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Chapter Table Of Contents 560 The End
    Chinese Name: 魔兽争霸异界纵横  Author: 愤怒的萨尔(Fènnù de sà ěr, Angry Sal)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

    Sargeras was dead, Xiao Yu was riding on the back of Small Dragon, looking at the chaotic battlefield, suddenly there was some confusion in his heart, it was over, everything was over.
    As in the prophecy, he defeated Sargeras, he saved the world, and he is about to become the greatest king in the world.
    Xiao Yu quietly gave Arthas an order to immediately retreat with the undead, and then, only the human coalition's killing demons were left below, and it will continue for a long time, slowly all being eliminated.
    Gul'dan already poses no threat. After this battle, Xiao Yu's strength has already doubled several times. Compared with Xiao Yu, Gul'dan's forces are completely already no longer at the same level.
    Soon after, people from all over the world began to take refuge in Xiao Yu, appoint him as the new king of this continent, and set up a brand new dynasty.
    Everything went so smoothly, as if it was a process already designed already.
    Everything is so strange, it seems, all of this is a little unreal, it seems, very familiar, and very strange.
    Three years later, the situation on the mainland was completely stabilized, and Qin Che led an army to Gul'dan to the Sunset Swamp, and never came out again. Arthas escaped into the Undercity with the undead, and never came out again.

    The day Arthas left, Xiao Yu found Arthas. That time, he finally couldn't help crying and crying while holding Arthas.
    His favorite Arthas is about to leave like this.
    Since the day when he called Arthas, Xiao Yu has been guarding Arthas and did not try his best to train him. However, Arthas has no complaints and is still loyal to him, and in the final moment of the decisive battle, he saved the world.
    No one knows why these undeads appeared and then left suddenly.
    Only Xiao Yu knew that it was Arthas's silent contribution.
    The establishment of a new dynasty, the establishment of a new capital, everything does not require Xiao Yu to worry about. Naturally, someone will take care of everything for him. He only needs to wait for the enthronement ceremony.
    The original emperor of Sky Lion Dynasty already abdicated, voluntarily gave up the throne to Xiao Yu, and married the princess to Xiao Yu, hoping that their royal bloodline would still exist in the future royal family.
    On the day of enthronement, the whole continent was celebrating. Everyone shouted, blessed, and worshiped Xiao Yu's enthronement.
    The history books began to record the history of the new dynasty, and gave endless praise to Xiao Yu, the former hooligan, who lost all indecent aura and became an elegant, wise, brave, and perfect man.

    Xiao Yu only smiled faintly when he saw those history books, and said nothing.
    Despite everyone's opposition, Xiao Yu married Lin Muxue as a queen, and the other women were treated as concubines. Lin Muxue is the new guardian of the mainland and saved the mainland at a critical moment. Although there are some stubborn objections, there is not much hindrance.
    Therefore, after the enthronement ceremony, it is the hall of the emperor's wedding.
    Everything, perfect, is like a fairy tale.
    Since then, Xiao Yu has become the emperor of the mainland, and has lived a happy life with Lin Muxue, Siwen, Scarlet, Osilia and other women. Those women who have something to do with him have become his concubines, no one If there is any criticism, he praises Xiao Yu's wise and martial arts, which is favored by many women.
    A few years later, Tyrande and Malfurion brought people to say goodbye. They wanted to leave the human kingdom and go to the forest to establish a new elven dynasty.
    Xiao Yu naturally respected their decision. Now that the battle is over, it is time for the elves to return to their hometown and become a new kingdom of elves.
    Soon after, Grom and Thrall also brought people to say goodbye, leading those Orc(s) to reopen an Orc(s) kingdom.

    Then, Kael'thas and a group of blood elves also chose to leave, but they didn’t leave too far. They just found a place to continue studying magic. Xiao Yu satisfied them and was not very far from the human kingdom. Xiao Yu.
    Although the dwarves have left under the leadership of Muradin, they still maintain close contact with the human kingdom. They often sell some dwarf weapons to the human kingdom, which is very popular.
    Xiao Yu gave them a lot of money and materials so that they can have a good life, and issued a law in the human world to strictly prohibit the hunting of Orc(s) and elves, otherwise they will be sentenced to death.
    Uther became the new generation of gods of the Guangming Church and promoted new doctrines. Xiao Yu specially created a holy city for him, and gave him a righteous status to become a legal religion.
    As the chief Archmage of the human court, Antonidas is still by Xiao Yu's side, which gives Xiao Yu a little comfort.
    All his former partners have left, and Xiao Yu's life has truly become a wise emperor, with peace and prosperity.
    Everyone praised Xiao Yu's wiseness and gave him extreme respect. He is the savior of this continent and the savior of all mankind.

    Occasionally, the kid Tuoba Hong would come here to chat and play chess with Xiao Yu, which made Xiao Yu very happy. Every time he would pull Tuoba Hong to stay for a long time, and would not let him leave.
    The three Archmage passed away one after another, because that decisive battle consumed all their energy.
    Before his death, Theodore gave Xiao Yu a box and told him that if one day he feels that his mind is extremely empty and that the world is no longer real, he should open the box.
    This box will give him a real answer.
    However, Xiao Yu has never had the courage to open this box.
    Glory, splendor, wealth and rank, don’t everyone want it? Now that Xiao Yu has everything, he should be very happy, but he found that he couldn't be happy.
    Because he always felt that something seemed to be wrong, but something was wrong, and he couldn't remember it anyway.
    After ten years, Xiao Yu's life is going well. The only shortcoming is that he has never had a child. This is his biggest regret.
    He has always hoped that he can have a child, not simply to inherit the throne, but to have a comfort in his soul, but God refused to satisfy his little wish anyway.

    After another ten years, Xiao Yu already has reached the age of no confusion. He began to miss the first days and the days when he went to robbery robbers with Grom. At that time, it was so simple, so happy, so interesting.
    But now, it seems like a day drags past like a year.
    Xiao Yu misses those people who used to be, those partners, in fact, every time, these partners will come over to celebrate Xiao Yu's birthday, the whole country carnival, and praise him as the greatest king in the world.
    Xiao Yu doesn't want them to leave, but they must all leave when the time comes.
    Xiao Yu suddenly felt that he was old, really old, very old, very old.
    In fact, his body is not old, but his heart is old.
    When he was fifty years old, he still had no heirs. At this time, he knew that he should establish an heir. Otherwise, the country would fall into turmoil.
    Therefore, Xiao Yu established Qin Che as the heir and, after his death, took charge of the country.
    Qin Che made great achievements during the war. After the war, he was very wise in governing the country. He introduced many correct policies and was highly praised.

    Finally, after giving this order, Xiao Yu came to the room where Theodore magic box was stored alone. He decided to open the box and take a look at what the answer was.
    Having gathered all the courage, as if to make the biggest choice in life, Xiao Yu finally reached out tremblingly and slowly opened the box.
    A dazzling white light flashed, and Xiao Yu's eyes suddenly changed completely. He found that he was in a baffling world, in a baffling room.
    This room is no longer the room of the (of houses etc) sumptuous palace, but an ordinary game room similar to his previous life.
    And there seemed to be something on his head.
    At this time, a figure walked in, smiling, and in front of Xiao Yu, and said: "Dear experiencer, you are finally awake. How do you feel? This is your reward for this Warcraft Championship, one hundred at a time. 100% realistic virtual game Sims. This is our brand new product Oh, and you are the first official experiencer of it. This is great luck Oh."
    "Experiencer? Game?" Xiao Yu stood up in shock, touched his head, it was a metal helmet, and then looked at the back, it was an alloy bed with densely packed instruments around the bed.

    Suddenly, Xiao Yu seemed to understand something.
    Could it be that everything is fake? Grom, Thrall, Arthas, Lin Muxue, Osilia?
    For some reason, Xiao Yu felt the pain in his heart as if a piece of meat had been taken away. He suddenly fell to the ground, vomiting loudly. The staff immediately gathered around to check his condition.
    And at this time, Xiao Yu suddenly fell on the ground and burst into tears, wantonly of the consequences, tears blurred his vision, for a long time, he never stopped. It's like a child who has lost his most beloved thing.
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