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Chapter Table Of Contents 1680
    Chinese Name: 斗破苍穹  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

    01.【Yao Chen】
    Everything in the world regenerates and restrains each other.
    I was born Yao Chen. I hope that there will be no disease in the world, and I am willing to put medicine on the shelf to generate dust.
    There is no disease that Venerable Yao can't cure, but there are people's hearts that Yao Chen can't cure.
    When I found myself making a serious mistake, everything was too late...
    My disciple got the most difficult disease in the world, and his name is greed.
    If a doctor does not heal himself, it is difficult for a teacher to save himself. If I can't heal him, I can't save myself.
    Alchemist, the art of benevolence, is worthy of Heaven and Earth, worthy of the heart. But if you ask me if I regret anything in this life, it is that I didn't teach my disciple Han Feng well.
    "Medicine Emperor" Han Feng is such a resounding name. Who can imagine that when I saw him for the first time, he was just a shivering child. In the face of the bandits who brutally killed his whole family, a child can do anything besides shivering. What is it?
    Perhaps is the heart of a natural healer, I did not hesitate to save him from the bandit.
    But this is the beginning of the whole mistake...
    Budo and medicine are essentially the same.

    Martial art is not violence, it is not killing for the sake of killing, fighting for the sake of fighting, it is to quickly stop the killing, it is the same as the medicine to protect and guard all living beings.
    I tried to rescue Han Feng, but I didn't know that he was blinded by his powerful strength. He only remembered to use violence to control violence, but forgot to keep up with Heaven and Earth, and to promote himself and others with kindness. The root of the disease may be from that moment onwards...
    I once wanted to worship the people under my Venerable Yao, their number cannot be counted, but I had no intention of accepting disciples at all. I only hope that I can refine the most excellent effective cure, miracle medicine, to cure this world.
    When teaching Han Feng, I found that he is very smart, hear one and know ten, especially very talented in Alchemy. At that time, I was completely immersed in the joy of discovering a genius, and I wished to receive each other in my own pocket so that he could inherit my Yi Duo in the future.
    If you take Alchemy as a metaphor, Han Feng is the best medicinal ingredient in the world. I firmly believe that in my hands, he can be "made" into the best Medicinal Pill, and he will become my most proud work of Yao Chen.
    However, it is a pity that "the medicine is three points of poison." No matter how perfect Medicinal Pill is, it will be more or less mixed with a trace of toxicity. Han Feng's poison is far more violent than I thought.
    Once a person embarks on an evil path, the higher his talent, the more terrifying the consequences. The moment he opened his secret room, I was extremely disappointed.

    I can't believe that the most perfect heir in my heart would do such a cruel thing. He grafted humans and monsters together, and he did not have the awe of one thread, one hair in the face of life.
    Looking at me who suddenly appeared, Han Feng was a bit to alarm, but when he looked at the humans he called "experimental subjects", the joy in his eyes could not be concealed.
    Han Feng, my child, my disciple, he is ill, he has a disease that cannot be cured by Venerable Yao.
    Flame Mantra must not be taught to him, Han Feng has already embarked on an evil road...
    I don't know if this decision made Han Feng completely hate me, but when Soul Palace came to the door, I knew that I did underestimate Han Feng's persistence and ambition.
    Perhaps from the moment I opened the door of the secret room, my master has become a stumbling block on his road to success.
    It is difficult for a healer to heal himself. I can't cure your disease, disciple, so let's sever the kindness of the teacher and disciple from now on.
    02.【Nalan Yanran】
    Xiao Yan, I heard his name a long time ago.
    This name, these two words, are both familiar and unfamiliar to me.
    Everyone tells me that he will be my future husband, but the funny thing is that I have never seen him.

    What is he like and how tall is he? Multiple? What are your hobbies? What temperament? I don't know anything, I only know that Xiao Yan will become my Nalan Yanran's husband.
    This name is like a shackle. Since I am sensible, I have been forced to restraint on me. No one has ever asked me if I want to. They will only smile and say to me, Yanran, you are about to marry...
    I, Nalan Clan, is one of the Jia Ma Empire Three Large Clans. We are admired by thousands of people and we have supreme power, but I, Nalan Yanran, don’t even have the opportunity to choose my husband.
    Just because of my grandfather's promise, I will be a partner with someone I don't even know and spend the rest of my life. This is a ridiculous thing.
    Why can you decide the fate of others without any scruples and take my life as your promise.
    My life should not belong to me from beginning to end, just because I, Nalan Yanran, is a woman? !
    In the great world, Expert is respected. Do the rules set by men force us women to abide by it? It's extremely ridiculous.
    My life should not be in the hands of anyone but myself. Even if I bet everything, I have to ask this world, what is the purpose of life? !

    Xiao Yan, no matter how genius he was before, his laziness and unpredictability ruined him. I would never agree to a man like this to become my husband.
    People can lose power for a while, but they must never abandon oneself. In such a world, people who bow to fate and compromise to live are not worthy of being my Nalan Yanran's husband.
    If you give me a chance to come back now, I will still go to Wu Tan City to end this absurd relationship. What I need is love, not self-compromise after weighing the pros and cons, and make do with my whole life.
    Only Misty Cloud Sect can change my destiny. Master Yun Yun is the direction of my efforts. Only by becoming a woman like her can I gain a foothold in this world and no one can control my destiny anymore.
    Since joining Misty Cloud Sect, I have exercised myself day and night, just to stand in front of Xiao Yan one day, let him know the gap between us, and let him know that people who have worked hard deserve to have a complete life.
    Even if everyone knew about the retiring, and everyone blocked it, I would still do it. What I retired was not a marriage, but to say goodbye to my past self.
    Only by taking this step can you truly regain your life.
    I divorced that year and you divorced your wife. We made a three-year agreement.

    words exceede 5100

    There are no youngsters who are cultivating without stopping, no peerless masters with strange treasures, no fierce and cruel monsters, and some are just quiet nights and endless tenderness, like a dream.
    Countless moments have made me want to fall asleep like this and never wake up again.
    No one can live in the past, and no one can live in the future. Now is the only form of life. Along the way, I was really tired, I just wanted to live up to the good times.
    But the strange flame pulsating in my chest is always scorching my heart. The pounding heartbeat makes me know clearly that apart from this life, I don’t have more time. How far can I go in life. How far to go.
    Humans cannot beat time, but human actions can stand above time. I want the world to remember me, no matter how time changes.
    Dreams will eventually end one day, life is but a dream, but you can never live in a dream. If you really want to live a life like this for a lifetime, I am afraid that you will want to escape again soon.
    Sometimes people don't know what they need, just want to escape from reality.

    The war is not over yet, if Hun Clan is not completely eliminated, the life I am looking forward to will never come. Evasion does not solve the problem. Only by destroying your fear and burnout with your own hands can you defeat yourself.
    The gale started at the end of Qingping, but stopped between the grass, but with the wind, the fire could burn another 20,000 miles.
    There are some things that can't be avoided, but a man has to bear it. Now that the wind is blowing, I have no reason to stay here anymore. Fire rides on the wind, and I will burn the will of the fire in the entire world.
    The rivers and lakes ask for directions without asking the heart, but how many ways can the heart go.
    Everyone is a group of flame, and each group of flame must illuminate their direction.
    Everyone is born for the first time. Since God has given me a chance to do it again, if I can’t stand on the highest peak of this world, wouldn’t it be a disappointment to God’s good intentions?
    Soul Palace, Hun Clan, what you did, I Xiao Yan wrote down, the pain you brought me will only make me stronger.
    My Xiao Yan has a principle in doing things: I want to do something, I must do it, and do it thoroughly.
    Fighting again, but choosing to retreat is not done by a big man; with one's own strength, pull strongly against a crazy tide, this kind of pride is just a big man and a big hero.

    I am a person who has lived once, and I know better than anyone how difficult it is to live well.
    But at this point, I no longer belong to me. This is my world. If I don’t fight for it, who else can I fight for?
    Since this world calls me a hero, then I have to let this world know what the hero should do for this world.
    Thirty years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi, don't bully the young and poor!
    04.【Hun Tiandi】
    Take the Central Plain as the tripod, the living beings as the material, Heaven and Earth as the fire, and the flesh as the pill. To create peace for all ages and to recreate the world of mountains and rivers, I am worthy of myself, and even more worthy of Hun Clan.
    The rules are formulated by Expert from beginning to end. If you are not strong enough, you can only succumb to the will of others.
    There is no difference in essence between Gu Yuan and Xiao Xuan, but the world needs a "bad guy" like me. People who claim to be righteous, please put away those ignorant eyes, you are much shameless than me, and you don't even have the qualifications to let me take another look.
    If we have to say that we are a little different, it is that I succeeded and they failed.

    Whoever is promoted to Dou Di first, who will surpass this piece of Heaven and Earth, wait until one person's power can hold the whole world in his hands, who can guarantee that he will not change his original intention?
    If it is not to control the world, not to stand at the highest point in the world, who would diligent and never slacking to practice?
    Putting away your masks of hypocrisy and fighting for the benefit of your own people should never be a shame. Cruel and cruel methods are only ways to achieve your goals.
    If they are not of my race, their hearts must be different. Is it really difficult for you to admit things that children know?
    From the ancient eight tribes, ask yourself whether it is Xiao Xuan or Gu Yuan. When they are promoted to that stage, will they let me go? Will Xiao Clan and Gu Clan let me go Hun Clan?
    Winners and losers never pay attention to the process, as long as the goal can be achieved, I will do whatever it takes to remember that it is all costs.
    It's so stupid to pin the fate of yourself and Clan on those things that are not guaranteed. It's too stupid. I have lived for thousands of years, and the hardships I have suffered, the losses I have suffered, just picking one out is enough to crush any one of you, even any clan.

    You only envy me for having a strong power, but you have selectively forgotten the price I paid. do not use your narrow eyes to measure my decision, what I imagine is much longer than what you think.
    If you still think I'm a bad person, just keep thinking that way. Because I am not only a bad person, I am also the savior of the bad person, I Hun Tiandi sacrifice everything for Hun Clan.
    The Ancient Eight Clan, please listen carefully. Even if you tie all of you together, you will definitely not be my opponent. In this war, only I, Hun Tiandi, will be the final victor.
    This world will succumb to me in the end. I am the rules of the world. No one can resist and no one can violate.
    Those who know people are king.
    To perform the emperor's art, we must use extraordinary means. Hun Clan has been dormant for thousands of years, and it is time to wake up.
    Putting the past, present and future together for consideration, the only constant is that the world has been changing. What I have to do is to push our people to the center of change. Even if the world changes, it must be surrounded. I'm Hun Clan to change.
    I have never been invincible, Hun Tiandi, but Hun Clan, who has Hun Tiandi, is invincible.
    From now on, this continent will be owned by me, Hun Clan.

    I swear by the bloodblade of Emperor Slashing Ghost in my hand, between Heaven and Earth, there will no longer be a place where my Hun Clan can't go. The blade will be the boundary of my Hun Clan.
    05.【Xiao Xun'er】
    Brother Xiao Yan, you have said to Xun'er before that you must be able to put it down before you can pick it up. You can lift it and release it freely to be at ease.
    Xun'er feels that being with Xiao Yan is the most comfortable thing. Whether clan opposes or supports it, I will always be with Xiao Yan, because I like this thing and I can’t change it. Xun'er wants to be comfortable. people.
    Your strengths make me obsessed with admiration. Even if there are still imperfections, Xun'er wants to take good care of you, because Xiao Yan's brother took care of Xun'er more from the beginning.
    When Xun'er was four to six years old, someone sneaked into my room every night and used a very clumsy technique and a weak battle qi to warm my bones and meridians, every time. After making myself sweating, I left tired, Xiao Yan brother, do you know? In Gu Clan, Xun'er is the body of a daughter, the proud girl of heaven, and the most perfect person ever to awaken Dou Di bloodline.
    Too many people are struggling to please me and get close to me. But Xiao Yan, brother, you are different. In your eyes, I am just a little girl who is not suitable for cultivation, trying my best to give me the best.

    words exceede 5100

    Ling Clan and Shi Clan were completely wiped out by Hun Clan. If Xun'er can't find Tuo She ancient jade, then Hun Clan's claws will reach us sooner or later.
    For the sake of the world, for Gu Clan, for you, Xun'er has to contribute his own strength, even if it is a small amount of strength, as long as it is sincerely paid, it is worth repaying. This is what Xiao Yan taught me.
    Xun'er believes that Xiao Yan will stand up again and regain his own dignity and glory. Xun'er is waiting for you, waiting for you to truly become an expert who dominates the crowd. Xun'er has always believed that you will stand. At the peak of the continent, Xiao Family, who has fallen by then, will stand again Dou Qi Continent because of you.
    Brother Xiao Yan, Xun'er has done everything that Xun'er can do. The real Expert road requires you to look at yourself. I hope that when you meet again in the future, you can become a real Expert, so strong that Xun'er will look up. To the point.
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