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2772 Taibai Xuan Jinshi
    Chinese Name: 永恒圣王  Author: 雪满弓刀(Xuě mǎn gōng dāo, Full Snow Knife)
    Original: | Translation:

Time flies, and Su Zimo has come to Sword Realm for a thousand years.

     The Ninth Sword Peak has been perfectly integrated into the Sword Realm, forming a pattern of nine sword peaks surrounding the Thousands Swords Palace.

     Of course, the overall strength of the Ninth Sword Peak is far inferior to that of the Eight Sword Peaks, which seems the name does not reflect the reality.

     For thousands of years, although some ordinary disciples of Xuan Origin, Earth Origin, and Heaven Origin have come to cultivate on the Ninth Sword Peak, no one has stepped into True-One Realm.

     Therefore, the Ninth Jianfeng still has only two true immortal.

     After stepping into the True-One Realm, the training speed will drop a lot, and it will become more difficult to break through a small realm.

     BeiMing Xue stepped into the True-One Realm millennium, the cultivation-base state, still maintained the previous state, the improvement is not big.

     The same goes for Yun Ting of Extreme Sword Peak.

     In True-One Realm's cultivate, time will be extended indefinitely.

     Sometimes, even some Proud Son of Heaven evildoers will be stuck in a realm, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years, unable to diligently!

     But Su Zimo's situation is a bit special.

     Normally, he has absorbed the energy consumption in Tomb of Di, and his cultivation speed will also slow down.

     But thousands of years ago, he merged the two forbidden secret books to create DAO of Bury Sword.Over the years, he just kept burying the sword Dao in Sword Realm in his own sword Dao, and he will continue to grow and improve his cultivation-base!

     His sword Dao is like a tomb, burying ten thousand swords.

     It is precisely because of the identity of Green Lotus of Good-Fortune that in the case of such a large number of burials of sword Dao, there is no conflict.

     More importantly, when Su Zimo holds the Qing Pin Sword and is blessed by the bodhi seed, he can achieve half the work, twice the effect in practicing sword Dao!

     Qing Pin Sword can help Su Zimo understand sword Dao to the greatest extent.

     Because BeiMing Xue cultivated Martial Dao, he condensed the sword-shaped Wu Soul, so in the talent of sword Dao, Su Zimo can't compare with BeiMing Xue.

     But in a sense, the existence of Qing Pin Sword replaces the role of sword-shaped Wu Soul.

     For thousands of years, many cultivators have soared from Lower Realm and landed in Sword Realm.

     However, these cultivators that have soared up from Lower Realm are almost all scattered on the eight sword peaks, and the cultivators that descend on the ninth sword peak are extremely rare.

     The main reason is that the Ninth Jianfeng lacks a peerless treasure that can gather Heaven-earth Original Qi and evolve into a powerful sword Qi.

     Like the center of Heaven Realm, there is Jian Mu Divine-tree.

     In Nine-heavens Immortal Territory, there are also rare plants and trees such as divine trees and ginseng fruit trees.Such peerless treasures are rare in the world, and most of them have long been occupied by some powerful world planes.

     Peerless treasures suitable for Sword Realm are even more difficult to find.

     For example, the divine tree of flat peach and the ginseng fruit tree, if it is really moved to Sword Realm, it is not very useful, and it is impossible to evolve Heaven-earth Original Qi into sword Qi.

     For thousands of years, Su Zimo has tried to communicate with Martial Dao Himself every once in a while.

     However, nothing happens at all.

     I don't know if Martial Dao Himself and the void yaksha escaped into the ghost road smoothly, and if they encountered any danger.

     Ghost realm is completely different from Hell World.

     Hell World is broken because of the fragmentation of the world and the incomplete laws, so that even the Di Lord powerhouse could not be born without the Great Di.

     Therefore, no creature can threaten Martial Dao Himself.

     This is not the case with ghost realm.

     In the ghost realm, there are not only many Di lord powerhouses, but also a Great Di, Mother Ghost Nirvana!

     The void yaksha had committed heinous crimes in the ghost realm and was exiled to the Míng River by Mother Ghost Nirvana, allowing him to emerge and perish on its own.

     Martial Dao Himself escaped into the ghost realm together with void yaksha, and wanted to return to the Medium Thousand-World by way. It was a blessing and misfortune.

     Of course, even if Martial Dao Himself and void yaksha are currently safe in ghost realm, Green Lotus True-Body cannot establish contact with them.Medium Thousand-World and ghost realm belong to two parallel and independent worlds.

     Unless Martial Dao Himself returns to Medium Thousand-World, or is in the same world plane, the two true-bodies are blocked by the world plane barrier, and it is difficult to establish a connection across two independent worlds.


     On this day, Killing Sword Peak peak master Lu Yun, Absolute Sword Peak peak master Yu Lan, and Phantom Sword Peak peak master Feng Xu visited.

     Lu Yun shook his head slightly, and said helplessly: "Brother Su, you ended up easily. According to this development, when will Bury Sword Peak you rise?"


     Feng Xu also said: "I can tell you that among the true disciples of the major Jianfeng, many people refuse to accept you."

     Su Zimo didn't care about this, and said: "This kind of thing can't be rushed, the inheritance of DAO of Bury Sword is there, waiting for someone who is destined."

     This kind of thing is really not to blame on him.

     The true immortal of the major sword peaks, no one wants to come to Bury Sword Peak.

     However, Bury Sword Peak does not have the treasure of the original-Qi, and it is difficult for the cultivator from Lower Realm to land on Bury Sword Peak.

     Bury Sword Peak wants to rise and grow to the level of the Eight Sword Peaks. It is difficult to achieve without a few hundred thousand years, or even millions of years of accumulation.

     "Brother Su, there is good news."A few people chatted casually, and Lu Yun showed a mysterious smile and said: "The treasure of the Ninth Sword Peak has been lost!"

     "I just got the news that there is a Tai-bai Black Gold Stone at Heaven Realm!"


     Su Zimo was slightly surprised.

     Tai-bai Black Gold Stone, he has heard of it.

     This kind of peerless treasure belongs to the premium-grade in the metal sacred mine. It contains the aura of profound gold, and it is innately compatible with sword Dao!

     If a piece of Tai-bai Black Gold Stone can be incorporated into the cast immortal sword, the killing power will skyrocket!

     Such rare treasures are indeed rare.

     Yu Lan also slightly nodded, and said, "This Tai-bai Black Gold Stone is the best treasure of Bury Sword Peak."

     In fact, all the powerhouses of Sword Realm have not given up on searching for the treasure of Zhenfeng suitable for Ninth Sword Peak.

     Now, hearing the news of Tai-bai Black Gold Stone, the three peak masters look even more excited than Su Zimo.

     "Where is Bong Heaven Realm?"

     Su Zimo asked: "This world plane is a bit strange, it belongs to the lower world plane?"

     Hearing these words, a strange look passed across the faces of the three peak masters.

     Lu Yun shook his head slightly and said, "Accurately speaking, Feng Heaven Realm is not in the arrangement of the world plane. If it has to be arranged, it is definitely a super realm!"Feng Xu explained: “The origin of Feng Heaven Realm is extremely mysterious. Even we don’t know. The old guys at Sword Realm should know something, but those old guys have important matter that must be kept. secret ."

     Yu Lan said: "We only know that Bong Heaven Realm has the most special status in the three thousand realms, and it is extremely ancient. When the Upper Realm may exist, Bong Heaven Realm was born!"

     "Furthermore, Upper Realm has experienced many epochs and many great tribulations. Feng Heaven Realm has always stood firm and passed on to this day."

     "Is it so powerful?"

     Su Zimo was secretly speechless.