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Chapter Directory TIX 16
    Author: 天下霸唱(Tiānxià bà chàng, Dorminator of Singing)
    Original: Unknown
| Translator:

The fat man pulled the Japanese friend, the first stepped up the steps on the city wall, Shirley Yang followed closely from behind. We all know that the dumplings have stiff joints and can only jump and not run. Once they encounter the steps, they can only make no headway, so they all ran to the top desperately.

"Lao Hu, what are you stupid! Come on!" The fat man stepped on the steps and waved his hand to let me hurry up. I saw the dumplings surrounded by Wang Zu and grandchildren, and even the surrounding roads were gradually surrounded. I couldn't bear it. Hesitated for a moment or headed down and rushed back.

As soon as I turned around, I was hit by a stumbling block. I was thinking about which silly vacancy suddenly popped up at this time, and I listened to “咣 当” a snapping sound. Feet."Jin Ding ?!" I almost unbelievable to myself, haven't you lost this thing long ago? Where did this come from? Jin Ding suddenly appeared to upset our plan again, and the black dumplings swooped towards us like chicken blood. I picked up Mr. Wang with a big hand, and then pulled Wang Puyuan and strode toward the city wall. At this time, not only behind us, even the left and right sides kept dumplings rushing up, I used my strength to push that one old and one young to the high platform, and suddenly my feet tightened suddenly, and I did n’t know what happened When a dog eats shit, it rolls down in an instant and meets the dumplings who follow closely from behind. Shirley Yang and Fatty will naturally not sit idly by and pull out their guns to shoot indiscriminately. This time the whole scene boils and is completely out of control. The madman we rescued earlier suddenly became more crazy than the black dumplings. He dropped the shroud, loudly scream, wondering what to say, and then looked down at him, as if looking for what thing. I saw nothing in his arms, and this only happened: this kid was hiding Jinding, so the black dumplings would attack us again. Thought until here, I couldn't help being irritated by this little Japan's teeth, and I wish I could slap him to death.

"Go!" Fatty and Shirley Yang bowed around, and a fishing for the moon from the seabed pulled me out of the dumplings. Seeing that Jin Ding was still on the ground, the madman rushed back again at an astonishing speed. I thought Ladu could not hold it, and watched him drowning in black dumplings.

"What a fool! Don't go yet!" Wang Puyuan shouted to us, standing on the city wall, "This man is not saved, come up!"I finally took a quick look back, and the shadows of lunatics and Jin Ding could no longer be found in the dumplings of black varnished dumplings. They had been engulfed by this group of dead thousands of years ago. I dared not wait any longer, lifted my breath, and climbed the head of the city wall with my hands and feet.

Avoiding a catastrophe, we are afraid that something will happen again, a group of people quickly leave the scope of the ancient city. Shirley Yang whole head drenched with sweat, dared not stop at one step, and led us directly to the tomb door. The three of us climbed out of the tomb door one after another. I turned back to pull Wang Puyuan. I did n’t want their grandchildren to stand in place. There was no point in coming up.

"The shopkeeper Hu, there is no unbroken banquet in the world. It's enough to get here, and the rest of the road can go." Wang Puyuan looked up, destroying bridge after crossing river. I estimate that the old man has left behind, afraid to face Captain Guo's people after going out, so he deliberately wants to leave us. Although I am angry, Professor Lin Fang and Professor Li are still waiting for us in the ear room. If I insist on pursuing these grandchildren, I am afraid that the time to get out will be delayed. Besides, who does n’t know at all will those black dumplings come again? Catch up.

"In this case, then we to part without hard feelings, two take care." After that, I turned around and caught up with Shirley Yang. The fat man asked me: "Why are the two of the old Wang's family gone?" I said, "They have other plans, we have done our best, seize the moment and it's important to leave here." The two of them nodded, as if they were both at The scene still felt lingering.After leaving the ancient city, the strange mist gradually dissipated. We found Professor Li, who was in the dark room at the agreed place. The old man's eyes were full of blood, and we saw a few of us almost crying on the spot. We have just gone through a game of life and death, and we are all tired out of breath. I still remember Professor Li's cruel appearance when I met him, which is almost the same as now. Lin Fang lay aside, bandages around her neck, and there was a roll of gauze on the ground. Xu Sanshou was beside her, holding the gauze and kettle in her hands, and the two took care of her quite carefully. The fat man shouted "Chairman Lin" several times, and Lin Fang barely smiled weakly. Shirley Yang looked aside, his eyes soon getting wet. I said, "Comrades, this is not a moment of sorrow, the enemy's large army is still behind us, and the tumors hidden in the revolutionary team have not been ruled out. In general, it is a sentence: 36 Stratagems, go for it!"

Professor Li wiped his tears and puzzled: "Why, those little Japan have not given up yet?"

I said: "Greater than the little devil, the black dumplings in the back, which is the kind we saw on the painting of No.1 grave, may catch up after a while."

"I have been involved in archaeological work for so long, and I have never seen the real thing. Where is it? Is there a sample? Is it possible to capture it?" As soon as I looked at Professor Li's academic appearance, I knew that it would not make sense to him. The old man carried it, let's run away. "The fat man said," I have to guarantee Chairman Lin's safety. Professor Li will leave it to you. "Shirley Yang and he lifted Lin Fang together and led the way into the secret passage, and I dragged Professor Li to follow. Along the way, the old man kept on nagging for a long time, and he didn't even bring half of the decent cultural relics, so the old face really had no place to rest.

I persuaded: "Jin Ding does not, that is the treasure of the dumplings of other people, we are not suitable to take. But the Phoenix arm is in hand, don't add chaos, we go to the country immediately after going out."

"This is good, this is good." The old man finally followed us peacefully on his way back to the camp.

Because of the wounded, it took us almost twice as long to return to the original exit of the second tomb. It turned out that as I guessed, the support troops had long arrived at the Niangniang Mountain camp. They controlled the captives and made notes on the spot. When we crawled out of the cave dimly, the sky was already bright outside, and Guo Weiguo took a team of people at the entrance of the cave, and it looked like he meant to go down to catch people. As soon as he saw me, he would come up and pick someone up. If Professor Li had been talking for us, it would be my heart to have shot the kid on the spot. The subsequent troubles were one after another. We were isolated on the spot and put in small tents to make notes.I wondered if all the things in the tomb were poked out, I would have spent the rest of my life in the cell. While dealing with Guo Weiguo's interrogation, I was thinking about how to get out. The ancestors of Wang ’s family are still uncertain about life and death. Even if they can get away safely, they may not return to the scene to ask for bitter food; Lin Fang still wanders on the line of life and death. Master, he was taken away by the king of kings as a servant girl. Therefore, it is no longer feasible to rely on others to make siege. Besides, Shirley Yang and Fatty are in Guo Weiguo's hands.

During the torture, Guo Weiguo repeatedly gave me a set, trying to make me admit that I was the mastermind of this transnational grave-robbing case, and also turned over the old unexpected account of Nanjing. I know that this kind of thing can't nod even if it is killed, otherwise I wouldn't want to turn over in my life. The two of them spent a few days squeezing the bubble. During this period, I completely cut off contact with the outside world. The only thing that can comfort me is that Guo Weiguo ’s interrogation methods have become more and more rude. Can explain one thing-someone pressured him on the periphery, and he suffered from no evidence and could never convict me. I said in my heart, if the new officer had little experience in taking office, if this kind of thing fell on me, it would be a fart, and it was pushed into the ravine and shot down. He turned back and submitted a report of the suspected private escape. The prisoners were violent and uncooperative, and had to shoot back for self-defense.Seeing that Guo Weiguo is gradually unable to withstand the pressure, I still eat, sleep, question and answer every day according to my daily schedule, and my life is much more regular than before. One morning after half a month, I was still asleep, and was suddenly awakened by someone. When I opened my eyes, it was Lin Fang. She was wearing a military uniform, followed by an old Chinese man who had never met before. I confusedly signed a lot of words and was taken out of the camp by Lin Fang. She didn't talk much along the way, and I dared not ask. The car drove straight in and drove all the way to Chadong Wharf.

"Get off, they are waiting for you."

I haven't changed clothes for half a month, and my beard and hair are almost covering my entire face. I saw the few people on the pier and said with a guilty conscience: "Can we change our head first?"

"Shut up and get off!" Lin Fanghu pushed me out of the car with a face. It ’s been a long time since I was exposed to the sun like this, and I did n’t know what to say while covering my eyes.

Shirley Yang and the fat man stood on the pier, and the two rushed up as soon as they saw me. It only took me half a month to see everyone lose weight for a few laps, and tears would suddenly flow down.

"Don't grind, seize the moment to leave the country. This place can't be left." Lin Fang inserted it in time and patted me on the shoulder.

Shirley Yang nodded her, then pulled me and turned on the ferry. The fat man stood on the pier reluctant to part, and didn't know what to grind with Lin Fang until he boarded the ship until the whistle sounded.We went through several places, even smuggling to Hong Kong, and finally returned to Chinatown under Wang Puyuan's arrangement. On the day of arrival, Mr. Xue personally prepared a reunion dish and washed the dishes for us. I was tossed all the way, and I didn't realize until the moment I had the hot meal that everything was really over.

In the evening, Shirley Yang and Fatty told me the whole story after I was arrested. Roughly speaking, after I was arrested, Shirley Yang Duofang contacted and finally took over with Lin Fang's boss. The two escorted Lin Fang to the hospital and was under house arrest for several days. Afterwards, documents came from the United States, Lin Fang told them that the person who betrayed the intelligence had been found, that is, the madman we encountered in the ancient city that day, he was much higher than Waseda in Japan, and was the first group to arrive at the lady Tomb thief on the grave. In addition to stealing Jin Ding, the purpose of Waseda's trip is also partly to find this predecessor. As for the ancestors of the Wang family, after they fled back to the United States, in order to make up for their relationship with Lin Fang, they had no choice but to act to assist us in absconding. The bamboo pole has no audio since that fog, and it is Unable to Judge live or die.

"I have given Phoenix Arm to Professor Li. He said that there is no Phoenix Arm in Qin Longkong, which is not enough to show the charm of the cash tripod. It is impossible to crack Qin Wangding ’s secret. The old man is really interesting. "

"I don't care about this matter." I smiled bitterly and remembered all the previous things. Don't know why there is always an inexplicable sense of loss.

Shirley Yang asked me what I plan to do next, and I unhesitatingly replied: "Aren't we still going to see a river? It's better to hit the sun in a hurry, anyway, now that we are full, we might as well go out and walk.""Don't be funny, my hometown is in Texas, and I have to get the car tomorrow if I want to go."

"This is not good, distance can't stop my hot heart, I have to carry out my promise immediately to you, this matter is most urgent, ** can't stop it from coming, thousands upon thousands of words / talking nonstop Converged into one sentence-Chief of Staff Yang, will you follow me? "After these words, I immediately blushed, fearing that Shirley Yang would not agree. The fat man coaxed on the side and said, "This summary speech is too good. I decided to use it and try Lin Fang tomorrow."

Shirley Yang looked at me without a word, and finally replied, "Let's go!"