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Chapter Table Of Contents 2178 Buddha's Dream Of The Buddha
    Chinese Name: 吞噬苍穹  Author: 虾米XL(Xiāmi XL, ShrimpXL)
    Original: | Translation:

    God asks, who is it? (The Bodhi Buddha originally wanted to marry Hua Xiangrong, but suddenly he awakened his past life and broke his contract.)
    Under the moon, who is, wrapped in a red wedding gown. (Hua Xiangrong wore a wedding gown, miserable.)
    Looking back, Qing Tong reflected in white clothes and broke off. (Emperor Bodhi looks back at her, Hua Xiangrong's eyes reflect his figure, his face is solemn, and the billows are not shocked, making her feel desperate.)
    The ascetic monk moves forward, leading the silly to go west. (Emperor Bodhi practiced asceticism all the way, Hua Xiang would not let his heart die, hoping that he could turn his head back.)
    The white clothes cut his feelings, broke his heart, and cried behind him. (During the asceticism of the Bodhi Buddha, the memory of his previous life kept recovering, he lost his love all the way, and lost his lust in his heart. The love thread entwined with him gradually broke, and Hua wanted to follow along and cry all the way.)
    The woman in red holds a dagger, stabbing her heart, walks alone in despair, and smiles sorrowfully. (Hua Xiangrong saw the Bodhi Buddha breaking the love thread, stabbing her heart with a dagger, hoping to break the love in her heart, she dazed all the way, crying and laughing, crazy.)
    Suddenly hearing the call of Abi, she walked into hell. (Knowing that she was hurt by love, her father, Abi Demon Lord, summoned and led her back to Demon Race.)

    The flames burned the sky and thousands of families collapsed, the white-clothed man was wounded and fled, the red-clothed woman was forced to marry Tianyu, bliss Huang Quan | Yellow Springs Buddha and demons eternally separated. (The Demon Lord Abi makes people kill the man in white, wherever he goes, flames hiding the sky and covering the earth, thousands of families collapse, countless people perish, and when he is dying, the Demon Lord Abi stops his hands and pretends to agree. Married to Demon Race, Bodhi Buddha escaped with injuries. Since then, the two people are separated from Huang Quan | Yellow Springs in Hell, and it is difficult to see each other again.)
    Thousands of years later, he took the magic pestle, she wears the saint's skin, met in the red dust, and stood together. In the old days, vaguely, meeting in the bamboo forest and wooden houses, the blue lanterns are isolated, and the lights are knotted. Her red sleeves add fragrance to the side of the case. Talk idly about important matters, the two people make a private appointment, the Iraqi people tremble, and the king is pity. (Thousands of years later, Bodhi Buddha's memory has been restored, and his cultivation base has greatly increased. Hua Xiangrong returned to Demon Race, beheaded Human Race Sage, refined his skin, and put it on his body, notorious for his misdeeds, just wanting to see him again. Da Leiyin Temple sent Bodhi Buddha to suppress her. When the two met, thinking of the past, each felt sad.)
    In the end, Buddha and demons are not at odds. (However, thinking of their respective identities, they attacked each other.)
    The Emperor of Ming Dynasty, the Eight Wastes suppressed.
    Abi Demon Hall, Jiuyou seizes the soul.
    Under the Bodhi tree, you will become a Buddha.
    All ways to judge prison, blood stained cloth. (The woman in red is defeated.)

    words exceede 5100

    Bodhi Buddha: Covenant of a thousand generations, Samsara eternal calamity.
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