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Chapter Table Of Contents 584 Fist Of Reincarnation Birth And Death [End Of Book]
    Chinese Name: 武帝重生  Author: 残剑(Cán jiàn, Residual Sword)
    Original: | Translation:

    Among these Dao patterns, intertwined and engraved are countless Heavenly Dao runes.
    These runes appear as they grow naturally and evolve in the world of Divine Kingdom.
    There are only two words-God's Burial.
    Divine burial is a kind of mystery, peeking through the mystery of heaven and earth, the heaven dome of all things in the universe.
    Li Xuan stared at these two words, his face solemn, but calm.
    He stood there leisurely, standing still like a lone crane, but gave the people around him a sense of blending into the void and breaking the law.
    A kind of fascination, a kind of temperament. A kind of demeanor, a kind of majesty.
    "In the Dao Wen, I feel that'God's Burial' is your enemy, although they framed you, but they also made you perfect! Now, since you wake up, come out!"
    Li Xuan stared at the woman in the circle, her eyes condensed, her tone indifferent and calm.
    A ray of white breath passed out, and then, the woman in the circle sat up, emitting a light blue glow, this kind of light was luxurious and noble, smart and pleasant.
    The woman's face was light blue, she looked sober and elegant, not half weird. Her calm face showed signs of recovery with physical activity.
    This kind of momentum is overwhelming and unstoppable.

    Her long eyelashes flickered, and then her eyes opened.
    The thousands of brilliant colors in the bright eyes ignite in an instant, disappear in an instant, everything is in an instant.
    But this moment, it's eternity again!
    The scene that fell into Li Xuan's heart has become eternal!
    This is a pair of familiarity eyes, deep into the bone marrow and soul, and cannot be forgotten.
    At the moment they looked at each other, both of them were shocked, and an inexplicable color flashed in their eyes.
    "You're here!" The woman moved away the magic circle around her, as relaxed as she moved away the clouds and mist around her.
    "You are awake!" Li Xuan nodded calmly and responded.
    "The kingdom of God, thanks to your care." The woman pondered for a moment and said.
    "It doesn't matter, it turns out that you are going to the place of the burial of the gods. In that case, I am leaving." Li Xuan responded indifferently. He didn't want to respond to this woman.
    Because, the moment she opened her eyes, Li Xuan already understood everything.
    This woman was once named ‘Chu Wenjin’.
    "The truth is in the place of the burial of the gods!" The woman suddenly spoke after a pause.
    "For me, there is no need for truth, no meaning." Li Xuan remained calm.

    Since there is a clear line with this person, it doesn't matter what the "God's body descends to the earth".
    Today, it is Divine Kingdom, and it is not in Li Xuan's heart. Since Divine Kingdom is a real space universe, what should be lost must pass away.
    It does not matter gains or losses, there is no matter of success or failure, the ideal is immortal, only God Immortal.
    Li Xuan can break through countless realms. He opened the sky with his fist, opened the sky, and destroyed the eternal expert. He was already invincible.
    Today, he is still born in the God Realm, and his strength is not good, but he also fits the heavenly way, can evolve the God's Way Thunder, and remain invincible.
    However, at that time, Divine Kingdom finally fell into the hands of Chu Wenjin. With her sorry, countless pasts disappeared, and Li Xuan could no longer give birth to half-hearted involvement.
    ‘One drink and one peck, there is a day to do it. I thought that man can conquer nature, but this is just a joke. The victory that people believe is still fixed by nature! Struggling for survival, strive for mastery, is nothing more than a different result. ’
    Li Xuan's figure became nothingness, and then it became invisible. He moved away from here for an instant, disappeared suddenly, and appeared in the mountain that was once empty.
    "This is teleport! How is it possible! What realm has he reached?" Li Xuan left, but there was a clear and beautiful voice from that location, but the surprise in the voice destroyed its pure beauty.

    Li Xuan looked up at the heaven dome, looked up at the depths of the universe, now, not standing at the peak, but his heart is at the peak.
    At the end of the endless void, can there be an earth?
    If there is an earth, can there still be ties?
    No no.
    expert, destined to be lonely for a lifetime. The way of an expert does not depend on foreign objects. Divine Kingdom and Divine Artifact are all floating clouds.
    Facing the heaven dome, raising his head and closing his eyes, the boundless Samsara heaven dome flickered, and the vast stars the blue sea turned into mulberry fields generally turned into solitude and annihilation, and then turned into infinite fist intent and entered Xu Yan's hands.
    "Samsara Birth and Death Fist!"
    Amidst Will, a powerful powerful energy descended, accompanied by Shendao Thunder, countless tribulations rolled and trembled, but in this fist, scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, no bones existed.
    "Abandon the Divine Kingdom, remove the shackles, and the last trace of soul can be refined and tempered! Now, it is a hair, all crystal clear, not staining dust, and comparable to the strength of top weapons! In this way, Xing Yi will be treated in one breath. Shenquan and other exercises are all practiced and unified, creating Samsara birth and death punch."
    Li Xuan muttered to himself, punching out, everything was killed by the punch.
    This is an unspeakable tyranny, which is in line with the real Tao and is no longer limited to the realm.

    "The birth and death of Samsara, there are causes and effects." Li Xuan understood the fist and focused on Path Convergence, sitting calmly on the top of this mountain range.
    In the realm of the gods, the laws came, all blended into the fist, and in the thunder of the gods, the fist gradually became more refined.
    This is a real punch that surpasses the other side and Samsara, one punch can break the sky, one punch can kill the gods.
    This kind of fist, transcending the constraints of the realm, no longer has any suppression on the realm, with one punch, the world is broken.
    "This God Realm is wonderful, with such a fist, so what can I expect from a realm?" Li Xuan stood up, his whole body was flowing endlessly with his fist, rushing, because he did not pursue the realm, and the realm still continued to advance several levels, one step at a time. Step directly into the realm of gods.
    These realms are all natural and diligent, and the strength is tyrannical.
    In the distance, a silhouette streamer came and appeared in front of Li Xuan in an instant.
    This person is the former Dongshan God King.
    Li Xuan is isolated on the top of the mountain, with a lonely crane-like figure profoundly calm, blending with the world and everything.
    He glanced at the Dongshan Divine King coldly, and was no longer willing to associate with him.
    "Since Fellow Daoist agreed not to take the initiative to Qingyao City, why did he do it again? Could it be that when I was the King of Dongshan, it was nothing?"

    From afar, the Dongshan God King said in angrily with the intent to kill.
    Li Xuan responded indifferently, and then waved his hand, sweeping the Dongshan God King out dozens of miles away.
    He was caught off guard and was stunned. Although he was shocked by Li Xuan's strength, Dongshan God King felt embarrassed.
    He originally came with a murderous heart, but when he was treated like this, his heart was still angry.
    However, just as the killing intent was condensed, in the distance, a giant fist covering the sky and the earth had been smashed from the sky. In his shocked and terrifying gaze, he carried the endless Shatters Void with one punch and buried him!
    The world was shattered, with a punch, shattering the world, and beheading the god of Dongshan.
    Li Xuan's gaze penetrated the endless void, as if he saw a more distant existence.
    For a long time, he turned his head back with a trace of indifference. He swept away from a distance and stared at Chu Wenjin, who was killed by a punch. His body turned into a streamer and disappeared into this world.
    Fist intent, broken into the void.
    Li Xuan, walked to the end of the void, where there is an infinite universe, and also, the only way to go through the land of the gods.
    End of the book
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