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Chapter Directory 4013 Season Finale
    Chinese Name: 武神空间  Author: 傅啸尘(Fùxiàochén, Fu Xiaochen)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

The aura on the eternal holy monarch suddenly climbed and spread to the limit. He was different from the eternal monarchs that Ye Xiwen had faced before. He was so powerful that he was almost unimaginable.

     This is also the first time Ye Xiwen has really faced the Peak Ruler, that is, the entire Domain has come to the existence of Peak, perfect and without any defects.

     If the former Ye Xiwen met the eternal sage, then he really must die.

     But now, Ye Xiwen has the strength to sit on an equal footing with him!




     The two sides broke out a terrifying War, Ye Xiwen behind the world tree turned out, and collided with the Gate of Eternity many times, and Ye Xiwen's hand Martial Venerable Seal was released, which has already turned into a Martial Lord Seal by this time. Infinity can create or destroy the world.

     Today, he is also strong to a certain extent.

     The Martial Lord Seal kept blasting towards the eternal sage, and was blocked by the long knife in his mouth. The two peerless Magical Artifacts also collided in the Void constantly, collapsing everything and annihilating everything.

     And Ye Xiwen took advantage of this gap, and then stepped out one step. He pinched a seal in his hand and turned it into the seal of Martial Lord Seal, then turned into a seal with one hand, and then smashed it down in one breath. Come down.On the other hand, a punch of Six Paths Reincarnation Fist directly blasted through the Void, and fell on the eternal sage.

     The eternal sage also continued to develop many magic methods, and then slammed and killed in the direction of Ye Xiwen's.

     Both sides are in charge of countless magic methods, and in this terrifying match, an unimaginable splendid light bursts forth.

     "It's useless, Martial Lord, you can't beat me!"

     The eternal sage is guarded by the gate of eternity, so he has no fear of the consequences.

     "Do you think I can't break through your eternal door?" Ye Xiwen sneered. He rushed to the front of the eternal sage. Many of the magic methods of both sides fell on the other side, but the two sides had nothing to worry about, because Both sides are guarded by great treasure.

     The Gate of Eternity is a Treasured Object that has been practiced for many years at the Eternal Sage Monarch.

     Ye Xiwen's hand, that is the boundless Gengjin Ancestral Qi manifested, and then swept out in one breath, directly sweeping out the terrifying and powerful eternal door to a big hole.

     Gengjin Ancestral Qi, no stronghold one cannot overcome, is one of the strongest Treasures conceived in the entire Gengjin Era. At this moment, Ye Xiwen's has unimaginable terrifying power.

     "How can it be!"The eternal holy monarch can only watch at the gate of eternity. A huge loophole was punched, and Ye Xiwen really killed him through this loophole, instead of the kind of looks at in front of him, in fact, there are countless distances. Epochs.

     "Martial Lord Seal!"

     Ye Xiwen turned into a mountain-like terrifying seal with one hand and dropped it severely.


     The eternal sage was hit hard in an instant, and his entire body was almost cracked apart, vomiting blood retreat again and again.

     It was completely suppressed by Ye Xiwen.

     Ye Xiwen, the Bible veteran, naturally did not let go of such an opportunity, and directly crushed it and suppressed it severely.

     Originally lost the first afterwards, the eternal sage is already at a disadvantage, not to mention being hit hard afterwards, even more unable to wield true combat power.

     War, which lasted for ten days and ten nights, Ye Xiwen finally fully gained the advantage, using the world tree to control the world on this side, and at the same time, the eternal holy monarch was restrained. There was no way to escape. In the end, Ye Xiwen really punched him. Booming, this punch penetrated the eternal holy monarch, and at the same time, the eternal holy monarch's eternal and immortal Primordial Spirit was completely ignited and burned to ashes.

     This terrifying War finally ended.In this process, although it took some time, it was worth it. Ye Xiwen was hit hard with almost no injuries and killed the eternal sage.

     Sitting on the world tree Ye Xiwen, almost Xiantian is invincible. No one can break the world tree, and no one can defeat him.

     He put away the corpse of the eternal holy king.

     On the other side, Qin Jun and Eternal Heavenly King’s War has come to an end. Qin Jun, who is wearing Chaos Qinglian, carries a long sword. Sword Dao communicates with God. Every sword reacts to the entire Mysterious Land. Eternal Heavenly King is not his. Opponent, even if he launched the ancient god bridge, he couldn't stop Qin Jun from advancing, and he was defeated steadily.

     Finally, Qin Jun stood down on his head with a sword, ending his dao, his brilliance, and everything about him.

     Qin Jun Qingyi was stained with blood. During this process, he was not without injuries, but he recovered with his strength.

     But now, there is only the last one left in the entire battlefield, which is the battle between the good fortune Tianjun and the demon ancestor.

     The war between the demon ancestor and the good fortune heavenly monarch has also reached the white-hot stage. At this time, the demon ancestor was shocked to realize that his allies, the eternal heavenly monarch and the eternal sage monarch, were defeated and died, and he was the only one left.

     And it was the wisp of soul that was caught by Good Fortune Heaven and Earth at that moment. Good Fortune Heaven and Earth slammed the demon ancestor's body with a palm, piercing him and hitting him severely.In the distance, a picture of good fortune Heaven and Earth flew up, and the demon ancestor was suddenly suppressed.

     Both Ye Xiwen and Qin Jun who looked at outflanked, the Demon Ancestor could not help showing a sad smile: "I think my Demon Ancestor is strong throughout my life and has never been weaker than others. I didn't expect that now, I actually want to die. Here, Good Fortune Tianjun, I regret not killing you first, even if it is worth paying some price!"

     good fortune Tianjun sneered and said: "You should have thought of this day!"

     Demon ancestor is what and the others. Naturally, he doesn’t want to die with his hands. He has to fight to the death, but he still can’t escape Ye Xiwen, Qin Jun, and Good Fortune Tianjun. He was pierced with a punch by Ye Xiwen, and finally beheaded by Qin Jun with a sword, ignited the Primordial Spirit, and finally died completely.

     This battle has finally ended. With the three big Paragon dies, those powerful Rulers who follow the eternal holy monarch, eternal heavenly monarch and demon ancestor can hardly escape death.

     This is a War between two factions, and there is no room for the slightest softness.

     Ye Xiwen, although it is a pity that they have spent tens of billions of years in Cultivation, and have gone through countless hardships to have this kind of cultivation base, but when it was time to start, they had no mercy at all.With Ye Xiwen, Qin Jun, and good fortune Tianjun joined the battle group, those Ruler of the eternal holy monarch who had already low morale finally couldn't hold on, collapsed on the spot, and then slaughtered to death.

     This Mysterious place has also become a terrifying Danger Zone for countless Ruler corpses!

     The three major Paragon seize total victory in the Martial Dao era. This news also reacted to the entire Chaos. At the same time, this news also made many people understand that this battle should be the battle of Dingding Heaven and Earth.

     In this afterwards, no one can stop the trend of Martial Dao era dominating the world.

     Sure enough, after the news came out, you Ruler also announced one after another to join the Martial Dao era afterwards, the whole world was in an uproar, especially the Ancient era under Ruler one after another chose to join the Martial Dao era. In the middle, Xun has grown the entire Martial Dao era.

     And those belonging to the era that once stood on the opposite side of Ye Xiwen, now their Heavenly Venerate has die, and now it feels like the sky is falling.

     Now that the Martial Dao era is getting stronger and stronger, the eyes look at will dominate the world, and the eternal era will be realized in the present world, and they are standing opposite Ye Xiwen's, the eyes looks at will be wiped out, and their hearts are extremely panic.They quickly sent representatives to the Martial Dao era to plead guilty, but to their surprise, Ye Xiwen did not mean to kill to the last one. On the contrary, they were allowed to join the Martial Dao era. Of course, there was no way to treat them with those Compared to the Ancient Era that was added at the beginning, it is better than being destroyed.

     For Ye Xiwen, Qin Jun and Good Fortune Tianjun, these Ancient Era that even Ruler didn't have any threats at all.

     It doesn’t matter whether it’s destroyed or not, but it’s just a matter of flipping hands!

     Between Heaven and Earth, there are no other epochs, and some are only the Martial Dao epoch, and finally completed the glorious cause of unprecedented and newcomer.

     The Martial Dao era has been built into an era that will last forever. All living creatures, as long as Proving The Dao, can get out of the Outer World. Without Five Elements, there will be no sudden world extinction, or rather Even if there is, but with the three Paragons of Martial Dao era, and the power of many Rulers who have taken refuge in successively, they can also suppress it.

     Time, day by day, in a blink of an eye, it is another epoch change, but this time, the creatures of the Martial Dao epoch are no longer panicked, because compared to the last epoch change, this time Martial Dao epoch has a powerful force. Too much.Each Ruler, Half-Step Ruler, Heavenly Venerate simultaneous force fixed the entire Martial Dao era and stabilized the entire Martial Dao era. Coupled with the three Paragon shots, it quickly stabilized this terrifying world. Robbery.

     More kinds of laws have emerged, and more Xiantian creatures have emerged, exactly the same as when the last era was born.

     But this time, the major forces have already had experience and a tacit understanding, just follow the previous treatment.

     Heaven and Earth is in the midst of another epoch at this time. Ten epochs have flowed in the blink of an eye. The Martial Dao epoch is unprecedentedly powerful. Since ancient times, there has been no epoch that can be more powerful than the Martial Dao epoch. powerful.

     And on this day, Martial Lord Ye Xiwen of the three Paragons suddenly exited the Closure, and a long scream of heaven-shaking moved, and a terrifying coercion instantly enveloped the entire Martial Dao era.

     Alarmed everyone!

     A silhouette flew out of the Martial Dao era and flew to the edge of the universe. That was Ye Xiwen. At this time, he seemed to be fuse together with the entire Chaos. Between raising his hands and raising his feet, it was the charm of Great Dao.

     On the edge of Chaos, an old man in a Taoist robe smiled slightly: "Fellow Daoist has finally become enlightened. Congratulations!"

     "Do you know that I will become enlightened?" Ye Xiwen asked."I don't know!" the old man slowly opened mouth to talk, "but I know that someone will be enlightened. Since I cast the Wordless Dao Monument, this will happen sooner or later, but what I didn't expect is that this is what For hundreds of epochs, finally there has been an existence that can talk side by side with me!"

     "So, what happened over the years, Fellow Daoist has seen it all?" Ye Xiwen asked.

     "No, over the years, I don't have time to pay more attention. Fellow Daoist came here for the first time afterwards. I must have felt the threat from outside the territory!" said the old man in Taoist robe.

     Ye Xiwen nodded his head with a serious expression. His gaze looked at him, but he saw that he crossed Chaos's borderline and crystal wall system. That is the endless extraterritorial army. The boundless Black Qi drowns everything. It is a special creature, and Martial. The Dao era, and even the previous Ancient era, have different creatures.

     "Thanks to Fellow Daoist overseeing the famine in these years, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous!" Ye Xiwen said.

     "It's okay, this is what I should do, after all, it's the world I opened up!" The old man in Taoist robe. "Since Fellow Daoist has become enlightened, I can let go of a fight. Does Fellow Daoist intend to go along?"

     "Go together, go together!"

     The figures of the two left Chaos and entered another crystal wall system, the War of two civilizations, at one touch.

     ——It's over, I will make an advertisement for the new book "Practice Frenzy" for the last time!
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