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Chapter Table Of Contents 2784 End Of This Testimonial
    Chinese Name: 美食供应商  Author: 会做菜的猫(Huì zuò cài de māo, Cat Who Can Cook)
    Original: | Translation:

    After writing this testimonial for the first time, some not knowing which course to follow, I really don’t know how to write it, then Caimao will give everyone a new year. Happy New Year everyone, good luck to work~
    From the publication of the book "Delicious Food Supplier" on July 17, 2016 to February 18, 2021, it has been exactly five months after the rough calculation.
    From the cat who knows how to cook to the nickname Caimao everyone gave me, from the new to the end of this book, it has been five years for such a long time, thank you for your company and support.
    Thank you, everyone can let Caimao finish the ending of this book successfully, and watch Yuan Zhou with everyone from a kitchen handyman to a Masterchef who assumes personal responsibility, and even a God of who can learn Chinese and Western. Cooking.
    This is witnessed by Caimao and everyone.
    When I started to write the book, Cai Mao had a grand wish in his heart, that is, I hope to complete the dream of Baimeng when it is over, and now it is already completed, thank you everyone, thank you The love of the Cai Mao shovel officers.
    A few days ago, some people in the watching group said that they chased the book "delicious food supplier" from junior high school to university, and some entered the society from high school to junior high school. At this time, do everyone think that Cai Mao will say that he feels old? No no no, Cai Mao just feels honored.
    Caimao thank you all from the bottom of my heart,
    Thanks for starting point,
    Thanks for editing.

    I am also honored to be with you for so long, and I hope that Caimao's book can accompany you all in the coming days. Because Caimao's new book will be released on February 22.
    (The protagonist of the new book has the surname Fang, and the theme of the new book is everyone's favorite.
    And after the release of the new book, Cai Mao’s four cat claws were all added together. That’s a small case. After all, Cai Mao has been working hard for this day for a long time, and he is determined not to be a one-finger Zen cat! )
    I hope you will support Caimao just as in the past~ I love your Caimao Yo~
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