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The King's Avatar

author: 蝴蝶蓝

Honored as a top textbook master in online game glory, he was expelled from the club for various reasons. After leaving the professional circle, he... [click to read]

World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination

Xiao Yu, a modern college student, accidentally crossed to another world and became the lord of a territory. With the four bases of Warcraft, he su... [click to read]

I Am the Only Man on Doomsday

author: 秦老板

Final Judgement arrival, zombies and animals walked everywhere. There is only me a man in the world, there is still one yoga instructor with hips a... [click to read]

Nine Stars Poisoned Milk


This is a Parallel World full of star power. Star Chart, Star Skills, Star Pets, Awakeners are very popular. Jiang Xiao, who came through his soul,... [click to read]

Sword of Dawn

author: 远瞳

Gawain crossed, but something went wrong when he crossed. After floating over a certain alien continent for hundreds of thousands of years, he felt... [click to read]

Metropolis Onmyoji

author: 巫九

[Free new book] The city is debauched and corrupt environment, but the demon ogre. In the shadows, people disappear almost daily. Just like the zom... [click to read]

Ribirth of Soul Emperor Returning

author: 马甲千万

[Free hot and refreshing text] God Emperor returns, proud of the city! That year, Chen Xiao failed the college entrance examination, his girlfriend... [click to read]

Night Walker: Twenty Years of Demon Suppression

"Miao Jiang Trilogy" author Nan Wu Kao's new works of science and Buddha. "Humans are faked as monsters, the spirits of things are spirits, and the hu... [click to read]

Last Battle on Doomsday

author: 如水意

The aliens descend with hostility. Facing the invasion of aliens, humans are as weak as ants. So this is the end, the real end. But where there is ... [click to read]

The Free and Unfettered Young Scholar

author: 荣小荣

In the 21st century, an engineering man, traveled through ancient times to become a poor scholar. There is a library in the brain, all kinds of kno... [click to read]

Almighty Athlete

author: 过关斩将

Track and field, basketball, football, tennis ... I am proficient in all sports. Olympic Games, that is the battlefield where I set my record. I am... [click to read]

Highest Reward of One Piece

author: 蚂蚁下山

Chino impatient took out his earpick: "As a face valueist, anyone who doesn't look good has to die!" "I'm not convinced, why didn't Capone Bege die?" "U... [click to read]

My Daughter Is a Vampire

author: 42K纯二

One day I suddenly received a cardboard box with a little white silk loli lying in it! No matter if you are a European vampire or a Japanese shikig... [click to read]

God Of Soul System

author: 夜南听风

There are so many things in the sky, they are all ashes, and they are like fire! Traveled into the world of pirates, Roya, who was eleven years old... [click to read]

The Supper Awesome Machinist

author: 齐佩甲

Han Xiao, the ashes of "Xinghai", was thrown into the army by the mysterious power from zuo Fang (zhe), and the player panel was turned into an NPC. ... [click to read]

Guts of a Thief

Dancing at the fingertips of Bleach, writing the legend of a lone thief, the road of a thief's kitchen knife. Ancient tombs of the necromancers of ... [click to read]

Descent of the God of Magic

author: 墨乡

Linke, the first god of the game, led his team to kill the version of the final BOSS Abyss Lord Nosamas, and a game computer graphic(CG) appeared. ... [click to read]

Virtual World: Conquering the World

author: 失落叶

I was a humble player, but how far is the real master from rookie? When one day, two beautiful girls together asked me: "Would you like to be a mast... [click to read]

Hokage: Ryo's Path

author: 一缕浮华

Surgeon Guo Yuan traveled through Naruto. Knowing the storyline all too well, lets see how he found his way in the world of chaotic ninja, and fina... [click to read]

Great Expert Ninja Recruiter

author: 24K纯帅鸦

Crossing Naruto became Naruto's eldest brother. As a traverser who "has a brother and a room, and both parents die", Zhang Miao feels "pressured by th... [click to read]

Rebirth of the Super Thief

The previous life was pierced with blind eyes, and he learned the ability to tell location by listening. Return from rebirth, master the advanced i... [click to read]

Virtual World: Unparalleled Under the Sky

author: 失落叶

Hand-held hell magic sword, wearing ghost god light armor, wearing a soul-eater purple helmet, pedaling clouds and walking boots, arm around the go... [click to read]

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