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Chapter Directory 2460 For Mortal Rumor, Free Chapters Will Be Released Soon!
    Chinese Name: 凡人修仙传  Author: 忘语(Wàng yǔ, Forgotten Words)
    Original: | Translation:

@@ Before the new book "The Devil's Day" is uploaded, Wang Yu will code a few free mortal side biography chapters, which will be released on the ** platform and website at the same time, so that everyone can see it!

     Haha, this can be considered to do at once for the new book to warm up.

     In addition, some ideas about Motianji will be revealed on the ** platform first.

     Wang Yu will also answer some questions from book friends on the platform Sahua Girl, and welcome everyone to put forward some good suggestions and ideas. As long as they feel good, they will join the new book writing plan, so that many book friends can enjoy the fun of creating new books. .

     In addition, to enter my personal **public platform method, click on the "address book" under **platform-click on the "+" at the top ---- enter to find the official account ---- search for "Wang Yu" or **" wang--yu----', everyone should read the golden verification mark behind the name clearly.

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