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Chapter Table Of Contents 1883 Open A New Era!
    Chinese Name: 灵域  Author: 逆苍天(Nì cāngtiān, Against the Sky)
    Original: | Translation:

    The endless soul sea of Soul Realm dries up in a very short time.
    The Origin Sea of Burning Sun also dried up quickly.
    In addition, Seventh Level Purgatory, the Origin Sea in the center, was quickly drawn away from the soul energy.
    In Qin Lie's Soul Altar, his life memories, feelings, and all consciousness suddenly shrank into a little light!
    The gloomy light is constantly sucking the endless soul sea. The power of Origin Sea, with the soul light, is constantly intertwined, condensing into the most magnificent and wonderful Array Diagram in the world.
    Array Diagram evolves, and endless changes breed every time, gradually turning into a soul vortex.
    The soul vortex is spinning frantically. There are hundreds of millions of purple crystals flashing like stars, eight intertwined Nether Rivers dancing wildly, and the little bit of endless soul sea water releases countless soul movements.
    The extremely fast swirling soul vortex produced an unstoppable suction, which involved Thamur infiltrate into his Soul Altar's soul light pattern, silk thread, memory, consciousness, wisdom, and the understanding of the power of each universe.
    The mark belonging to Thamur, as soon as it entered the soul vortex, it was immediately twisted into shreds and quickly turned into void.
    Qin Lie clearly felt that it belonged to his consciousness, slowly waking up in Soul Altar.
    His soul has become extremely clear understanding.

    He is no longer confused, nor does he feel helpless assimilated by Thamur.
    On the contrary, vortex, the most mysterious soul in the world, has become extremely confident after condensing with the endless soul sea, eight Nether Rivers and Origin Seas based on his life's perception of the soul.
    At this moment, he felt that his exploration and comprehension of the soul had truly been completed.
    "Dead soul, living soul, life knowledge, the perception of countless powers, merge into one!"
    Thamur's countless fragmentary memories and consciousness were sucked after the soul vortex was formed. Brought in from every space in Soul Altar.
    He seemed to hear Thamur screaming madly, Thamur was still struggling, trying to use the profound truth of the powers of different universes to annihilate everything in his Soul Altar.
    pity. Because Thamur's original plan was to refine and integrate everything about him, resulting in a messy amount of Soul Power.
    When Qin Lie's most profoundly mysterious soul vortex was formed, Thamur's various powers scattered in Soul Altar's profound truth failed to condense in a short time.
    Thamur's divided state. It has never been recast, and it has not been merged together.
    This makes Thamur no longer able to burst out all his power instantly!

    He could feel Thamur's unwillingness, but he was merciless, and continued to absorb the endless Soul Power from Seventh Level Purgatory, driving the soul vortex to spin at high speed.
    All the imprints belonging to Thamur, turned into meteors, light, smoke, memory fragments, one by one was inhaled and merged by the soul vortex.
    During this process. Qin Lie felt that he was refining Thamur...
    All Thamur's experience, wisdom, and power perception have not really turned into void.
    Instead, it blended into the soul vortex and became a part of his power and soul. He refined Thamur... thoroughly.
    During this period, he always maintained himself and wiped out Thamur's sense of autonomy one by one.
    Time is hurried, gradually. He never felt Thamur anymore.
    The soul vortex that exists in his Soul Altar is still spinning, still digesting Thamur.
    He knew that he was fighting with Thamur. He won the final victory.
    Thamur's life perception and understanding of the power of different universes have been imprinted in his soul bank and become a part of him.
    But Thamur's consciousness was completely extinguished and disappeared under the power of the soul vortex.

    Scattered all over the galaxy. The Shadow Realm that invaded this realm suddenly flew in from numerous spatial channels.
    Those Shadow Realms gathered in clusters beside Qin Lie's demon, as if supporting him.
    Feeling the many unknown energies floating in those Shadow Realm, Qin Lie understood that the entire Shadow Lifeform race had been annihilated.
    And he refined Thamur and became the new owner of those Shadow Realm.
    Qin Lie murmured, completely recovered himself, and opened his eyes.
    At first glance, he first saw the six imaginary spirits in the Sea of Destruction, as well as the rays of destruction that flew by.
    Looking into the distance, he saw Qin Shan, Qin Hao, Ling Yushi, Tian Qi, the seven Devil Sovereign, and the five Patriarch of God Clan.
    Behind those people is the star river interior, the pinnacle expert of each race.
    "You have been annihilated, and your galaxy has collapsed and destroyed, and no longer exists. From now on, follow me." He looked at the rays of destruction.
    Numerous lights of destruction flew in obediently and merged into his bloodline.
    He looked at the six imaginary spirits again.
    "Eh, oh!"

    The six spirits of the emptiness and turbulence come from the intimacy of the soul and regard him as his father.
    With a grin, he stepped out of the Sea of Ember Destruction and walked directly to the end of the void.
    "Is it over?" Tian Qi asked nervously.
    Qin Lie smiled and nodded.
    "Then you..." Tian Qi's voice was a bit difficult, and after a pause, he said, "Who are you?"
    "Naturally it is Qin Lie."
    As soon as this statement came out, all the experts of all races gathered here were obviously relieved.
    "The thirty-five returners died because of me, but I saved a trace of their soul marks." Qin Lie looked at the most expert of all races behind, and said: "When I merge everything in Thamur, I will Give you that trace of their soul imprint, and in time, they can still wake up."
    "Thank you!" Feather Clan Patriarch Kermit thanked on behalf of everyone.
    By now, they also know why those thirty-five returners have returned, and that everything Qin Lie has done is have no alternative.
    "Everyone, go back." Qin Lie groaned, and said, "I need some time, at the end of the void, to use the streams of light outside of the other universe galaxies to comprehend their power and profound truth. I will Thamur later. The knowledge and understanding of the law are completely digested, you..."

    He looked deeply at the Flame Emperor, Ice Emperor, the Seven Monarchs, and the five great families of God Clan, including the Patriarch of the following races.
    "At that time, if you want to step into the ultimate realm, I will find a new way out for you."
    After incorporating Thamur's memory and wisdom, he understood that the galaxy energy of a universe is limited, not enough to support the generation of too many ultimate experts.
    Otherwise, Galaxy will perish, and the plane will all collapse and destroyed.
    If you want to continue to be strong, there is only one way out for those experts at the top bloodline of Rank 10.
    "Where is our new way out?" Tian Qi faintly asked.
    Qin Lie turned around, looked towards the end of the void, and said, "Beyond the end of the void, in the broader universe of galaxies that does not belong to us."
    "Then, don't we have to be the same as Shadow Lifeform?" Tian Qi was amazed.
    "Life has to evolve to the last step. It can only go on like this. This is no way." Qin Lie sighed. "The Sacred Spirit of Shadow Lifeform, the Destruction Embers Spirits clan, and the Ruinous Race, all follow this trajectory. "
    "In the future, we can only continue to move forward in accordance with their trajectory."
    Upon hearing these words, all the experts fell silent.

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    "Okay, I am waiting for you at Spirit Realm."
    Ling Yushi's bright eyes lit up, and she relaxed, her figure blurred for an instant, and she left from here.
    Qin Lie turned and returned to the end of the void, sat down silently in the Sea of Ember, preparing to welcome the new Era.
    (End of the book)
    Ps: Although I am very reluctant, Spirit Realm is still over. Thank you brothers and sisters who watch Spirit Realm day and night. I wish you all the best. I will rest for a while with my family. The new book will be restarted someday next year.
    Finally, thank you very much for your tolerance.
    See you next year.
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