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Chapter Directory 196 I Am The Founder Of The Plane Businessman
    Author: 化玄(Huà xuán, Hua Xuan)
    Original: www.17k.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The first millennium.

    A new force was born in the ghost world, very strong.

    Some shops began to appear in the Netherworld, and the things they sold liked the Netherworld creatures. With the operation of Lin Yi's side, Lin Yi's side was quickly recognized as a merchant.

    The step-by-step erosion began, and at the same time, God Realm also began to notice the situation of some small worlds. Although under Lin Yi’s control, problems had been discovered.

    Some lower-level spirits began to appear, and at this time, the Lin Yi side had basically entered the spirit class. Lin Yi himself was also a god of war, and he was calculated according to his strength.

    As a last resort, Lin Yi had to start stationing in the God Rank.

    Lin Yi blossomed everywhere, and small shops appeared in God Realm in a very low-key image.

    Originally developed very well, but a master god discovered a little problem, the god department began to investigate these shops.

    The battle with the gods began.

    Lin Yi’s side was defined as an evil deity, and began a war with this main god system. At the same time of the war, Lin Yi’s forces continued to invade the small world, and the grocery store world continued to improve. The temples were recovered. Lin The strength of Yimeng is also constantly strengthening.

    The strongest are these people.

    Lin Yi, the main god level, Liu San, Tenjin level, Luo Fei, Tenjin level, Sarok, understand the rules of sniper, become the god of sniper, Aini, True God level, most of them are above the god level.

    After the endless battle, the main god system was destroyed, and the Lin Yi side also began to gain a foothold.Lin Yi, who became the main god, joined the hand of the handed down god and began to help the handed down god to find a grocery store.

    Tens of thousands of years later, Lin Yi became the ninth-tier shop owner.

    The handed down god was killed and Lin Yi took control of the universe.

    [This content omits ten billion words]

    When Lin Yi saw Snow Charm again, he found that Xue Mei's mother was actually one of the descendants.

    And Xue Mei has become the enemy of Lin Yi.

    When Lin Yi's sword killed Snow Charm, Lin Yi's heart was cold.

    After Lin Yi ruled several universes, he finally became a tenth-level shopkeeper.

    The Pangu refining tactics and the refining rituals are easy to cultivate to the peak, plus the quotient that surpasses all the magic soldiers.

    After Dacheng sells the Strength of Principle, after killing all the living gods, all the souls of Lin Yi spear Mist Arc

    It turned out that Zhan Hongjun and the killing of the gods were all his own ways of cultivation.

    What is the true meaning of the grocery store.

    What is the true meaning of life.

    When you live too long for too long, what else is there is worth living for.

    Lin Yijing sat in chaos, thinking for hundreds of millions of years.

    This day, Lin Yimeng opened his eyes.

    "In my name, the plane trading machine is successful."

    Numerous spheres of light appeared in the chaos, Lin Yi waved his hand, which was like a sky-and-planet plane trader shattering the void and entering the world of hundreds of millions.

    【End of this book】