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Chapter Directory 535 The End
    Chinese Name: 冰火魔厨  Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
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Ten years later. .

      Ice Moon Empire, Peach Blossom Forest.

     Two small figures quietly drilled through the gap in the fence made of a piece of wood. They were two children, a man and a woman. The two are about the same height, both of them are ** years old. Although the boy is not young, he looks handsome. His short blue hair looks very Mental, and there is a hint of honesty between his brows.

     The girl is extremely beautiful, her long blue hair is darker than the boy's, and the most striking thing is her quirky Elf's big eyes. Looking east and west, it seems to be full of wisdom.

     "Ling Ji, let's be more careful. Your father and mother are too powerful. We mustn't be discovered by them. Otherwise, we will be out of this adventure." The girl whispered in the boy's ear.

     The boy smelled a lightly (Dan Dan) scent in his nose, and his small face could not help reddening, "Jie Bing, do we really want to go? Father and mother, they will be worried."

     The girl grinned and said, "It's okay, didn't I leave a note for them. In fact, the thing I'm most reluctant about is the food your dad cooks. I don't know if there is something so delicious outside."

     The boy seemed helpless. "Since we are going, let's go quickly. When you have enough play, we can come back early."

     The girl smiled lowly: "Ling Ji, if you are in trouble, will you protect me?"

     The boy lifted his chest and said, "Of course, I am your fiance! I am Ling Ji swearing that under all circumstances, I will do my utmost to protect my fiancee Zha Jie Bing, even if I give my life without regret."The girl covered the boy's mouth, "Bah, yuck, don't say something unlucky, let's go quickly, it feels good to go out and play. By the way, I let you steal your father's knife. Did you steal it? ? I heard that there is magic power on the knife, which should help your Magic."

     The boy laughed bitterly and said, "I don't know if Dad will spank me when I come back. Come on, if they find out, they can't go away."

     The two figures slipped away quietly and headed south.

     They had just left, and the two figures appeared in the courtyard out of thin air.

     "Nian Bing, how did you manage your son, actually took my daughter to elope." Zha Ji looked at oneself's disciples angrily.

      Nian Bing smiled bitterly: "Master, don't injustice me, okay, it's only because your daughter kidnapped my son. Ling Ji has been very clever since he was a child, he's not so bold in oneself."

      Zha Ji stared at his eyes: "Why didn't you just let me stop them?"

      Nian Bing smiled slightly and said, "What are they doing? Let them go out and touch the nails, it may not be good. I was wandering with my father when I was six years old, and when I was ten years old, I started learning culinary arts with you. In society, they will grow faster. These two little guys! Master, I really didn’t expect you to have such an eccentric daughter."Zha Ji smiled and said, "Fortunately, your home Ling Ji is as good as I imagined, and it is as good as you were in every aspect. In fact, on the surface, Ling Ji seems to listen to Jie Bing in everything, but Ling Ji is a big wisdom. He is the same age as Jie Bing, but he has always been treated as Jie Bing's younger sister, and he always let him. But, are you afraid that they are not safe?"

      Nian Bing said angrily: "It makes you old man right, Ling Ji, this little guy has a lot of ideas, worrying about their safety? Don't joke, you know what he stole from me before he left? He Take away my Demonic Knife, a piece of Mao Mao’s high rank gemstone(s) that can summon buffalo Taurus, Luo Rou’s Mysterious Orchid imperial death-free gold medal, Feng Nu’s Phoenix Clan Clan Head order, Mu Jing’s Clear The Imperial Gold Thorns of Wood is licensed, and the Stone of Life that Kayo has condensed after recovering life energy. With your daughter's temper and these things taken away by my son, I am afraid they will not be bullying others."

     "F**k, your son is so ruthless! It's true that taking Dad's stuff is not taking nothing. Okay, I'm not wrong about this kid. No matter, I go back to sleep, anyway, if my daughter loses money outside , I will ask you to settle the account."Looking at the master's back, Nian Bing couldn't help showing a lightly (Dan Dan) smile. At this moment, a gray shadow drifted away. Nian Bing glanced at the direction of his departure, "Kaka is still at ease! He followed, and it was more insured. Just ask, who can be the opponent of Dragon God and Martial King Hei in the future? Well, I should go too. The three youngest bosses told me to play mahjong. This time the light god Longbow Wei, the mad god Lei Xiang, the god of death dumb, that what is called the sea dragon’s only immortal and the interstellar god Tianshen will go. Fight? Is there still six mahjong that can't be completed? Hey, I want to compare with them, to see who is the strongest of the six protagonists in the three characters, I am God of Emotions!"

     End of the book