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Almighty Athlete

author: 过关斩将

Track and field, basketball, football, tennis ... I am proficient in all sports. Olympic Games, that is the battlefield where I set my record. I am... [click to read]

Highest Reward of One Piece

author: 蚂蚁下山

Chino impatient took out his earpick: "As a face valueist, anyone who doesn't look good has to die!" "I'm not convinced, why didn't Capone Bege die?" "U... [click to read]

My Daughter Is a Vampire

author: 42K纯二

One day I suddenly received a cardboard box with a little white silk loli lying in it! No matter if you are a European vampire or a Japanese shikig... [click to read]

The King's Avatar

author: 蝴蝶蓝

In the glory of online games, he is hailed as the top textbook master. For various reasons, he was expelled from the club. He left the professional... [click to read]

God Of Soul System

author: 夜南听风

There are so many things in the sky, they are all ashes, and they are like fire! Traveled into the world of pirates, Roya, who was eleven years old... [click to read]

The Supper Awesome Machinist

author: 齐佩甲

Han Xiao, the ashes of "Xinghai", was thrown into the army by the mysterious power from zuo Fang (zhe), and the player panel was turned into an NPC. ... [click to read]

Guts of a Thief

Dancing at the fingertips of Bleach, writing the legend of a lone thief, the road of a thief's kitchen knife. Ancient tombs of the necromancers of ... [click to read]

Descent of the God of Magic

author: 墨乡

Linke, the first god of the game, led his team to kill the version of the final BOSS Abyss Lord Nosamas, and a game computer graphic(CG) appeared. ... [click to read]

Virtual World: Conquering the World

author: 失落叶

I was a humble player, but how far is the real master from rookie? When one day, two beautiful girls together asked me: "Would you like to be a mast... [click to read]

Hokage: Ryo's Path

author: 一缕浮华

Surgeon Guo Yuan traveled through Naruto. Knowing the storyline all too well, lets see how he found his way in the world of chaotic ninja, and fina... [click to read]

Great Expert Ninja Recruiter

author: 24K纯帅鸦

Crossing Naruto became Naruto's eldest brother. As a traverser who "has a brother and a room, and both parents die", Zhang Miao feels "pressured by th... [click to read]

Rebirth of the Super Thief

The previous life was pierced with blind eyes, and he learned the ability to tell location by listening. Return from rebirth, master the advanced i... [click to read]

Virtual World: Unparalleled Under the Sky

author: 失落叶

Hand-held hell magic sword, wearing ghost god light armor, wearing a soul-eater purple helmet, pedaling clouds and walking boots, arm around the go... [click to read]

Super Landgraf of the Online Game's Three Kingdoms

author: 三心二缺

Introduction: The virtual reality game "War of the World" is sweeping the world. It is based on the classic history and legends of various countries.... [click to read]

King of the Online Game's Three Kingdoms

A game called "The World" changed the world. Yang Tian, who had not mingled well in the game, woke up and found that he returned to the ten days befo... [click to read]

Thriller Paradise

author: 三天两觉

Welcome to the thriller park. This is not just a game, but also a challenge and a trial. Fear is human instinct. It makes people weak and panicked,... [click to read]

God Rank Hero

author: 大烟缸

The hero is the kind of person who is powerful, and will lead his troops to greatness. "Heroic Genesis", a world-class online game developed by the U... [click to read]

Noble Emblem

author: 翔炎

The protagonist has two wives, they are true goddesses. However, one day they suddenly disappeared. For future sexual blessings, the protagonist re... [click to read]

Godly Hunter

author: 不是浮云

The holographic virtual age suddenly came and the world was delighted, but as a hacker, Chen Mo received a commission to enter the game, look for g... [click to read]

Crazy Lich's Experimental Diary

This is a crazy lich, with a game system, wrecking the whole world. "Look at today's daily life ... again it's picking one choice from two: destroyi... [click to read]

When The NEET Receives A System

author: 咸鱼上岸

Thirty-year-old virginity was reborn in a dead man's house, with a big belly, a fat face, disheveled hair, sour clothes, and an odor-laden house... [click to read]

Summoning the Holy Sword

author: 西贝猫

This is a chaotic era. The dark shadows engulfing everything in the fire and death, the line between despair and nothingness covering the reality a... [click to read]

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