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Chapter Directory 3531 A New Book Has Been Issued, "The Earth Bookman Is Too Fierce", For Support
    Chinese Name: 修真四万年  Author: 卧牛真人(Wò Niú Zhēnrén, Lying Cow Taoist)
    Original: | Translation:

The new book "The People on Earth Are Too Fierce" has been published, and you can see it by clicking my author's name.

     The data of the new book issue is still very important. I hope you can help me to collect it and recommend it.

     This section of the old cow has been raised for two months, and I feel that my bones are okay. The new book must be written well, and the speed will be soaring. I also hope to interact with "Fourth Cultivation", later.

     Anyway, it still tastes the same, it still feels familiar, I don’t say anything, the old cow can only bury his head in the codewords, I hope my brothers and sisters support!

     The new book "Forty Millenniums of Cultivation" has been released, "The people on earth are too fierce", please support and are hitting, please wait a moment,

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