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Chapter List 1661 Stop Everyone
    Chinese Name: 最强反套路系统  Author: 太上布衣(Tài shàng bùyī, Superior Commoner)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Fellow Daoist Xu, this..."
    The elder Stygian was taken aback.
    Many people present were also taken aback.
    How to say it!
    I always feel a little awkward, a little uncomfortable.
    After all, the first two levels had just been exhausted by this guy. By this third level, this guy suddenly changed his sex and became selfless.
    The key is that now everyone volunteers to give him the fairy crystal, but he doesn't want it.
    This your mother...
    Sure enough, men are all eels... Bah, fickle.
    "This old predecessor needn't say much, I Xu Que always say one and mean just that, saying that if you don't accept a tiny bit from you, you will never accept it. This is the principle." Xu Que responded firmly, still suffering Suffering supports the Dhamma.
    However, this kind of "persistence" was useless. Just after the words were said, the Dharma image broke hundreds of cracks in an instant.
    The Shura people not far away suddenly brightened their eyes, glare like a tiger watching his prey.
    Everyone present was so frightened that their heartbeats missed a beat.
    You can't destroy this form!
    A group of people gathered here, and once the Faxiang was broken, if the group of Asuras rushed over, everyone would have nowhere to run, and they would just get it right.

    "Fellow Daoist Xu, the principle is determined by the person, and you can change it. But the old man will not make it difficult for you, you can not accept it, but the old man is willing to give it!"
    The elder of the Styx screamed and beat the storage ring, and hundreds of millions of immortal crystals flew out in an instant.
    Such dense fairy crystals appeared more and more brilliant in the air, swimming in the air, like a long river, rushing directly to Xu Que's feet.
    However, as soon as each piece of fairy crystal approached Xu Que, it disappeared in an instant, as if directly ablated.
    "No, old man, stop it, don't want it!"
    Xu Que's face changed drastically, and he shouted, trying to stop all of this.
    At the same time, he also looked at the number of fairy crystals in the arrived System storage space!
    As the celestial crystals of the elders of Styx continued to "dissolve", the huge dharma behind Xu Que finally shook, restored its lustrous luster, and became solid.
    "Look at it, this way is restored again."
    "You fellows, what are you still trying to do? Fellow Daoist Xu refuses to accept the immortal crystal, but it is our business to send it to us!"
    "This is related to the lives of all of us. Don't hide it anymore. Throw out any fairy crystals."

    "Don't worry about it anymore, otherwise Fellow Daoist Xu's law will be broken, and it will be useless for us to keep this dead thing."
    Many people yelled loudly, and at the same time, they also learned to take out the fairy crystals they treasured, and kept throwing them at Xu Que.
    Xu Que was full of pain and shouted.
    "Don't do that!"
    "By doing this, you are making me break my promise."
    "I am ashamed of the Heaven Exploding Faction!"
    "Why do you guys come here!"
    Xu Que kept shouting and laughing wildly in his heart.
    In the System storage space, the number of fairy crystals has soared by nearly 10 billion.
    This is really rich!
    "Hey, look at everyone, the lotus mark on our wrist seems to have moved." At this moment, someone suddenly shouted, very surprised and excited.
    When the others heard it, they rolled up their sleeves and checked.
    Sure enough, the lotus mark petals on the wrist really sparkled.
    "My God, the mark is finally lit up."
    "What's the situation?"
    "We clearly did nothing."
    "Could this group test unity?"

    "Unite ass, do you know how to understand Buddhism? This level tests xinxing, and all beings are equal." Someone retorted.
    "All beings are equal? What do you say?"
    "Amitabha!" The small light bulb folded his hands together and stood up: "The benefactor just said that it is true that all beings are equal at this level. These Asuras are equal to us."
    "What?" Everyone was stunned.
    Are the Asuras equal to us?
    What does this mean?
    "I get it!"
    One person yelled: "The first group of people we came in before saw these Asuras, they all thought they were monsters, and they started killing directly, killing them indiscriminately, and they would irritate these Asuras to besiege me and so on."
    "Fuck me, in that case, our latecomers are all being cheated?"
    "So this level was originally the easiest. As long as we come in and coexist peacefully with the Asuras without disturbing each other, this level can be passed?"
    "Damn, the group of people who did it first really owe it!"
    After everyone figured out how to break this level, they couldn't help but yell.
    Xu Que sounded a little stunned.
    Dare to love this level is as simple as that?

    So this can be regarded as a misunderstanding, and when you turn on the Faxiang to protect everyone, those Shura people slowly lose their goals.
    Therefore, the sense of hatred gradually declined, and this "equality of all beings" slowly began to miraculous effects.
    In other words, as long as you hold on for a while, everyone can pass the test?
    Ah, then you have to hurry up and make a fortune!
    Xu Que immediately spouted a stream of blood, and his aura became extremely depressed.
    Behind him, the face dimmed for an instant, and small cracks began to appear.
    "Fuck me!"
    "So many fairy crystals, can't hold it so fast?"
    "Don't, Fellow Daoist Xu, hold on for a while, and we will be able to pass the level together immediately!"
    Everyone shouted anxiously.
    "Don't panic, there is a God Venerable there."
    At this moment, Er Gou'zi jumped out, took out a black sword, and threw it directly at Xu Que.
    "Brother Que, this is an ancient Immortal Tool, which also contains a lot of Immortal Essence power, you quickly absorb it."
    As soon as the voice fell, the weapon that was thrown out instantly disappeared in front of Xu Que.
    Xu Que also immediately checked the storage space, and the corners of his mouth twitched fiercely.
    【Shit Stirring Stick】: An ordinary stick, as the name suggests, is just a stick for stirring feces.

    Er Gou'zi is short on the goods, there is no acting skills, but the props can't keep up.
    Do you dare to pretend to be the ancient Immortal Tool on this thing?
    If this is found to be false, the whole game will be gone!
    "Huh, is Magical Treasure and the like okay?"
    "For Oh, we didn't expect that the immortal crystal is mainly to provide Immortal Essence power. Those High Rank Magical Treasure or Immortal Tool contain a large amount of Immortal Essence power, which is exactly what it does."
    "Everyone, the chance to pass the level is right in front of you, take out all the treasures you have."
    "Fellow Daoist Xu, the old man has an ancient insect stone, which is expensive. The power used to extract Immortal Essence is really wasted, but now the situation is critical and the old man is not hiding it." The elder of the Styx Sect is full of flesh. It hurts and threw a crystal clear yellow stone.
    Through the yellow luster, one can clearly see an intact red bug sealed inside.
    "Fuck me, what kind of amber is this? It doesn't feel simple."
    Xu Que himself sees heart alarmed, body leaping, which is similar to amber, which is really extraordinary.
    But right now, he didn't pay much attention to observation, and moved his mind directly to include the thing in the System storage space.
    At the next moment, Xu Que also solidified the Fa phase again.

    When everyone saw this, they immediately became more excited.
    "Useful! Really useful!"
    "Quickly, all the treasures containing the power of Immortal Essence will be thrown to Fellow Daoist Xu."
    "Quick! Family, victory is here."
    There are people in the crowd who are constantly instigating and agitating.
    Xu Que eyes brimming with tears of excitement, his face full of pain: "No, stop, everyone, if you do, what face will I have in the future when I return to Heaven Exploding Faction and face those million faction's members?"
    [Stop it everyone, don't vote for the monthly pass Ah... This wave is crazy enough to suggest, right? Do you vote or not? 】
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