sun Big 6 to see it.

      When Xuan Bing and Jun Yinglian and others knew about it, they would naturally go back to Blue Clouds Heaven Territory to visit the old.Now that he has decided to abandon everything in this world, family elopement has become the only choice!

     All the talents here just booked an itinerary, and someone came to find it.

     It was the couple that Ye Xiao had just happened to meet at the World of Mortals Heaven Beyond the Heaven. The couple brought their children to find the person who promised.

     Along the way, knowing that they were going to be Saint King today, all the people were greeted and escorted.

      Ye Xiao laughed, saw the little guy aptitude is acceptable, passed down the book and introduced it to Bu Xiangfeng as an apprentice to learn art.

     This is also the final recorded anecdote about World of Mortals Saint King Smiling Monarch Ye Xiao in the history of World of Mortals!


      Blue Clouds Heaven Territory.

     Ye Nantian/Southern Heaven and Moon Palace Xue finished their work on Ye Clan on this day, suddenly felt tired, and both fell asleep.

     In this inexplicable dream, the two couples seem to see Ye Xiao coming back.

     It was still that heroic, with a broad smile.

     The long-lost son also brought a few stunning women, and after a deep ceremony in front of them, he flew away.

     Some of those women clearly felt familiar, and they seemed to be acquaintances, but they really wanted to give their surnames, but were temporarily blindfolded...

     After the two couples woke up at the same time, it was only now but in the afternoon, surrounded by floral fragrances, clearly in the garden.

     "This dream..." Moon Palace Xue reminisced, and his eyes turned red again: "I seem to see Xiao Xiao coming back, and take my daughter-in-law to say hello..."

     Ye Nantian/Southern Heaven froze for a moment: "You also had such a dream?"This question made Moon Palace stunned: "Could it be that you too?"

     The two look at each other in dismay and froze for a while.

     Immediately, Moon Palace snow exclaimed, and the path ran out.

     I saw the outside of the whole manor, thousands of miles of peaks and land, and even the hardened roads, full of flowers.

     The whole world has been transformed into a sea of flowers.

     A little child in his twenties flew out of the manor: "Dad, look at this..."

     In the hands of the child, it was a crystal-like ring.

     Ye Nantian/Southern Heaven took some trembling words to recognize it carefully, but it was a Space Ring.

     Ye Nantian/Southern Heaven explored Divine Sense into it, searched for a long time, and only saw countless Heaven and Earth Treasures in it, countless cultivation resource...

     But there is no letter I most want to see!

     "Xiao Xiao ......"

      Moon Palace Snow clutched the ring tightly and stuck it in his heart, tears like rain: "You are still blaming me..."

     Ye Nantian/Southern Heaven sighed softly, supported his wife's shoulder with his hand, and took her into his arms: "He has been here, he has to wait for his wife to come to see you and give you a gift, this has proved that he did not blame you... but he……"

     "He really doesn't blame you..."

     Ye Nantian/Southern Heaven can fully understand Ye Xiao's mood.

     He really no longer blames anything, gets angry...just...

     If you meet each other, you will inevitably be embarrassed...

     Then see each other as if not seen!On the other side, Song Family, Song Jue’s small courtyard, Song Jue’s wine table also has a Space Ring, and two jars of wine, one jar is Heaven Beyond the Heaven World of Mortals drunk, the other jar It is a rare daughter's love. The former of these two altars is a gift from Ye Xiao and Song Jue. The other is a gift from Xuan Bing and Uncle Song. Looking around the Three Realms and Six Dao, they can receive gifts from Ye Xiao Xuan Bing at the same time. Except Song Jue, there is no one else!


      Blue Clouds Heaven Territory.

      Ye Xiao's last visit was naturally just to go back and meet the three masters of Lei Dadi.

      Cold Moon Sky Pavilion is now the largest Sect in Blue Clouds Heaven Territory.

      The three of Lei Dadi were very relieved to return to their lovers, with tears in their eyes and emotions.

      Master and Disciple have been together for a long time, but in the future, Ye Xiao traces, leaving San Boss scolding the inferiors for nothing. It’s better not to come back.

     However, since Ye Xiao visited Cold Moon Sky Pavilion, Heavenly Soul Palace Hall, which has been abandoned for a long time, has reunited itself with the power of three lights and restarted the secret of life and death reincarnation!

     Only this one item is enough to support Cold Moon Sky Pavilion to flourish for countless years!


      Cold Sun is 6.

      Ye Xiao and Lan Langlang, left Wuji / [without fear], the long-lost Three Young Masters of the Capital gathered again, gathered together for wine, food, and fragrance.

     "Wuji / [without fear], what is your ideal?"

     "Langlang, what do you most want to do?"

     "If you can immortalize Eternal Life, would you like it?"

     "Since you are not willing to live my life like this, what is your greatest wish if there is a life to come?"

     ...Su Yeyue snuggled up to her parents, talking about everything.

      Wenren neat / Chuchu returned to the Blue Wind Empire and went to his home to see his father emperor.

      Cold Sun's big 6 trip is short after all.

      The cultivation of Ye Xiao and other three people is far better than the dream of Huaiqing. If Ye Xiao had already achieved control of his own energy, it would be enough to blow away Cold Sun's big 6 in one breath. This is the shortcoming that the cultivation of too high strength will necessarily occur!

     And when Ye Xiao once again took Su Yeyue and Wenren neat / Chuchu away, everyone seemed to realize that Ye Xiao's departure would probably never come back...

     Everyone seemed a bit sad.

     Instead, Ye Xiao showed the most ease.

     He left an inexplicable but intriguing sentence.

     "We can meet each other forever."

      Ye Xiao left, walked neatly and cleanly, without any drag on the mud.

     Zuo Wuji / [without fear] and Lan Langlang saw their old friends return and go back, and were ashamed; both of them were bored at home for several days, but they put all their official affairs down; then they were like crazy In general, the two of them went together and drank together, drinking for half a month in darkness.

     A prime minister, a Great General, and two people, but all the official duties of both sides of the General government are left behind. In the past half a month, the entire Chen Empire has been messed up; even His Majesty the Emperor has a headache.

     But there is no way to deal with these two goods.When Ye Xiao left Cold Sun Big 6, when he seemed to pass a cliff of Cold Sun Big 6 intentionally or unintentionally, he felt a little bit of a smile, as if there was something happening, so he dropped a Space Ring cliff.

     There are various cultivation technique cheats and Heaven and Earth Treasure hidden in the ring, which is almost one tenth of the size of Ten Thousand Medicine Mountain.

     "But I don't know who will be this kind of person after 800 years?"

     "Ha Ha Ha..."

      Ye Xiao grabbed Su Yeyue's slim waist and took Wenren neat / Chuchu's hand and emptied away.

     This disappeared in Cold Sun Big 6, leaving only a legend of Young Master Xiao back then...


     This day.

     In the world of Mortals Heaven Beyond the Heaven, there is a cloud.

     A strange big tree, floating in the clouds, all the leaves around the body, all emitting a strange light.

     When a man in white is watching Yunwu and practicing, Ye Xiao suddenly appears.

     "Young Master Bai, these years have always been good."

      Bai Chen smiled: "I know you will find it."

      Ye Xiao smiled slightly: "However, Young Master Bai is indeed a person of Heaven Fate and will find this tree."

      Bai Chen smiled with narrowed eyes: "With your current ability, do you still care about this tree?"

      Ye Xiao laughed.

     This tree is the most unfathomable and mysterious Heaven Destiny tree in the starry sky.

     I didn't expect Bai Chen to find it, and lived under the tree of Heaven Destiny for a long time.

     Ye Xiao Xiao said: "You found the Heaven Destiny tree. Even the Heaven Destiny tree already belongs to you. It can be said that Heaven Fate has returned it. Now you are interested. Go out and manage the world?"Bai Chen smiled bitterly: "Are you kidding? How comfortable are my days now and you can't see it? You still want to let me go out?" Ye Xiao looked at Bai Qi's obscure Purple Qi and said: "Heaven Destiny Under the tree, the Lord of Heaven and Earth. You don’t want to go out, you also have this Heaven Fate."

     "But with you here, this Heaven Fate, I can also give up."

      Bai Chen smiled: "Heavens and Earth's Peerless Lord."

      Ye Xiao was startled, and suddenly remembered that sentence.

      Heavens and Earth's Peerless Lord, Chaos First Spirit.

      World Has Two Lords, Chaos Twelve Spirits!

      Ye Xiao sighed leisurely and murmured: "You are wrong, there is a dual master between heaven and earth. Even if you give up, too."

      Bai Chen frowned: "Huh?"

      Ye Xiao laughed.

     At this moment, he clearly felt that in the Life and Death Hall, in the formation map; the already solidified twelve spirit statues suddenly seemed to be alive, twelve different brilliances, lingering out, crossing in an instant It has entered countless spaces and entered Ye Xiao's Endless Space.

     In the void, it seemed to remember a smug, full of screams: "Meow!"

     How can a great meow be among the twelve spirits?

     The thing to be done by Master Meow is to seal the twelve spirits!

     Twelve years, for a reincarnation, repeated from beginning to end. And you twelve, in these twelve years, one in a year, the Lord is lucky, the fireworks on earth!

     Erhuo shook his head, proud.

     "Follow the order!" Twelve spirits leaned to their ears and prostrate to the ground.


     Outside the space."Don't mention everything, the old friend sees for a long time, it should be a big show!"

      Bai Chen shook his head and smiled bitterly: "I knew that you would find me, but I didn't expect you to drink as soon as you met, just forget it."

      Ye Xiao laughed.

     Slightly tilted, Wan'er and Xiu'er personally made wine and wine offerings, and the two of them were at the top of the world, deep in the clouds, toasting.

     It was only until the end that Ye Xiao didn't ask why Young Master Bai didn't say goodbye and retreat without a fight.

     Young Master Bai did not say that.

     The two just kept drinking, and never said anything to each other.

     Until the end of the game, Bai Chen finally asked a word.

     "Where is the Great Way?"

      Ye Xiao nodded and shook his head again, saying: "In my heart, in your heart."

      Bai Chen laughed.

     "You once said that you have to ask me one thing." Ye Xiao said: "Today, the time for me to leave this world is about to come. I think I have an understanding of this relationship with you, so I came specifically and asked You say."

     "What's the matter?"

      Ye Xiao asked solemnly.

      Bai Chen struggled between his expressions and said, "Originally, I planned to do that by myself, but I was afraid that the two girls could not wait for a long time. It would inevitably cause some scourge... I said it."

     "Yes, I know."

      Ye Xiao nodded: "I will wait for you!"

      Bai Chen smiled with confidence: "In the past, you chased me behind, now it's my turn to chase you, rest assured, I will definitely catch up with you!"Bai Chen said this, Ye Xiao immediately knew what Bai Chen wanted to ask. No need to ask more clearly.

     "The stars are endless, Great Way bound?less."

      Ye Xiao smiled slightly: "Bai Chen, we will fight again in Japan, and make this agreement today, not let me down!"

      Bai Chen nodded seriously: "Relax, I will always be on the opposite side of you, Ye must not let me down."

     "Why did I ever let you down, and you Bai Chen always brought me surprises." Ye Xiao said: "How many years have you worked hard to make a plan? The courage, really made this Ye look at each other, and felt ashamed."

      Bai Chen smiled faintly: "Continue, naturally, but...why am I suffering? What other days can I compare to my freedom now?"

     Ye Xiao Xiao smiled.

     At the same time, the person has melted in the clouds.

     Play and Xiu'er came up with the dishes, and they were surprised for a while: "Ye Jun has gone?"

      Bai Chen said: "He naturally wants to go. If he doesn't go, how can he wait for me in the distance."

     "Waiting for you in the distance..."

      Wan'er and Xiu'er are thoughtful and enlightened.


     Until the end of Ye Xiao's time limit, Liu Changjun Zhao Pingtian still did not show up.

      Ye Xiao has no choice to continue to wait, even if the constraints of Heavenly Dao are depressed, it is not difficult for Ye Xiao today!

     Since there is no danger, there is a period of reunion, but it is a matter of time.

      Ye Xiao is very open now.

     "I'm leaving. How about you?"Wine table.

      Ye Xiao, Han Bingxue, Li Wuliang, Xue Dan and so on.

     "We won't leave." Li Wuliang laughed, still with such boldness.

      Ye Xiao sighed.

     Between the eyebrows, there is a clear loss.

     Han Bingxue said sincerely: "Boss...I know your thoughts. You have always wanted to bring your brothers together, no matter where...As long as you still have this ability, you want, don't give up any brother... "

     "But now, we can't keep up with you. People, each has its own Heaven Fate."

     "It is not good for Boss to forcefully intervene. And, you will be very tired."

     "We don't want you to suffer from this."

     Han Bingxue smiled quietly: "So I'm staying here. When Boss misses us, you can come back and see." He suddenly smiled a little insignificantly: "This...I just happened to be in love A considering..."

      Li Wuliang and Ye Xiao were greatly surprised at the same time and turned to ask, "How old are you?"

     "Seventeen..." Han Bingxue blushed old.

     "Beasts..." Ye Xiao and Li Wuliang were simultaneously angry.

     The three immediately quarrelled.

     No one mentioned the matter of leaving Ye Xiao.

      Ye Xiao did not mention it.


     On this day, Ye Xiao quietly took Xuan Bing, Su Yeyue, Wenren neat / Chuchu, Jun Yinglian, Yue Shuang Yue Han, Bing Xinyue and others... on the dome.Now the cultivation practices of the Seven Girls have reached the powerhouse level across the starry sky, and any one of them has gone far beyond the category of World of Mortals Heaven Beyond the Heaven.

     For eight people, this may be the last time overlooking this World of Mortals! .

     Eight people looked at this piece of heaven and earth that fulfilled their dreams, and their eyes were filled with relief.


      Ye Xiao smiled slightly and took the lead towards the depths of the starry sky.

     The seven women smiled and kept up.

     In this World of Mortals Heaven Beyond the Heaven, a Legend of Smiling Monarch is forever left, and Ye Xiao et al. have never returned...


      Ye Di and Ye Huang did not leave with Ye Xiao.

     Instead, I chose to go out to gain experience. With two small abilities, Wuji / [without fear] is enough, Ye Xiao doesn't worry at all.


     Three years after Ye Xiao left, the three guys Liu Changjun, Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian came out of the forbidden area. From the mouth of Rou'er who had been waiting outside, they learned that Ye Xiao had left this world, and all three were ashamed. To die, I saw no cultivation for the joy of jumping up a lot.

     "Zhao Pingtian, this is what Sir Monarch left before you left."

      The prince of Black Ghost heard that three people were out of the customs and took the initiative to find three people.

     In addition to giving each of the three people a Space Ring, Zhao Pingtian was also given a jade bottle.

     "Sir Monarch said that this is the reincarnation of Yin-Yang Dan; let your wife Rou'er take it, and you will be able to get out of the ghost category and become a normal human being. Sir Monarch said that this was his promise to you. !"Zhao Pingtian and Rou'er were trembling, taking the Elixir, and burst into tears.

     "Sir Monarch..."

      Zhao Pingtian threw himself down on his knees and shouted, "I really miss... see you again..."


     I don't know how long it has passed.

      Bai Chen looked at Wan'er and Xiu'er as they were holding their children and playing.

     "Ye Xiao, thank you."

     "However, I finally found the way you left."

     "Now, it's time for me to chase you!"

     "You are waiting for me!"


      Ye Xiao travels the starry sky, the chaotic starry sky does not remember the year, but he has no idea how many years actually passed...

     This day, I finally felt something, and suddenly looked up to the sky: "Ji Mo (lonely)! You are here! I said, you are waiting for me, I will fight you!"

      Ye Xiao has never been so angry with a person, and that ‘Ji Mo (lonely)’ is definitely one of them, no one!

     At the end of the endless starry sky, a wicked figure suddenly appeared, it was Mr. Ji Mo (lonely) who was full of under-taste.

     And as he appeared together, there were still a lot of people.

     This is the expression of this group of people all with a good look.

     "Fuck, how come there are so many people?" Ye Xiao was taken aback."Relax." One of the guys with a burning face screamed twice and said: "We won't take action on you, we just come to see you and Ji Mo (lonely) fight... Ha Ha Ha ... Aooo, I have long seen this kid as uncomfortable. If you can beat him for us, we invite you to drink! The harder you fight, the better, don’t give me face, Ha Ha Ha… …"

     Several people next to each other echoed: "Not bad, as long as you can beat him, we all invite you to drink, you hit Ji Mo (lonely), just to give us face."

     Talking and talking, all of them pulled out a chair from the void, and put it in a majestic manner on all sides. )


     &1t;After a few moments...>