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2773 Chapter List 3067 The Thousand And Sixty-seven Chapters Are Banned!
    Chinese Name: ʥ  Author: ѩ(Xu mn gng do, Full Snow Knife)
    Original: | Translation:

    Under the gaze of countless gazes, many sharp divine weapons and secret techniques overturned.
    Thousands of large and small cave-heavens were suppressed, collided with five small cave-heavens, and there was a loud world-shaking noise!
    There is no hindrance, and the five small cave-heavens have all collapsed!
    Su Zimo's figure was also engulfed by such a terrifying and ferocious offensive!
    After everyone stopped, the starry sky had been shaken to dust, and Su Zimo left no traces, not even blood.
    "Too ruthless!"
    King Canlong sighed, and said: "This is the real annihilation of shape and mind, not a trace of body left, life is obliterated!"
    "Is there no miracle after all?"
    Lng L stared blankly at the starry sky battlefield, as if he was looking for something.
    The starry sky was broken, leaving nothing but nothing.
    Monkey and Lng Ran believed that Su Zimo would not die like this, but at this moment, the two of them looked solemn and still be on tenterhooks.
    "Consciousness of the mind, the mind has no place to live, the birth and death mind is not attached, the mind and body are disillusioned... The dharma is in the ten directions, and all dharma has no self."
    At this moment, suddenly a mysterious and ancient Sanskrit sound came from the broken starry sky, every word is like a pearl, which seemed to contain infinite mysteries.

    This Sanskrit sound echoed in the starry sky, and the voice became louder and louder, shocking people's heart!
    "What sound?"
    "Who is dress up as God, play the devil?"
    Thousands of kings in the starry sky looked suspicious, looking around, divine-consciousness spread, but no suspicious person was found.
    The source of the Sanskrit sound was in the starry sky where Su Zimo had just fallen.
    But there was nothing but nothing left.
    Zhu Dragon star.
    When Lng L heard this Sanskrit sound, his spirit was lifted, his tears broke and he smiled, and said excitedly: "It's Big Brother Su, Big Brother Su is not dead!"
    Dozens of dragon kings were shocked.
    "No way?"
    The Spirit Dragon King couldn't believe it, and he hesitated to ask: "Under the killing like that just now, can this Su Dao-friend survive?"
    "It's all dharmas without me!"
    Lng L said: "In the battlefield of evil spirits, Big Brother Su was released once."
    King Canlong frowned and said: "The starry sky was smashed to pieces. Even if the dharmas are released, there is nowhere to escape. How can it avoid the killing of thousands of Heaven-kings?"
    "It seems to be the voice of the King of Human Clan?"

    A king of the tomb world frowned and said in disbelief.
    "Don't talk nonsense!"
    Another pinnacle corpse king immediately interrupted him, frowning and said: "How is it possible, under the kind of offensive just now, even if quasi-di comes, it will not survive!"
    At this moment, a figure gradually appeared in the originally broken starry sky.
    He has black hair in a green shirt, his eyes are black and white, his feet are twin fishes of Yin and Yang, and there is a green lotus in the sky behind his back.
    Seeing this scene, everyone gasped.
    That Human Clan King is not dead!
    The Linglong King and the Canlong King were also shocked at each other.
    In fact, the spirit dragon king said it was right.
    Normal dharmas are selfless, they are indeed only cave-heaven-level secrets, and they cannot avoid the siege of thousands of heaven-kings.
    The surrounding starry sky shattered and turned into dust, and there was no place for Su Zimo to stand.
    But when Su Zimo stepped into the cave-heaven realm, he directly condensed five small cave-heavens, making his understanding of space rise to a very high level, surpassing the cave-heaven realm!
    The secret technique in Tai Yi's yin and yang escape is also involved in space Taoism.

    The secrets of the two spatial categories all come from the taboo secrets.
    When Su Zimo relied on his own perception of space to release these two secret methods at the same time and merge them, a new secret technique was derived!
    Under the blessing of this secret technique, Su Zimo's figure almost turned into a special state.
    Su Zimo called it-nothingness.
    In the state of emptiness, the reason why he was able to avoid the killing of thousands of Heaven-kings was because this secret technique had already touched another level of power.
    To be precise, based on Su Zimo's current cultivation-base realm, coupled with his control of emptiness, this secret technique can only be regarded as a quasi-forbidden technique.
    The realm is limited, and it is impossible for him to release a real forbidden technique.
    Even this quasi-forbidden technique consumes a lot of original-spirit, and ordinary peak kings can't bear it.
    He has the blessing of Good Fortune Lotus Platform, and the original-spirit is nourished by a steady flow before he can bear it.
    Just relying on original-spirit, still can't promote this quasi-forbidden technique.
    With five small cave-heaven shattered, the huge power erupted, prompting Su Zimo to escape into nothingness, avoiding all the attacks of thousands of heaven-king people in one fell swoop!

    Of course, this quasi-forbidden technique did not significantly improve Su Zimo.
    Because this secret technique is just a simple means of defense and avoidance, it does not improve his own strength at all.
    However, in this situation, the void secret technique plays a vital role!
    Su Zimo not only avoided all offensives, but also saved his bloodline strange-form with the help of the void secret technique.
    His counterattack has just begun!
    On the other hand, after a brief shock, thousands of Heaven-king people gradually accepted this fact.
    Even though, they don't even know what happened just now.
    Only peak kings like the Spirit Dragon King and the Can Dragon King could vaguely guess that Su Zimo's secret method just now might touch a higher level of power.
    "What if he escaped luck?"
    A corpse king at the peak of the tomb world sneered slightly: "This kind of secret method will definitely consume him a lot, and it cannot be released a second time in a short time."
    "After he comes out, kill him again!"
    Many heaven-king people should be.
    Can this King of Human Clan escape once, or the second time, the third time?

    Everyone was unable to take one's eyes off, staring at Su Zimo's place, ready to go, as long as Su Zimo is free from that special state, he will act at any time!
    At this moment, Su Zimo in the starry sky, using his divine-ability, gave birth to three heads on his shoulders, and six more arms on both sides of his body!
    supreme divine-ability, Four Heads Eight Arms!
    Holding Qing Pin Sword in one hand, Sambo Jade Ruyi in the other hand, and Tai Yi Hossu in the other.
    Other palms, or fists or palms, or pinch the Dharma Seal.
    "What about Four Heads Eight Arms?"
    Many Heaven-king people saw this scene, snort disdainfully, not to accept as correct.
    Four Heads Eight Arms can exert extremely powerful combat effectiveness only in fight alone or close combat.
    In such a situation, there are forty heads and 800 arms to no avail!
    Hul la!
    At this moment, all the Heaven-king people suddenly heard the sound of river flowing.
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