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Chapter Table Of Contents 7877 8 Terrible Record
    Chinese Name: 超级兵王  Author: 步千帆(Bù qiānfān, Bu Qianfan)
    Original: | Translation:

    When the Great Emperor Baique finished reading this urgent message, his entire face changed drastically, and he looked at Ye Qian beside him on time in disbelief. At this moment, she finally got the truth about the destruction of the High Heaven Palace.
    Ye Qian unexpectedly entered the core of the mountain protection formation of the High Heaven Palace with one person, and killed the semi-divine profound emperor!
    With such a terrible record, looking at the entire Tianyuan Prefecture, perhaps except for the god-level runemaster of Tianhuazong who hopes to achieve it, absolutely no one in the semi-divine realm can achieve this.
    "Ye Qian broke the mountain guarding formation of the High Heaven Palace presided over by Emperor Xuanmo? And it was unscathed?" Emperor Baique was shocked, and when he looked at Ye Qian, he felt a little more fearful in his heart.
    "Mr. Ye, the two choices I just mentioned are just joking with you." After a while, the Great Baique was afraid, and then he realized that the super genius in front of him was even more terrifying than she expected. Such a strong person must never become enemies with him, and it is not a wise move to leave him a little displeased.
    Ye Qian was taken aback for a moment, the dignified Sect Master of the Great Sword Sect, would he be joking about this matter?

    "Since Mr. Ye personally came to my Great Sword Sect to intercede for Emperor Ziling, I will call the shots and accept Emperor Ziling as his personal disciple. As for the list of sacrifices, I naturally have a way to veto it at the Supreme Council." Change the previous attitude.
    "Emperor Baique, you won't be joking with me again this time!" Ye Qian said subconsciously when he heard this.
    Great Emperor Baique said with a serious face: "Of course it's not a joke. I just got the news. It turns out that Mr. Ye, who first entered the semi-god state, has actually set the strongest record in the history of Tianyuan Prefecture. I was unscathed by the veteran and first-rate guarding mountain formation of the Lingxiao Palace. With such a method, I am afraid that I can already match the god-level runemaster!"
    Ye Qian then understood why the Baique Great Emperor suddenly changed his mind, it turned out to be aware of his record of breaking the Great Mountain Protection Formation of the Lingxiao Palace!
    "Thank you for your kindness, but I don't want to owe favors. Therefore, regarding Emperor Ziling, let's follow the previous statement and exchange the training resources of the demi-god level." Ye Qian politely rejected the kindness of Emperor Baique. He didn't want to save Mo Xiaoxuan, but he owed the favor of the Great Baique.

    Seeing this, the Baique Great Emperor also understood that she had missed the opportunity to establish a good relationship with Ye Qian. Immediately he said: "Since Mr. Ye insists, it has no choice but to do so. Mr. Ye can rest assured, from now on, Ziling the Great is in my Great Sword Sect, and I will never let him feel wronged anymore."
    After making a promise with Ye Qian, Emperor Baique never mentioned the expulsion of Mo Xiaoxuan from the sect, but immediately sent an order to the sect so that Mo Xiaoxuan could come down the mountain and come to see her in the city lord's mansion.
    At this moment, in the Great Sword Sect Mountain Gate, on one of the peaks.
    Since Mo Xiaoxuan came to the Great Sword Sect, he has lived on this mountain. The teacher responsible for teaching her is an Outer Sect elder on this mountain, who has the cultivation base realm of the middle stage of the Ninth Rank Great Emperor Realm.
    There are a total of six disciples under this elder of the outer sect, all of them are female disciples who practice Taiyin profound arts. Three of them were on the sacrifice list, and the two were not even qualified to be on the sacrifice list. They were destined to only become ordinary disciples of the Great Sword Sect in this vein. There is another, but because of someone behind him, although the qualifications are also a breakthrough in the semi-god state, but he is not on the list of sacrifices, but is promoted to the core disciple of this line, and will have the opportunity to inherit the elder position of his own teacher in the future.

    Since Mo Xiaoxuan was included in the list of sacrifices, she has been depressed all day long, and she no longer works as hard as she used to do in her practice, because she knows that no matter how hard she cultivates, one day her cultivation base will belong to others.
    Although Mo Xiaoxuan came from a small force like Xia Guo, her spirit was not low, and she wanted to rise to the Emperor Xuanzong and make Xia Guo strong and prosperous again. So after joining the Great Sword Sect, she cherished this kind of training opportunity very much, and has always worked harder to cultivate than others. This is why she can break through the realm one after another in a short time under the limited resources cultivation, and step into the sixth rank emperor. The reason for the cultivation base.
    Mo Xiaoxuan's passive cultivation just happened to commit the taboo of being on the list of sacrifices. The matter of her neglecting cultivation reached her master's ears. At this moment, her master, accompanied by his disciples, was angrily to impose sect rules on Mo Xiaoxuan and severely punish her.
    "Mo Xiaoxuan, what are the rules for you to be our Great Sword Sect? From the moment you promised to be on the list of sacrifices, your life will no longer belong to you. This is why Zongmen promised to give you family power. Support and tilt your cultivation resources."

    "Now, you deliberately neglect cultivating. This is a blatant challenge to the rules of the sect. As a teacher today, on behalf of the sect, I will teach you a lesson. Family power."
    This elder of the Outer Sect in the middle stage of the Ninth Rank Great Emperor Realm, after angrily rebuked, a powerful force surged, and instantly imprisoned Mo Xiaoxuan's whole person.
    "Master forgive me, my disciple knows that I am wrong, and I will never dare to do it again!" Mo Xiaoxuan never thought that her intentional slackness in cultivation would (of a plot etc) to be exposed, let alone her sluggish cultivation. Not only does he need to be punished, but he also hurts his family power.
    "I know it's wrong now? It's too late!" How could the elder of the outer door give Mo Xiaoxuan lightly? She must kill one to warn a hundred, otherwise everyone will follow her, then how will she explain to the sect in the future?
    Isn't it a trivial matter for a Rank Nine Great Emperor Realm Talisman to torture a Sixth Rank Great Emperor Realm Talisman?
    I saw him imprison Mo Xiaoxuan's cultivation base, amplify Mo Xiaoxuan's perception of physical pain, and use a special leather whip to beat Mo Xiaoxuan's delicate body time and time again. Seeing Mo Xiaoxuan’s painful hover between life and death, several disciples under the school were heart alarmed, trembling in fear.

    But the punishment method was just the beginning. After Mo Xiaoxuan suffered extremely painful physical pain, he would also experience extremely cruel mental torture. Compared with the bloody lessons that can be seen in the flesh, the mental torture is the most terrifying.
    Mo Xiaoxuan seemed to have fallen into a terrible abyss, and his spirit was always brightened. This kind of mental pain was more desperate than the physical pain. In just a moment, her soul couldn't bear such torture, and she was completely wilted.
    At this moment, finally Baique Great’s disciple Yukong came and stopped the scene and said: “Following the order of the Sect Master, take Ziling Great Emperor Mo Xiaoxuan to see the Sect Master immediately.”
    The elder of the outer gate was taken aback, and subconsciously said: "Senior brother Chuanling, I don't know why the lord suddenly wants to see Emperor Ziling? She is being punished at this moment because she violated the rules of the sect and slackened her practice maliciously."
    "The order of the suzerain must be executed." The Chuanling disciples didn't know why the suzerain suddenly named him to see Mo Xiaoxuan, but seeing Mo Xiaoxuan's extremely tragic appearance at the moment, they couldn't help but frowned.
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