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Chapter Directory 3189 Repay One Another With One's Way!
    Chinese Name: 全能奇才  Author: 九指仙尊(Jiǔ zhǐ xiān zūn, Nine-Fingered Immortal)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

"You won't die like this..."

     Looking at the triumphant appearance of the holy tortoise, Qin Fang also tried his best to interpret a victim who had been deceived to peak. The appearance of grief and indignation to the peak is simply an undisguised anger and curse towards the holy tortoise.

     It's a pity that the holy turtle obviously didn't take Qin Fang's curse to heart at all.

     It’s as if an elephant doesn’t care about the provocation and roar of the ant against itself, because the elephant only needs one foot to go down, let alone an ant. It is an animal several times larger than an ant. It was directly crushed to death.

     The strength of Qin Fang only Martial Emperor level was completely not seen in the eyes of such a Saint Beast.

     "Stupid human beings, if you can provide such a little bit of contribution to this saint's relief, it is worthwhile to live... Don't worry, you are dead, and I will give you a decent funeral! So that you will not be surrounded by surroundings. Those Ferocious Beast devoured even a little bit of dregs..."

     The holy tortoise is also very proud at the moment.

     Seeing the trembling restriction of the Sky-Breaking Axe, its mood is also extremely Happiness Level. As long as the restriction is completely broken, it can control this Sky-Breaking Axe... It is already before it escapes from the damn cage and leaves this damn cage. Not far away.


     "Huh? Why are you still alive..."The holy tortoise hesitated for a moment, looked at Qin Fang who was pale and weak, and muttered a bit incomprehensibly.


     It was almost at this time that the restriction in the Heaven-Breaking Axe, under the scouring of Qin Fang's human bloodline, seemed to be completely broken, but at this moment, a terrifying and powerful aura suddenly poured in. In the sky-breaking axe.

     This kind of Strength is extremely strong and mighty, with the breath of Divine Beast in it...

     The restraint inside the Skybreaking Axe was already faltering, but suddenly accepted such a breath of Berserk, the restraint was washed away almost instantly... However, under the integration of such a strange Strength, a new one The prohibition was also completed in an instant.

     No, this is not a prohibition!

     But...recognizing the Lord!

     "what are you doing?"

     The Holy Tortoise was also stunned, looking at Qin Fang in disbelief, exclaiming in a bit of surprise.

     It really didn't expect that this completely harmless human being in front of its eyes would forcibly recognize the sky-shaking axe when it was not paying attention... and Qin Fang was about to succeed in recognizing the master!

     "What am I doing..."

     Qin Fang was pretending to be stupid, and even said a little bit jokingly, "Isn't I blood replenishing the Heavenly Axe?""Asshole!"

     The holy tortoise roared completely, with an ear-splitting roar, and at the same time a terrifying force roared, the terrifying Strength directly rolled up a series of terrifying hurricanes around, not only was the water turbulent. , Even the Tongtian Peak next to it followed the shake like a leaf.

     "You dare to deceive me!"

     The holy tortoise has lived for countless years, and the strength has reached its level, and the IQ is also high and scary. It is even smarter than many humans. Otherwise, it will not deliberately design to frame Qin Fang!

     However, after noticing the movement of Qin Fang, it also reacted immediately.

     It was designing Qin Fang, but it was designed by Qin Fang beat sb at their own game.


     The Saint Beast-level terrifying Strength oppressed, and seemed to want to kill the Qin Fang directly... But when such a terrifying Strength came, it hit the spherical light shield constructed by the sky-shaking axe. Immediately aroused violent tremors.


     The spherical mask trembles unceasingly, but it abruptly withstands the attack of the holy tortoise, and not a bit of Strength is transmitted to Qin Fang's body.

     "Hey..."At this moment, Qin Fang also showed a weird smile, "Holy Turtle, you want to calculate and pit me, but I didn’t expect you to pit yourself in...this protective cover can trap me in it, and I won’t get out. But at the same time, your attack is completely isolated!"

     "Yes, your strength is indeed a thousand times stronger than my weak human being, but so what? Can you break through the protective cover of the sky-shaking axe? Obviously...you can't!"

     This is where Qin Fang's relying on.

     This sky-breaking axe is an extremely tyrannical Divine Artifact. It is a Divine Artifact of the same level as the little dragon. It possesses unparalleled terrifying power... Qin Fang does not know how the Holy Turtle got this sky-breaking axe. , But it can really break the seal that is enough to imprison Saint Beast's terrifying Strength.

     Even if the spirit within it hasn't awakened, the Strength it controls is definitely not comparable to that of the Holy Turtle...The protective cover in front of him, although confining Qin Fang's range of activity, is also a kind of protection in disguise.

     Even Saint Beast Expert, who is as horrible as the Holy Tortoise, is almost angered to the peak at this moment, but it has not been able to break the protective cover of the Skyshaking Axe...Qin Fang is also extremely safe at this moment, even safer than before. Up.

     "Asshole, you dare to deceive this saint!"The holy tortoise was very angry at the moment, the huge and sturdy legs of the tortoise were lifted up, and stepped on the protective cover where Qin Fang was severely...The anger swelled to the peak, but the protective cover was not move a single jot.

     "Come and not be indecent, who told you to destroy the bridge after crossing the river first, then no one can blame me..."

     Because of this, Qin Fang smiled confidently.

     "Although you can't wait to break my corpse into thousands of pieces now, you know very well that you can't succeed... even, you still worry about how you will carry it after I have completed the acknowledgment of the Heavenly Axe Live my siege..."

     Qin Fang's eyes have also become completely different, and he hums coldly.

     This sacred tortoise is powerful, and it has always restrained its killing intent before, just wanting to entrap itself...For such a hidden enemy, Qin Fang is absolutely impossible to let go, especially with Divine such as the sky-breaking axe. After Artifact, he became even more killing intent to the Holy Tortoise.

     "You still want to kill me?"

     The holy tortoise was also very surprised when he heard the words, but at the same time he was quite disdainful, "Stupid humans, it is undeniable that this saint has indeed underestimated you, but how about you can make the Heavenly Axe recognize the Lord? Do you think it depends on you With this a little bit Strength, you can use Divine Artifact like Sky Shaking Axe by leapfrogging? What a idiot..."The Holy Tortoise didn't care about this at all.

     The power of Divine Artifact is indeed terrifying, but because of its infinite power, it also limits the user's strength... Even if Qin Fang is now an Expert of the Martial Emperor level, it is still possible to cast it once. He completely drained his cultivation base, and even all his essence and blood were sucked clean!
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