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Chapter Directory 1291 Please Read It In Advance.
    Chinese Name: 魔界的女婿  Author: 点精灵(Diǎn jīnglíng, Point Elf)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

It was finally over. Before the computer, I took a deep breath. At this moment, I felt as if relieved from a burden, but as if one had lost something.

     "Devil's Son-in-Law" was uploaded from my birthday on November 29, 2011 to July 22, 2014. It took about three and a half years. The text of the book is 4.54 million words. This is the first time I have written such a long one, and the last book "I am the King of Zhou Proudly and Conferred God" was only 2.3 million words.

     For your convenience, let's have three points in general.

     First, thanks.

     A lot of things have happened in the past three years, and many difficulties have been encountered. In life, family, physical... It is everyone who gave me the most important support, which made me stick to it to this day. I once wanted to finish this. I closed my pen at first, but I couldn't give up the creation I love in my heart, and I couldn't give up the confidant who accompanied you, so I decided to continue writing new books.

     "Magic Son" is actually a Western fantasy light dressed in an oriental fantasy. This kind of characters and basic original novels of the plot are rare at the beginning, and it is inevitable that they will become niche. Coupled with family reasons, two years have passed since the publication of the old book, and its popularity has run out. At the beginning, the subscription seems to be less than one hundred. This is a smashing result, which is completely different from Uemoto. Despite the poor grades and the niche, I didn’t end it hastily, because like "I am the King of Zhou", this is a book that I want to write, I want to finish it, and I have to deal with all subscribed brothers and sisters.This book was written for three and a half years, a comic was published (suspended for some reason), a simplified publishing agreement was signed (I don't know if it could be published), and finally it entered the boutique channel. Although I can't compare with the Great God, I don't have any regrets.

     Because what I get is not only honor or profit, but more importantly, recognition, everyone’s recognition.

     The scholar died for the confidant. It is precisely because of your partners that I have the courage and confidence to continue to this day.

     Bow to thank Hidden Shadow 817, Dr. Ye, spi day tio day, fairy sword riding shrimp turn, beacon is a panda, book escape. Fairies scattered flowers, riding ants and pressing elephants, asking heaven and earth, fm - nine leaders , There are also four masters, two heads, four elders, six guardians, nineteen hall masters, hundreds of rudder masters, and thousands of deacons.

     Another kind thanks to the two wretched moderators, the wretched uncle deer, and the wretched letters. We can't dickersonwts like this.

     Special thanks to the number one thousand bookmates, attributes, poisonous tongues, and mischaracters. I remember you, and I will come back with a book.

     There are still many friends who are limited in space and cannot explain them all.

     You are my greatest wealth.

     And every editor who has taken care of me, Xiaozhen, Smurfs, Thirteen Sisters...especially the editor-in-chief of Black Tea and Current, the editor in charge of Expedition, I have always remembered your help.

     It’s fortunate to be able to meet you all!

     Second, the extra.

     The whole book actually contains suspense, such as the origin of Super System, some characters and more exciting stories, etc. Please forgive me for selling them first, and they will be announced in the free extravaganza.Speaking of the extra chapter, I would like to ask everyone to do me a favor here, that is, the voting for the satisfaction of the finished book, which is located in the upper right corner of the home page of the book, below the like (will be there after the book is finished). After the satisfaction of this book, only genuine book friends who have subscribed more than 30% of the content of the VIP chapter of this book can vote. If the new subscription reaches 30%, they can vote on the next day. This is related to the final revenue of the book. 30% of book friends cast one vote.

     Within three months, if the satisfaction level exceeds 5%, I will post a free extra chapter; if 10%, then three chapters; 20% if six chapters; if more than 30% (can you)......

     I urge everyone to vote for it.

     new book.

     There are many loopholes and unsatisfactory aspects in "The Devil". Thanks to your tolerance, especially in Western Fantasy, the names of people are the biggest criticism. Some names are unavoidable for I myself. Therefore, the new book is definitely authentic. Eastern fantasy, there will be no more obstacles.

     Oriental fantasy, another continent, brand-new plot and setting, this is the information of the current new book. In terms of the name, I haven’t figured it out yet. The current title is too difficult to pick up, and there are a lot of repetitions, but what is certain is that the new book will be officially uploaded on the 15th of next month. My own style of fantasy, first book collections and various tickets from everyone.

     The fifteenth of next month, that is, the fifteenth of August, please don't forget to pay attention to my new book.

     Finally, I bowed and thanked all the friends who supported Dianjing, who have been with me for three years, respect and know each other.

      Chen Rui's Chen's last words are actually my heartfelt words-I only know that I need everyone.In the next book, we will continue our forefront, continue to work hand in hand and never give up. (...)(...)

     ps: Thanks again to all the friends who have supported genuine products!