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Chapter Table Of Contents 2179 In A Glance
    Chinese Name: 吞噬苍穹  Author: 虾米XL(Xiāmi XL, ShrimpXL)
    Original: | Translation:

    Eternal God's Court.
    Tian Human Dao Zong.
    Supreme Palace.
    There was a woman, she was sitting by an ancient Dan fire.
    There are the engravings of nine dragon beasts, vivid and lifelike, on the pill furnace. In addition, there are sixteen hexagrams of the innate, which are distributed around the pill furnace.
    The woman has a dignified demeanor, holding a shaking fan and gently swinging it, causing the flames in the pill furnace to evaporate.
    She concentrated one's attention completely, and it was very important to keep a close eye on the elixir in front of her.
    At this time, on the side, there was an old man with a fairy-styled bones and a childlike face. He held a whisk in his hand, dressed in white, with long hair scattered, looking at the woman, and said: "Shi Wan, you will blame the teacher for taking you from Grandmist Origin back then. Are you plundering the Eternal God's Court?"
    "Weird, not weird." Shi Wan lowered his eyes and stared at the fire in front of him: "Everything in the world, like the medicine in the pill furnace in front of me, needs to be sharpened."
    "Hey, I thought back then that the cultivator had already put his love aside, but he never thought that after so many years, you still can't let go of that person." The old man sighed, the medicine virgin in the seat, the most important thing he valued was Shi Wan. , Can get his mantle inheritance.
    "I am in the same mind with him forever and will not change." Even at a long distance, she has such confidence, because she understands.

    "Unexpectedly, he chased you all the way from The Central World, then to Grandmist Origin, and then to the Eternal God's Court. He has come to my Human Dao sect three times." The white-haired old man sighed. After so many years, he still can In this way, he can also understand why Shi Wan can't let go.
    "Thank you Master for saving his life." Shi Wan looked respectful.
    "This is different from the past. The few people behind him are not easy to provoke. The Human Dao Sect does not ask about world affairs, but only for Dan refining. Now I am a teacher and ask you, if you let you go, what will you do?" The white-haired old man Hiss.
    "Of course I will go to him, but I will live up to my teacher's grace. If the master needs me, I will return to the Supreme Palace at any time." Shi Wan said from the bottom of one's heart, she also understands that her physique is in Many strong people seem to be blindly drugged.
    The old man in front of him has a lofty status and superb strength. He can regard her as an apprentice. For many years, he has been carefully nurtured, and he is also a great kindness to himself.
    It’s just that the old man didn’t ask her and took it away, bringing the eternal God’s court to isolate Xuan Yuan for a long time. She wanted to hate, but couldn’t hate it. Because of this, there was always something that was not close to the old man over the years. distance.
    "Hey, blame me." The old man looked outside the Supreme Palace, and there was a man wearing a battle armor, walking towards the Sky Human Dao Zong. .

    Now he seems impatient and wants to come in. The old man said slowly: "My God, the Human Dao Sect, has stood for a long time and has a profound background. This son can do you for you, even if you are an enemy of me, and you will not be in vain for so many years. Since then, sincerely entrusted it, it doesn't matter, now the sky wall, the ten thousand world city is in a critical situation, and the war breaks out at any time, you go and help him."
    For Dan refining medicine practitioners, the most important thing is the heart. Since Shi Wan's heart is not here, the old man does not want to force it. All things in the world, love and hatred, let time pass.
    Only after going through the vicissitudes of life and keeping one's heart in mind, can the world's great medicine be refined. Moreover, Shi Wan itself is an extremely important primer.
    "Thank you, Master." Shi Wan had tears in his eyes. After so many years, he was finally able to meet Xuan Yuan.
    The gate of the Supreme Palace opened wide, Shi Wan put down the shaking fan in his hand and stepped out.
    The man in the distance is Xuan Yuan, wearing a battle armor, fighting intent like the sky, stepping towards the place where the Human Dao Zongzong gate is.
    The husband and wife, looking at each other from a distance, and seeing each other for thousands of years, finally met on this day.
    Not far away, Primal Chaos Saint Emperor sighed: "In "The Sky and Myriad Realms", the battle between the boundless land and the eternal god court is about to break out, and Xuan Yuan and his wife are about to appear."
    "Haha, how lonely it would be without them."

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