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Chapter Table Of Contents 1681
    Chinese Name: 斗破苍穹  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Someone told me that "there will eventually be an oasis swaying in the desert", but I know that it is because they have never been to Tagore.
    This is the world of yellow sand. The stretch of yellow sand meets the sky, and it is impossible to imagine where the end of the sand is.
    One sand and one world, within one world, one dust and one disaster.
    From birth to now, I only know that the place where there is sand is my hometown, and I will never leave my hometown.
    This Tagore is like my besieged city. I can't get out of it, nor can others break in. I bury the deepest secret here. No one understands me, and I don't blame anyone.
    The deadly sand sea, vigorous and quiet, always stern, like the master who taught me.
    Since I was born, I have never experienced the temperature of the world. In my impression, there are only the heat when the sun rises and the coldness at night.
    Comfort has never been for Queen Snake-Person. From beginning to end, I can only rely on myself, being alive, and knowing myself.
    I used to think that I would stay here for the rest of my life, with Huang Sha as the queen of the Snake-Person tribe.
    Except for my people, all I have is the ever-scorching yellow, a person who guards a desert, and this desert does not know when to see me off.

    Here nature freezes the turbulent waves and the empty raging waves in an instant, making it stand still forever. Like every grain of dust and sand, I was lifted by the wind and fell into the endless unknown.
    I don't want to repeat this forever in my future life, groping forward in the unknown, without seeing hope or the future.
    Green Lotus Core Flame is the only chance to hit Dou Zong. Only by evolving into Seven-Color Heaven Swallowing Python can I lead my people out of this desert.
    I know what it will cost, but I'm still willing to give it a try, because if you want something you have never had, then you have to do something you have never done before.
    Since I have chosen I will not regret it. Anyone in this world can regret it, cry and be annoyed, but I can't, because I am the king.
    My behind is a Snake-Person citizen by the thousands and tens of thousands, waiting for me to open a path for them that no one has walked.
    Heaven is pure happiness without holiday, hell is pure suffering without rest, among the six realms, the human body is the hardest, and the king of the human body is the hardest.
    As long as I'm the Queen of Snake-Person for a day, I can't lower my head. Whether it is for my people, or for every grain of sand in Tagore, I have to lift my head high.

    I have thought about it a long time ago. I only want to bow my head once in my life. That day, I will put on the most gorgeous clothes and worship my beloved in the eyes of thousands of people.
    Everything I have, including myself, must be entrusted to the man who can make me bow my head.
    Xiao Yan, remember, you belong to this king.
    I will never forget the things you have done to me. You are the first and only person who dares to do such things to this king.
    There are as many people in this world as Tagore’s sand, but there are few people who can give this king a look. But Xiao Yan, I don’t see you enough.
    You are like a cactus in the desert, without rain and dew but always facing the sun.
    People say that people who have eaten too much bitterness, as long as they treat her a little bit better, she will feel sweetness, but for me, meeting you I don't feel bitterness at all, and some only have sweetness.
    Xiao Yan, from now on, you will belong to this king, and this king will also belong to you.
    07.【Ya Fei】
    In Jia Ma Empire, in terms of wealth, we Premier Clan count as number one.
    We run Jia Ma Empire's largest auction house and deal with money every day. I like money, because wherever the money goes, I change the rules, and all the rules must depend on the money.

    When you have enough money, it means you have mastered most of the rules.
    No matter how strong you are, as long as you enter the Premier Auction, you must abide by the rules here. People who don't follow the rules don't need me to do it. There are a lot of people who will take care of you.
    Rules are one of the most easily broken things, because people who don’t abide by rules tend to get more benefits. You can talk to me about benefits in Jia Ma Empire, but if you want to break rules, I’m sorry, Premier · Ya Fei is the first Don't agree.
    Premier Clan has been developing for hundreds of years in Jia Ma Empire, which is related to tangled and complicated. It relies on more than just relationships. The energy we have is beyond the imagination of most people.
    As the chief auctioneer in the auction industry, it can be said that he is the soul on the auction house, the master of the auction house. On the court, I want to communicate well with the bidders; off the court, I also need to maintain a good relationship with the bidders.
    The balance between the relationship between men and women is sometimes very delicate. I can't get too close to them, and I can't deliberately keep a distance.
    Many people are willing to spend money on me, but they will never get what they want.
    Not everything can be auctioned. In addition to those worthless things, there are treasures that others can never afford.

    As human beings, we always overestimate the value of things we never own. The less I can get Premier · Ya Fei, the more they will find me valuable.
    Maybe I don't have much talent in cultivation, but I have a special sense of smell in knowing people and things. I attribute all this to my love of money. Because of the valuable things, Premier · Ya Fei can recognize it by just a glance.
    Xiao Yan is the most valuable treasure that I have discovered. I may not be able to fully possess him with my abilities, but it is a good thing to be able to become friends with him.
    Someone once told me that the richest person is not the person who has the most, but the person who needs the least. The more a person can give up something, the richer he is.
    I feel that since I met Xiao Yan, Premier · Ya Fei is no longer rich, I have become the poorest person in the world, because for him, I really can't give up and can't give up.
    But ah, the more people are afraid of losing, the more they will lose; the more afraid of giving up, the harder it is to give up.
    Will I lose Xiao Yan?
    I have no idea……
    I might have lost him a long time ago, right?

    Today Xiao Yan is no longer the maotou Junior. He shines on Dou Qi Continent, and even shines in the entire world. Will he still remember the Premier · Ya Fei of Jia Ma Empire?
    I have no idea……
    No one is rich enough to redeem their past, and so am I. At this moment, I really want to go back to the past and keep you in Jia Ma Empire and stay by my side.
    08.【Xiao Yi Xian】
    I want to tell a story a long time ago.
    There used to be a small village that made a living by collecting medicine. The villagers were diligent and honest, and had a satisfying and fulfilling life in the village. It is such a group of kind people that unfortunately fell on them.
    A mother came here with her three-year-old daughter. The villagers felt that the mother and daughter wandered around very pitifully and accepted them kindly, but nightmares followed...
    In the beginning, it was just chickens and ducks, and later developed into cattle and sheep, and finally it was a fresh life. They all died of poisoning, and the village seemed to be shrouded in haze.
    And it's all because
    Born Woeful Poison Body, born in disaster, and died in disaster, this is my destiny.
    I killed all the villagers and friends who loved me and took care of me, and finally even my mother...

    The lethal poison erupted and became madness. I couldn't control myself at all. Nobody could understand the feeling that my body was completely out of my control.
    As if my consciousness was hollowed out, I became another person, a devil immersed in the killing.
    I don’t want to kill, I’m afraid of killing. Every time I wake up from a nightmare, my face will be covered with tears. While burying them silently, I shed tears for them who died because of me. But the funny thing is that I even carry tears in my eyes. lethal poison.
    I don’t know how many people will die because of me. I study medicine desperately, trying to fill the gap in my heart. One person dies because of me, and another person lives because of me, so maybe I don’t owe this. The world.
    But every time someone finds out that I am Woeful Poison Body, they will hide away from me. They don’t care how many good things I have done, they just call me "Big Poison Master", looking at my eyes is better than looking at monsters. alarm.
    I really want to say that I don’t blame them, but I’m really sad. I can’t cry anymore. If I shed tears, the flowers around me will also wither...
    If the world owes me, will someone make up for me?
    I have no love, no love, no friends, or even my enemies. Anyone who meets me will die...
    I am the plague.

    What should I do? I just want to be like normal people, to enjoy the sun and tranquility, and enjoy all the beauty between Heaven and Earth.
    But I understand that the only thing I can do is to stay away from the crowd. I don't want anyone to die because of me. A cursed person like me should never have survived.
    But thank you, Xiao Yan, I will always remember what you said to me, "My name is Xiao Yan, and I am your friend." Others may not understand it, but the word "friend" is too much for me. Enough.
    What a kind name, it gave me the warmth I always wanted. This kind of warmth is enough for me, and I will remember it for a lifetime, Xiao Yan.
    Perhaps you will be my only friend in the future, no matter what happens in the future, as long as you treat me as a friend, even if I really become the big Poison Master everyone is afraid of. But in front of you, I am still Xiao Yi Xian from Qingshan Town.
    Xiao Yan, I'm leaving, don't come to me, you have to practice hard, don't delay your major events because of my illness, and I have many unfinished things that must be realized one by one.
    Meeting you in this life is like a dream.
    Goodbye bye.
    At this time, I look at each other and hear nothing of each other.
    09.【Yun Yun】
    Do not enter the teacher's door, without preaching the teaching.

    I remember when I first joined Misty Cloud Sect, I was a silly little girl. Apart from practicing, there seemed to be nothing to attract me.
    I remember the flowers and leaves of Misty Cloud Sect, each brick and tile. I still miss the martial brothers who are laughing and playing in the practice field.
    Master Yun Shan is an amazing person. He taught me a lot, but he only told me how to deal with feelings.
    Even if Misty Cloud Sect is so wicked beyond redemption in your eyes, I still love this place that nurtures me and teaches me.
    If there is no Master and Misty Cloud Sect, I am nothing, let alone one of the top ten Experts in Jia Ma Empire.
    For Misty Cloud Sect, I am willing to give everything, including myself. This is my home. For home, what can't be given away?
    I never wanted to refuse to grow up, but growing up gave me real pain. When I realized that for Misty Cloud Sect I was going to marry someone I didn’t like at all, my heart seemed to be severely pricked by a steel needle. It hurts...
    But when I took over Misty Cloud Sect from the master, I knew that I could no longer be myself. Yun Yun is no longer the little junior sister who spends his days leisurely, but the ninth-generation Sect Master of Misty Cloud Sect.

    As a Sect Master, I will have my disciples in the future. When I am too old to guard Misty Cloud Sect, one of them will also take over the position of Sect Master from my hand, just as the master handed it to me back then. Same as above.
    However, I did not expect that Misty Cloud Sect the flame of a burning piece of firewood passes on to the rest. After nine generations, it will finally be destroyed in my hands, and it is him who will end this behemoth.
    Assuming that I have never met him before and continue on the trajectory of life that should belong to me, I might live a happier life.
    But those memories will come up from time to time. Meeting him in the Magic Beast Mountain Range, eating grilled fish together, stealing the companion purple source, living together, these joys are also something I have never experienced.
    Missing a person, missing a period of life, one can not be so greedy, even the happiness is doubled.
    If I really can't escape this fateful arrangement, then no matter how I choose, I will be alone in watching my loneliness.
    Some things cannot be forgotten, no matter how I cover them up or obliterate them, they will become more and more ingrained.
    The crowds are so turbulent, so many people will never see him again when he turns around. In fact, I really hope he can look at me again when he leaves, so that I can find a reason to keep him.

    But reason stopped me, and I wanted to stop my approach to him while it was still too late. The Yun Zhi who only existed for him shouldn't belong here in the first place.
    It's enough for me to be self-willed once. Those inhumane stories belong only to Yun Zhi on that timeline.
    Since I left, I really don't come back again.
    Time will eventually dilute everything, whether love or hatred, will disappear with time. Just learn to ignore your own pain in the baptism of time.
    "Will you come back to Jia Ma Empire with me?"
    When we met again, he didn't expect him to ask me such words. I thought we should have forgotten each other long ago.
    Is this the final arrangement of fate?
    keep in mind constantly, there must be an echo...
    Xiao Yan, do you know?
    What I miss is not Jia Ma Empire, but all the good memories I have had with you.
    10.【Zi Yan】
    What's wrong with eating more? ! In order to grow up quickly, I have to eat all kinds of things. I am Ancient Void Dragon.
    Humph, let alone people, in ancient times, the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan was the food in our mouths.

    However, when I think of eating people, I still feel a little uncomfortable. They look so ugly, they look very disgusting. I said I would eat them, but I frightened them.
    If everyone is as good-looking as Elder Sister Cai Lin, hey, I don't mind having one or two, just forget it like Xiao Yan.
    When it comes to eating, it's very angry. I blame myself for being greedy. I only became like this after eating the abominable Body Transformation Grass. Humans are really ugly. I miss my wings so much.
    There is no such thing as an old stupid father who has lost all his daughters. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have to be like this. It's so comfortable to live on Dragon Island and I can eat whatever I want.
    It's really annoying, Jia Nan Academy doesn't have anyone who can play, and always staying with them is to become an idiot. When can I go out for a spin?
    Is it strange that Ancient Void Dragon is ranked first in the Strong Ranking? Can human beings understand our power?
    What kind of ghost name is Brute Force Queen? It's called Zi Yan. It's just a little bit stronger and a little heavier. I really don't know what the people in the academy are afraid of, and they won't really eat them.
    Among so many people, in addition to Elder Sister Cai Lin, Xiao Yan is not bad, and he must threaten him to make me more Medicinal Pill. If you are not convinced, beat him up.

    Xiao Yan, like my dad, is a fool. But he is more stupid than his father. No matter how hard humans practice, the speed is still incomparable with our Ancient Void Dragon. Dad can't become Dou Di. How could Xiao Yan become Dou Di?
    Why not help me with refining pills? I will cover him in the future, so I don’t have to be afraid of being bullied wherever I go. If anyone hurts his hair, I will let them pay for it.
    However, I still have some expectations for Xiao Yan, he is different from everyone I have met.
    I appreciate Xiao Yan's distinct grievances temperament, his stubborn temper that refuses to admit defeat, maybe he can really make a name in this world.
    Just don't be too greedy like my dad.
    The fool dad, named Zhu Kun, wanted the treasure from the Ancient Emperor Cave Mansion thousands of years ago, and was trapped underground by the Ancient Emperor Tuo She in the Jia Nan Academy. The Ancient Void Dragon clan split into the four largest Dragon Islands in the southeast, northwest and north due to the departure of his father.
    I desperately eat the treasures of heaven and earth, just want to grow up faster, so that the people can feel me and take me back to Dragon Island.
    Because I have the bloodline of Ancient Void Dragon's most complete king, the task of reunifying the Ancient Void Dragon family can only fall on me.
    I advise the dragon kings of all major Dragon Island to die, because I am the real Ancient Void Dragon Emperor.

    Before Daddy came back, no one should think of taking Dragon Island from me. Whoever it is, wanting to take advantage of the Ancient Void Dragon clan is a dream.
    Daddy is a fool, but he is also the best dad in the world. He will not forget me, let alone the people. One day, he will go back to us again.
    All I have to do is to protect everything that Dad wants to protect before Dad comes back.
    "Battle Through the Heavens: Road to Dou Di" mobile game·Heavenly Flame Ranking supplement
    Heavenly Flame Ranking 18
    Name: Wind Fury Dragon Flame
    Color: khaki
    Introduction: Born in the eye of a flame tornado in an ancient desert. Unlike other Heavenly Flames, there is no fixed location. Instead, it randomly appears anywhere in the desert during the hottest days of the year, which is extremely rare. When displayed, it will form a tornado shape. Wind and fire are combined. The flame is hundreds of meters high, roaring and rotating forward like a huge fire dragon. It has a strong destructive ability and turns into a sea of fire wherever it goes.
    Heavenly Flame Ranking 20
    Name: Nether Poison Fire
    Color: green

    Introduction: The flame that exists in the ancient ghosts and poisons. After thousands of years of infestation, flame has burned the endless poisonous miasma. It has become a spirit for a hundred years and has formed a thousand years. When the complete mastery is complete, its color is greenish, like a ghastly flame, generally in the poisonous miasma. Traverse. Since flame itself is a poisonous miasma fed into a spirit and contains lethal poison, as long as it is contaminated with sparks for a while, lethal poison is in the body, let alone swallowed and merged! It is precisely because of this that few people look for this kind of Heavenly Flame, and not many people know its existence.
    Heavenly Flame Ranking 21
    Name: Yin and Yang Shuangyan
    Color: black and white
    Introduction: Born in the void of the universe, flames of two colors, one black and one white, are entwined together, swimming like a double fish of yin and yang. Yin and Yang are the laws of nature and the origin of everything in the world. The yin and yang double flames born in the source is one of the flame forms that the source phantoms, full of the dual power of life and death, Yang Fire saves people, lives endlessly, kills people, not a trace of body left .
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