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Chapter Table Of Contents 3792 End Of This Testimonial!
    Chinese Name:   Author: ҹ(ny yu shng, Sadness in the Dark)
    Original: | Translation:

    The supreme martial arts, from the beginning to the present, five years have passed!
    With the upload of the last chapter, it is finally finished!
    At the end of the book, there are still some reluctances in psychology.
    To be honest, the martial arts supreme is the longest book in the dark night, very long and very long, more than 11 million words! ! Therefore, there are many loopholes. Thanks everyone for including! I also hope that everyone can forgive me!
    After thinking about the last few chapters of the book for a long time, I still wrote it like this.
    Maybe this is the result I want!
    There are still many places that may not be satisfactory, I hope you will include them.
    Next, if you have time, Dark Night will write a personal biography on the WeChat public account!
    For example, Wang Yan's, Ling Zhan's, and Dongfang Niuhao's disappeared for a long time.
    You can follow the official account.
    WeChat official account: anyeyoushang1~7~K, or search for official account: Dark Night Youshang (On the WeChat account, the space between numbers and letters is not needed!)
    thousands of words, at this moment, I dont know what to say!
    I just want to say, five years of fighting and ending, thank you for the book friends who have been with the dark night and the martial arts supreme for many years!

    Without your support, there would be no dark night today.
    Thanks for having you all the way! I also hope to continue to have you all the way!
    After the new book is finished, we will have a new journey. Hope to be with you!
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